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Chris Brown -- I Don't Remember Beating Rihanna

8/31/2009 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he can't remember anything from the night he brutally attacked Rihanna -- telling Larry King he thinks "it's crazy" when he thinks about what he did that night.

With his mom and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, by his side, Brown did a pre-taped interview for King's upcoming Wednesday show -- and told Larry that he's still "in shock" about the beating. He also says he's still in love with Rihanna.

Need a refresher -- here's the brutal blow-by-blow.


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He doesn't remember but he called his mom to tell her what happened...hmmm

1888 days ago


COME ON! I think he remember everything!

1888 days ago


"I don't remember," is what murders say when they committed a crime that they do not want to accept responsibility for.

1888 days ago

Just Checking    

I hope he just goes into obscurity, broke, no one buying his records so he has no women to beat. But LA being the rat hole it is; stupid girls will hang onto him and help him spend $. My only hope is that one of them will sue him after he has another "black out beating" and he will loose all his cash.

1888 days ago


It amazes me what these abusive men will do or say to try to excuse things. He remembers exactly what he did. This is what these men do. I know from experience. My and my childs abuser delayed delayed delayed to the point the cops lost the photos of me dressed and then undressed covered in bruises and with a concussion and then they used the fact I had 2 autoimmune disorders and blamed the use of the hydrocodone I take for them on me beating him up(his lawyer also used the ad the two witnesses thrown out so that he could lie and not be challenged by the facts my mother knew about past abuse and the way he had how I was planning to leave him,and my daughter was thrown out even though she endured this abuse for over five hours). I am a size 4 my daughter was six at the time and he was a former NAVY SEAL with 20 years in the NAVY....the NAVY with the help of JAG,NCIS and interviews with my daughter,myself,and my family members to find him guilty on all charges. Abusers will say ANYTHING to try to make their image better from blaming the victim to lying whatever works. Chris Brown needs to go away. If he just admitted it ALL and showed remorse people might eventually forgive him or atleast feel somewhat better about him. But he is not doing that,in fact in a way he is denying it all which shows he has learned nothing,that he has no remorse(except that it hurt his career),and just how arrogant he really is. Brown needs to drop out of sigt until he gets his life straight and actually takes responsibility for his actions.

1888 days ago


People Please! Look at your own skeletons. This young man apologized so many times... what do you want him to say? You have no idea what they went through in THEIR relationship but yet you all have such harsh words to say about him. How is it to be born in the Garden of Eden? You all seem to think you're sos perfect. If the Lord can forgive then why can't society? How many crackheads make music that you listen to.. how many men have children here and there and barely see them in this industry? How many celebrities are perfect? Look at Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, etc. How many times did Tommy Lee beat Pam's behind? Did he go to jail? Did any of you have such harsh words for him? Not that I recall. We are in the world to live to our fullest potential.. so maybe we should try doing that and stop judging others. It's not your life!

1888 days ago


what the hell, is he a 1940s entertainer now? that sweater is horrid! that does more to weaken his case than anything. ah, so he went into a psychotic rage and doesn't remember anything. my ex was the same way - nearly killed me so many times i can't count on one hand. great pick, ladies, step right up and say yes to near-death repeatedly!

1888 days ago


Jesse and Greg - You are a true idiots :)

1888 days ago


He's full it too! The court records show that both him and her regularly hit each other. They both should have had charges brought against them!

1888 days ago


Mid - then why did you stay so long? You're the idiot.

1888 days ago


Let me smack him upside the head a few times like he did to her and see if that jars anything in his head to remember! And this sympathy tour isnt doing a darn thing in fixing your image. I like how he pretaped Larry King because he wasn't man enough to handle the call ins...sad because he is extremely talented but he needs to just go to the therapy he needs and keep his mouth shut except to sing.

1888 days ago


I guess he needs to go to therapy for drug addiction as well as for anger-- I hope his career goes way down the dumper-more than it already has. Ladies beware!

1888 days ago


I just love the way lawyers tell their clients: "Wear this little baby-blue sweater and cute little matching bow-tie. This will make everybody think you are a sweet little innocent boy." Just like those Menendez brothers, who were called "boys" in court. They wore their "prep school sweaters" to help fool the gullible public. One of them was going bald and wore a hairpiece, but he was just an innocent "boy." I live for the day when people wake up to all the tricks played on us and we see the truth.

1888 days ago


no memories?
all the more reason to lock him up! who knows when his mind will go blank again, and start assaulting the nearest person in full-on rage!
accountability is for mature, socially functional adults - right chris?

1888 days ago


jerry, good question. well, 1 - my parents believed women need a beat down, 2 - his mother was a big drug dealer in the area 3 - his father's side of the family was the local police. anymore questions?

1888 days ago
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