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Fans Boo Madonna

for Defending 'Gypsies'

8/27/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna was hit with a tidal wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest -- pronounced booooo′kÉ™ rest′ -- Romania last night, when she stopped her concert to raise awareness about the discrimination of "Gypsies" across Eastern Europe.

Despite the boos, Madonna -- who was accompanied onstage by Roma (aka Gypsy) performers -- didn't even flinch as the crowd became unruly, finishing her point saying, "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

After the rant, Madonna can be heard saying the words "god dammit" in frustration. That happens about 1:20 into the clip.


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no wonder guy richie left this POS.

she needs to go away!

1852 days ago


People pay to hear and watch Madonna perform. They do not go to her shows to hear her ignorant, immature political rants, that said, most all of her rants are misinformed and idiotic.

She was always weird, but it seems now that she is old and should be embracing her Crone-hood, age has just made her weirder.

1852 days ago


Discrimination is never right. The situation for roma in eastern Europe is horrible, so she is absolutely right.

At the MJ board we have Jackson-haters, and here we have the Madonna-haters. Fun to badmouth her and age-discriminate against her, is it? MJ died too young, Madonna is too old, is that right? They are the same age.

I miss him, while I'm not all that into her, but it's insane not to see how well she's doing.

1852 days ago


Sorry, Madge, but you don't raise awareness about the plight of the Roma (formerly known as Gypsies) in Romania, of all places. Put Slovakia in that no-no set, too. You'd have to be brick thick on European history and current events not to get it -- unfortunately. It's a great cause, though -- and this from a gal (moi) whose paternal great-grandmother was kidnapped by, and rescued from, Roma in Galicia (today's S. Poland/N. Slovakia). Madge needs a 'holiday.'

1852 days ago


Hey TMZ (that's pronounced Tee EM Zee)thanks for the grammar lesson...

1852 days ago


Ginny#35- Hell I was going to put my two cents in but I could'nt have said it any better!

1852 days ago


Never was really big on Madonna,in film never except for "Who's That Girl" she was a riot!,and quite a few of her songs,but I have to say,
Madonna, I'm proud of you Lady!

Really really impressed.

I've always been a gypsy sympathizer and wondered why so few speak out for them. They're quite a unique culture and since a child have always wished I had a little Gypsy blood in me. Maybe I do. Somewhere. (still wishing)


1852 days ago


I would hate to be a Gay Gypsie in Romania. That would really suck.

1852 days ago


A suggestion, if I may, to Madge, re. the Roma: start much closer to home, girl, with the social engineering. Not infrequently, on the big US networks -- radio and TV -- "gyp" is used unthinkingly as a verb for being cheated. It never ceases to amaze me that it goes unnoticed and unchecked, it's just so common. Can you imagine using the slang form for any other ethnic group as a verb, and in that way? It's unthinkable in our oh, so, politically correct culture -- there would be an unbelievable stink raised with any other group but the Roma. It's sad. Roma are not their own best advocates and vocal enough about it. I would also suggest staging a concert for and with the Roma (there are so many talented musicians in their number) but not in Romania, where they have lost all perspective about the Roma. Thanks for listening.

1852 days ago


wow!!!! tough crowd!!!!!!!!!!!

1852 days ago

that's all    

Shut up old bat. Go knit or something you nasty old washed up, ho!

1852 days ago


If she's so concerned maybe she can adopt one...

1852 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Madomna preaches love yet she's divorced a half dozen times or so. Yeah love. Maybe she was promoting sex with gypsies

1852 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

How many gypsies do you employ full-time Madonna?

1852 days ago


To those of you ignorant commenters and TMZ, the word "Gypsy" is an extremely derogatory term that is directed at an ethnic group, Rroma, who have been the among the heaviest targets of hate crime, illegal sterilization procedures, etc. in Europe (in the Czech Republic for example, they are forcibly put into schools for the mentally handicapped despite their mental abilities). They comprise an ethnic group, a subsect of Indians who migrated from the Punjabi region over 1000 years ago, and they are not homeless or vagrants, as you ignorant fools seem to believe, although there are exceptions, as is true with any ethnic groups. For the most part, they are a group of people that have been fully integrated into modern society, and yet an innumerable amount of rapes and other violent crimes happen to them every day. So, for those of you who find this funny, you are in effect being extremely offensive and insensitive. The same goes for you TMZ! For those of you who claim they are stupid thieves, I'd like to pose myself as an excellent counter-example, as I am Rromani, have graduated from Harvard, have no criminal record, and would never consider stealing anyone's wallet. Thanks for listening.

1852 days ago
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