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DJ AM -- Autopsy Underway

8/29/2009 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMTMZ has learned the New York Medical Examiner's Office has begun to perform the autopsy on DJ AM.

No word on when the results will be released.

Story developing ...


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holly york    

so sad.

1847 days ago


Sad and shocking.

1847 days ago


Did they let Turtle have AM's custom Nike collection?

1847 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Probably many weeks from now - based on how other high profile cases have been handled. wth

1847 days ago

sensible grandma    

Here we go again. should we take bets that the cause of death will come back DRUGS? They will never learn. And another one bites the dust.

1847 days ago


This is truly a sad ending to a bright future. We should take into consideration that these doctors are over-medicating celebs because they refuse to tell them no. I hope this is a wake up call to all medical practitioners with celebrity patients.

1847 days ago

Still in Shock    

HE is the one who decided to use drugs and died.

His ex-girlfriend should not be blamed for HIS DECISION!

1847 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

Let me save you all the wasted time and effort. Nothing is going to come out of this autopsy because they will need the toxicology reports which takes 4-6 weeks to come back in order to make a final determination of accidental drug overdose. So go back to suckin on ya mama's tatas for another month or so.

1847 days ago


I have seen first hand how hard it is to stay sober when you are an addict. It is hard work, every single day- no weekends off, no vacations, no "mental health days". It is so much work and the fact that he was sober nine years (I think that is what I read) is a huge accomplishment. Fame, a devastating plane crash/injuries, loosing people you were close to, a break-up, and who knows what else are all extra challenges that he had to deal with ON TOP of sobriety. Its sad he couldn't stay clean, but don't judge him for it. It is SO much more difficult and complicated that most of you probably understand.

1847 days ago


It probably comes down to an (accidental) overdose.

1847 days ago


Was this guy like a real DJ or more like a Samantha Ronson DJ?

1847 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

These "celebrities" are just so unbelievable. I want to sit here and feel bad but the reality is they bring these things on themselves. Celebrities don't have to worry about a recession or where their next meal is coming from or if they'll get laid off or have health care next week, so they create their own problems. Most of them are selfish and self-absorbed and instead of doing good with their fame and fortune and drink, smoke, and party it away then go to "rehab" which resembles a spa in Cancun more than a true health facility and pop back out then start the cycle all over again. In the mean time the media follows their antics and hype them up to be way more important than they really are. Then when they "accidentally" overdose, the world is supposed to mourn their stupid actions? Give me a f'n break! These are not 10 year olds. How many ADULTS do not know that hmmm maybe vicodin and crack don't mix?!?!? Or hey, maybe you shouldn't take your anti-depressant, sleep medication and anti-anxiety pills within 15 minutes of each other. I mean seriously. Then they say it's an "accident", well is it really? If I go take 5 aleeve, drink a bottle of cold syrup and then finish off the vicodin from my surgery right now, is that an "accident"? No. But they rule it as such so the insurance companies will be forced to pay out their life insurance. Now if that was any one of us, it would be suicide and our poor families will suffer even more. Screw this. I am going to celebrate a life that actually contributed to society and did not end from a selfish act.

So RIP Ted Kennedy. Thank you for contributions to this country.

1847 days ago

The Dude    

What is sad about celebrity status is that people instantly enter royalty status in this country. At this time, the person looses all thier "real" friends because they start acting rediculous about the persons "celebrity status". is the person fault for dumping thier friends instead of "schooling" them.

The person "celebrity" then get's new "celebrity" friends (their are a few exceptions where old friends are kept). Then the "celebrity" is convinced all these people are the ones who are best for them and reguards them as peers and anyone else who does not have a purpose in thier life is SH*T on thier heels.

Then the celebrity uses thier status and wealth to seclude themselves away from all the "Sh*t on their heels and other souless peers" because they are learning the self centered lifestyle. In addition they realize thier "peers" are all self centered. every celeb is about "me me me" and two people doing "me me me" never get along! That is why his GF probably left, she is a "me me me" celeb. When he stopped inflating her ego for two minutes, she probably left him then.

So with no close friends like in the old days...realizing he is set..but alone with all his treasures...DJ AM sat down for a binge with crack and drugs in order to combat the fact he is hurt and recovering from a crash, his "celeb" GF left over something stupid, most of his old friends are gone, his newer "celeb" friends are cornered in their own "self" world. He has all the best stuff money can buy, he could live like a pimp. .....All this and he was not happy.

People, find your higher souce. pray! be passionate not stagnant.
practice love for your brother!

DJ AM, MJ, Anna Nicole, the joker....all could have been alive and halfway to a saved person if they had a friend who cared. That friend would have to have been a celeb, because no one else can penetrate the wall a celeb has built around themselves....

1847 days ago


I agree with #12. If those people had to live like us NORMAL people do, they wouldn't make it a week in our shoes. Boohoo, I have tons of money and everyone loves me, life is too hard- guess I will go do some drugs to feel better since my life sucks so much. Please, whatever.

Sure, they may have their own problems, but they need to learn to deal with it in a real way, not just abuse their money and power to get all kinds of drugs. At least these people could afford to go to a doctor for help if they wanted to.

1847 days ago

Pastor Mo    

This seems to be a sad reality of the rich and famous.
I wonder how long it will take the church to reach out to the WITHOUT asking them for money?
The wealthy or "well to do" need Jesus too.
We pastor churches with very little help from the poor why not do the same for the rich?
My prayer and thoughts go out to his real family and friends.
Don't blame yourself or God as I can asure you the Lord rejects nobody who is not pure evil,this young mans only sin was "lonelyness" and I feel bad he thought he had nobody to turn to in his time of need.

1847 days ago
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