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Jenkins' Sister: 'Jasmine Was a Show Off'

9/4/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' sister, Alena, was just on "GMA" -- where they asked her, flat-out, about the photos we posted this morning of Jasmine Fiore kissing her ex-husband just days before her murder.

Alena Jenkins: Click to watch
Though she says she didn't know about Jasmine's ex, Alena said Ryan probably wouldn't have been surprised about the pics -- because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" who "would quite often expose her breasts in public."

Also interesting: Alena refused to answer when asked if she drove Ryan to the hotel where he later killed himself.


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Sad sad    

I've always said that. Something happened. But what? Who knows.

1874 days ago

Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

Neither Jasmine or Ryan were likeable persons.
They needed each other for a reason. It's just too bad that neither one of them saw anything wrong with themselves before they hooked up or after. Ryan's act was despicable regardless of Jasmine.
Jasmine or any woman did not deserve this.
After the first time he punched she she should have run.
I suspect that was what she was trying to do by texting her ex bf's and all that.

1873 days ago


Oh Alena, you're right. Jasmine Fiore was a show off. So she deserved to be brutally murdered & have her teeth taken out and fingers chopped off. What a sick family the Jenkins are! And they raised two kids (Alena & Ryan) taking porn photos, And they did a wonderful job with Ryan growing up to abuse women and finally killing one of them. I'd be so proud if I was mom & dad.

1873 days ago


SMH... I have to agree with everyone here, his sister has some nerve to go on national American T.V. and say that this girl was a show off. And how in the hell did she not know that her brother was a fugitive. Where does this girl live, under a rock? Canada has the news stations, I believe. They issued a search from here in Cali all the way to his home town and you mean to tell me that NO ONE told this heffa that her brother was wanted for murder. Thats a lie. She should be charged with some type of crime... whether its saying something dumb like " my brother's wife was a show-off" (translation " she deserved to die") or having knowledge that her brother killed and mutilated his newlywed wife. I give GMA props for allowing us inside the head of an idiot.

1873 days ago


OMG you people are taking what Alena said about Jasmine being a show off out of context.

1873 days ago


I believe in Canada the legal age to start drinking, move from home or get married is 18 - so after that you are considered to be an adult.
As far as the news reports went - every radio station. television station and newspaper across Canada carried the manhunt news alert - Might be hard to prove that no one in the Jenkins family happened to hear it and perhaps try to call Ryan or that he might call them but it's pretty odd that his father would cut short a trip to come back to Calgary early - then his neighbors would report that the silver PT cruiser normally parked in his parking space at his condo would suddenly turn up in Vancouver in Alenas parking space - Seems to me this enabling behaviour is why Ryan is dead - If you really felt he wasn't guilty why not take him to the nearest police station (along with his lawyer of course) rather than the boondocks?

1872 days ago

Sad sad    


1871 days ago


The other thing to note here is that Alena was 6 years old when Ryan moved out on his own at 19 - they live in different cities and see each other what - at Christmas? so 8 months ago -
From her pictures seems like Alena was going down the same road as Jasmine - Trying to find fame in scantily clad photos while she had a young and fresh body - So likely she never even met Jasmine and only had her half brothers point of view on what sort of person she was - "Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house!"

1870 days ago


i can understand murder, i have a hard time trying to imagine this guy methodically yanking 32 teeth one at a time and then chopping all 10 fingers off a cold dead corpse, it's worse than Saw and all it's sequels put together. Hollywood is full of narcissistic losers like this.

1857 days ago
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