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Chris Brown -- I Don't Remember Beating Rihanna

8/31/2009 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he can't remember anything from the night he brutally attacked Rihanna -- telling Larry King he thinks "it's crazy" when he thinks about what he did that night.

With his mom and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, by his side, Brown did a pre-taped interview for King's upcoming Wednesday show -- and told Larry that he's still "in shock" about the beating. He also says he's still in love with Rihanna.

Need a refresher -- here's the brutal blow-by-blow.


No Avatar


Ya right......and he has some property to sell in the Everglades to anyone who believes this story!!!!!

1848 days ago


Yeah, him and Amanda Knox.
Funny how people like them's memories go blank when confronted with their crimes.

1848 days ago


This is the kind of example he's setting for young people?! How long til he violates his joke of a parole?? wreckless ignorant people like this don't deserve any slack---YOU'RE A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A "MAN"!!!

1848 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Liar, liar, pants on fire. The classic refuge of an habitual abuser: "I don't remember..." Sure. I'm more sure we'll be seeing this joker in a mug shot again, real soon.

1848 days ago

Michael M    

Media consultants...They're the true manipulators of human emotion. Notice his wardrobe? He's not dressing for the black viewers, because Larry King has none. He's dressing for whitey. Notice the soft, relaxing, powder blue, pullover sweater. What ghetto "star" dresses like that? They spent an hour picking his clothes for the interview. And mommy? She's a prop, set dressing. It's always a good idea to have your mom show he's really a good boy who listens to her. Wake up people.

1848 days ago


I think he just needs to quit talking about it if he wants to salvage what is left of his career. Every time he comments about what happened, it makes him look like an idiot. He has never come off very sincere if you ask me. I think he is just trying to say what people want to hear, but he is just making himself look more stupid. I'm sure that Rihanna just wants to forget about and move on with her life, but he won't let that happen bringing it up every 5 seconds.

1848 days ago


He must not remember cause he will really want to forget mearing that stupid Sweater and tie

1848 days ago


another crack smoker!

1848 days ago

MJ FaN    

Chris Brown you make me sick

1848 days ago


He HAS to remember the most devestating thing that has happened to him in his career. That's the ONLY way one can reflect and change. Even if she was trickin on him, or being impossible to deal with... he needs to be a man and walk away from craziness!

1848 days ago


He is so full of it.How convenient he couldn't remember doing it.And OJ doesn't remember what he did.

1848 days ago


Krazy, Kooky you are such a mix of "annoying" & "funny"!! I think I'd actually miss you if you didn't post here anymore!

1848 days ago

Linda Mott    

Can he remember the time in Barbados or Paris? If you have a problem remembering, maybe you should stop drinking or whatever else you are taking.

1848 days ago


nice little blue sweater chris. the menendez brothers wore the exact same little blue sweater to one of their court appearences for killing their parents in the eighties. the sweater was the idea of their lawyer. it was the first thing i noticed and a dead givaway that you were trying to pull something over with your pullover. you make me sick.

1848 days ago


Yea, right. Chris needs to get rid of his lawyer/publicist and seek advice from Hugh Grant. Rather than deny and downplay, he needs to admit and take responsibility. Then, maybe he has a chance to get on with his life and career. Otherwise, he will probably continue down the road to future disasters & controversies.

1848 days ago
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