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DJ AM -- Body Claimed

8/30/2009 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMDJ AM's body has been released from the NYC Medical Examiner's Office to a local funeral home.

Sources tell TMZ that the body may soon be transferred to California for burial.

An autopsy performed yesterday proved inconclusive, pending toxicology results which could take weeks.


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guy rich    

rip bro we will all miss you.

1879 days ago


TMZ enough already with this looser, who is that guy? What excatetly did he do that made him famous, except smoking that that crack. He was a crack head, and a small time dj. Please, you are acting like he was mother theresa. He was a drug addict, and a crack head, who overdose on drugs like so many. What made him so special, can we please move on.

This is what the man chose to do with his money, buy drugs, smoke crack, and lord knows what else. Please let him rest in peace.

1879 days ago

fo real    

Drug addiction takes so many good people away from this earth. Loved ones go on to suffer with the pain of their loss and never fully heal.

1879 days ago


Is this the guy that survived that plane crash? He later wanted to sue the flight crew? He was lucky to be alive and then he wanted to profit from that? What a stupid jerk! Karma... thats all I got to say. Instant Karma...

1879 days ago


You would think that a brush with death would get someone to clean up their act. Let him be an example. A tribute will be posted on

1879 days ago


Hey Joseph, you just said that DJ AM was a "small time DJ". Really you loser?? He made $25,000 for EACH gig he did and had a 2 million dollar apartment. WHAT do you have, you loser? A $6.00 an hour job at McDonald's????????????????????????????????

Get a life and stop ripped the deceased. You will never have the talent that DJ AM had.

1879 days ago


Seriously people...have some respect. He was a human being just like the rest of us. He was someone's son. Just because you dont know who we was doesn't give you the right to be rude. Yes he may have had a drug problem and that is sad. I think if you really have nothing good to say you probably should just keep your mouth shut. You people obviously have to rip on other people to make yourselves feel good. And if you people have a problem with what TMZ reports then why are you even on here?


1879 days ago


@ miranda: min wage is $7.25 now

1879 days ago


"Amber & her caring post....
'explained'.....STFU & stop being a control freak will ya? It doesn't matter if she knew him or not,she has every right to share her thoughts & YOU are NOT the comment monitor....get over yourself....nobody forces you to read anyone's comments. You do it so you can then bitch at nice people for what? saying nice things?
AMBER: Great post! ;-)
Maybe some of us would like for you to keep your sentimentality over someone you didn't even know to yourself. But that's just not how it works, darlin'."

Posted at 6:58PM on Aug 29th 2009 by explained


Whether I knew DJ AM or not, he was a human being with family and friends that cared and loved him deeply. I find it truly disgusting that there are people in this world that could care less about others feelings or the life of a human being. You are the same individuals that make outlandish comments about our lost soldiers. No one in this world is perfect. I'm not perfect. I know each and every person reading this right now has some kind of imperfection that they wish they didn't have.
Being an addict is a disease. It is not something you can erase, even when you have been sober for years. It only takes one mistake to start the impulses all over again. If you are not an addict, don't act like you understand an addicts brain or what they go through daily to control their addictions. I commend DJ AM for his years of sobriety. Something small can spark the thought of using again so, I bet the plane crash and the burns he sustained led to him using drugs again. Otherwise, I think he would be alive and sober today.
If you are one of the individuals posting ridiculous comments, please look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what it would be like reading rude comments about someone you've lost.
It's truly pathetic and karma is a bitch.

1879 days ago


How can someone have the blessings of surviving a plane crash and throw it all away on having a crack attack. I am sure their will be more crackytales to be told. Hopefully the crack pipe belonged to the Maid.

1879 days ago

Fact Checker    

Well isn't this special. Inconclusive results and the mud slinging begins............

1879 days ago


Where are his parents and family in all this???

1879 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Crack wins. Onward we go.

1879 days ago


Krazy Kooky Klown, I got your back! You make me laugh everyday. We need some comic relief on this "Death" site.

Speaking of death: I'm very relieved someone claimed DJ AM's body. *whew* He's lucky, most crack addicts don't get that luxury of having someone claim their wasted bodies once they bite the dust. R


1879 days ago


changed my name since there's another Nicole on here...*sigh*

1879 days ago
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