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Michael Jackson's Tigers in the Line of Fire

9/1/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Michael Jackson's tigers are currently living in an animal sanctuary right near the massive wildfire burning in California -- but despite mandatory evacuations in the area, they're not going anywhere.

Sabu & Thriller
We just spoke to the VP in charge of operations at Shambala Preserve -- owned by "The Birds" star Tippi Hedren -- who tells us "We house 64 big cats and it would be a logistical nightmare to bring all these cats down the road and get in the firefighters way of doing their job."

Two of those 64 cats: Thriller and Sabu (seen above), who were once owned by Michael Jackson. We're told the animals are fine and "don't even realize the commotion around them."

All the employees at the Preserve will be riding out the fire with the animals. As for supplies, they have water tanks, pumps, hoses, generators and a "fridge full of food."


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Oh MY GOD how many posts can you do about Michael Jackson? Get some new gossip. I quit coming to this site a couple of months ago and I came back only to find michael jackson all over the place.

1876 days ago


WTF??? MAKE them DO something!!!!!

1876 days ago


i heard they were trying to name a subway station after mj and the new york transit authority wasn't liking the idea. let them know what you think! here's the story:

1876 days ago


OMG Tmz I know it’s your job to report the news and things of that nature and I’m not knocking you guys but enough already we get it. Michael was a good man and he did a lot of things for his family and his so called friends, and millions of people and never asks anything from anyone. This is a shame how people treat him... Many people think he died June 25 but I really feel like he died when the first little boy accused him… I can only imagine how he must have felt... One of the greatest men I have ever seen built up by the very people he sought to help change... All the pressure of having to do right by the fans as this come back that could either make or break him was the match that lit the bomb. He had only three real reasons to still go on and that begging his three beautiful children and the love of his family and friends and true fans. The media was 24hr coverage when he died the second time and have done everything since to belittle him but not even in death can he have peace...I say to the true MJ fans join me in not supporting the one who choose to trash Mj instead of finally printing the truth about who he really was and the many that were affected my his love and generosity. Here’s a challenge for the real Mj fans Mj always hated the trash and always talked about not buying or supporting the trash lets for 24 hours not read react or support anything negative even if u want state ur point don’t waste your breath..And once there’s no support they will have no choice but to print the truth. Who’s with me? Thoght the tigers lived some where else?

1876 days ago


I love Michael but he should have never gotten those wild animals for his Neverland zoo. I agree that wild animals belong in the wild. I hope the tigers will be ok.

1876 days ago

doc murry    

just send k-fed up to that ranch hell they could eat for years off of him..

1876 days ago


I live by the fires. So I know whats going on here in Cali. Who cares about the tigers hell over 53 homes were losted so far. Think about all those people who lost everything!!!

1876 days ago

I heard Tippi Hedren on Fox News earlier today. These people are complete idiots. They think it is a logistical nightmare right now to move those animals? Wait until the fire is roaring out of control a few hours away from them and they begin fighting time, smoke AND the logistics. That makes a whole lot of sense to me! Does anyone have a brain in that organization?

1876 days ago


13. omg what a cute picture!!! i hope it pours down rain soon and puts that fire out!

Posted at 12:37PM on Sep 1st 2009 by kitty

Read more:

Pours down rain? This is California the only thing that pours down here is our sweat from this damn heat.

1876 days ago


Pours down rain? This is California the only thing that pours down here is our sweat from this damn heat.

Posted at 3:32PM on Sep 1st 2009 by LakersFan

Ain't that the truth!!!!

1876 days ago


As long as the staff stays with the tigers, I am okay with their decision. Hopefully everything will be Okay and nobody - including the tigers will suffer any permanent harm.

But if teh staff leaves the tigers...may MJ's ghost and a dozen flocks of Pigeons ahunt their every move, every day and continue to haunt their progeny.

1876 days ago


What if those gorgeous animals get nervous and try to scape running down the hill and surrounded by terrorized people???? They do have a survival instint after all!

1876 days ago



1876 days ago


They Should Feed Wacko-Jacko To His Tigers Yum popsicles

1876 days ago

the a-hole    


1876 days ago
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