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Kate Gosselin -- Walking Target

8/28/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guaranteeing able-bodied Kate Gosselin could safely push her three bags of Target goodies all the way to her car, Target's finest red-shirted, khaki wearing, shaved head, flair wearing, smirking crew of semi-security goons assisted her the entire way.

Somewhere, a little old lady can't get her trunk open.


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This sickening woman who claims to want the best for her children and I'm sure she does, doesn't see fit to teach them about the smallest efforts to save planet earth by using reusable bags? Come on, get your head out of your own rear and grow up. I've never seen the show and I certainly don't have to with all the overkill on these two supposedly grown up people being shoved at us from all angles. Enough already!

1861 days ago


They aren't even Target Security! They're regular ol' employees. One is a cart attendant, one more than likely works in the stockroom and the other is management of some sort (whether he's a front-end or department manager or executive level, I'm not sure...).

1861 days ago


TMZ...say what you want about her...but leave the guys out of this economy at least they have a job! is calling them goons necessary?

1861 days ago


bitch please!! you aint that famous, dont worry no ones trying to get ur autograph.

1861 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Look at the dude behind her, he is staring at her opossum hair, and wondering if he will get rabies.

1861 days ago


i just knew she bought ALL her clothes at TARGET! her dresses look like nightgowns. why is the media so infatuated with this woman? she is NOT talented, she cannot act (only boss people), she is NOT pretty or beautiful, her husband can't STAND her. she deliberately got PREGO with 6 kids. what is it????? r u all waiting for her head to EXPLODE!!!

1860 days ago


Man I cant even get them to help to the car with my cart and this BITCH get 3 escourts.

I will never shop at Target again!


1860 days ago


Look, it's the Trailer Trash Queen and her Court. Now, when I go to Target I can expect the same service? I'll top it, I want them to park my car for me and when I come out with my 1 bag, I expect them to carry it all the way across the parking lot! Hey, those guys looooove getting an extra paid break!

1860 days ago


Give me a break. Kate needs to have 3 Target employees help her to the car? I'm sure these guys had things more important to do than walk Kate and her 3 bags to her car. She couldn't afford to pay her regular bodyguards to come with her?

1860 days ago


She went to Target in her NIGHTGOWN??

What a mess she is. She has decided she is a celebrity and notifies the paparazzi when she is going somewhere.

1860 days ago

sensible grandma    

SO WHAT!!! Why should anyone care? It was probably good publicity for Target. They want people to think they would go out of their way for their customers.

1860 days ago


She also probably parks in a handicapped parking spot! What a biotch she is and what has she ever done besides pop out 8 kids?

1860 days ago


Its called a name tag not flair

1859 days ago



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1859 days ago

Rachel M    

She looks so much better then the creep Jon.

She is there for the kids when Jon is pretending to be a preteen.

1859 days ago
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