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Rev. Wright -- Oprah Can't Help Poor People

9/4/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah may appear to be all-powerful -- but according to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, she doesn't have as much pull as we thought.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Click to watch
Barack Obama's former pastor was in D.C. yesterday, where he went on the Oprah offensive, saying she's only "an entertainer, not a politician" who doesn't "care" about social policy and can't help the poor at a structural level.

His words are rough -- but does he have a point?


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Politicians couldn't help poor people either if they didn't use other peoples money that they seize via taxes.

1877 days ago


how PATETIC...
please someone tell him and all the people agreeing with him to GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC!

1877 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Is it my imagination, or is Reverend Wright turning white? Literally. I think he may be a white man.

1876 days ago


Look who cares what Rev Wright say.With him cursing America out he just need to go away.Do you really think Oprah cares what people say about her.Don't hate Oprah because she makes 275 million a year.She has done plenty for people.And about the bentley her and gail have alike was given to them by Tyler Perry.

1876 days ago


I think he is right. But Oprah is not the only one!

1876 days ago


Kevin, you're an idiot. You and those of your mindset are victims of yourselves, no one else, and you will REMAIN victims because that's where your comfort zone lies. When something doesn't go your way, you'll lay the blame anywhere but at your own feet. "I didn't get the job because I'm black!" "I didn't get the promotion because I'm black!" Well wake the hell up, buddy. Your incessant snoring is starting to get on my nerves.

You didn't get the job because you walked into the interview with your pants around your thighs and your butt hanging out. Not exactly the image most companies want representing their brand.

You didn't get the promotion because you didn't deserve it. It happens to white people all the time, too. FYI.

Allow me to introduce a new word into your vocabulary: Accountability.

You want a job? Show up for the interview like you mean it. Pull up your pants. Ditch the ebonics and speak a coherent sentence, preferably... GASP... in English. When the interviewer asks you why you want to work for her company, instead of answering "I be needin' some chedda else my bitch be kickin' my ass to da curb", try "I've researched your company and I believe I possess the necessary skills to make a substantial contribution to your growth". In other words, present yourself as someone who might contribute to the growth of the company you're hoping will provide you with a paycheck every Friday.

Success isn't a gift. It's not a birthright. It's the result of hard work, commitment, integrity and dedication. Success is color blind, and it's available to people of every hue. But it doesn't come free.

I'm sick to death of listening to black people whine about their unfortunate lot in life. It's not because your color is black, it's because you, personally, are freaking lazy. You aren't owed ANYTHING. I'm not owed anything. Slavery ended YEARS ago. Stop trying to ride the coattails of your great-great-great-grandwhatever's lot in life and move on. Rise above.

Black people in America today have infinitely more opportunities than any other race. United Negro College Fun: that's okay? If there was a United White People College Fund, Al Sharpton would have a reason to live! Black Entertainment Network? That's okay, too? Why, WHY, if you're so intent on assimilating into the "White World" as you perceive it, do you continue to segregate yourselves?

Your ancestors would be ashamed. They were strong. They rose above their lot in life. They survived, and that is why you exist. And the last thing they would have wanted was to watch the ancestors whose futures they fought so hard for make a mockery of their efforts.

Stand up, Kevin. Stand up and be proud. Make a difference. Stop looking for excuses.

If you're all that, show us. Stop hiding behind the very walls you continue to build. It's old and tired.

We've got a country to build and a legacy to leave.

Do your part.

1876 days ago


The rev is right on this one...Oprah is totally out of touch with the audience who keep her wealthy. I was astonished when, on one of her shows she declared that she insists that her maid change her bed linens at least every two days.

Recently she had a show totally dedicated to all of her own health maladies. She told us that each of us should call a meeting of all of our medical specialists in one conference to make sure they are all on the same page...that works if you are a kabillionaire who has a flock of whore doctors catering to your rich ass for the big bucks they get in works for Oz. The rest of us are lucky to get the allotted 12 minutes that the HMO permits - unless we are out-of-work and must use the community free clinics.

Just last week she did a show with some young designer who was gushing about how tastefully Oprah has decorated all of her homes. Give me an "effing" break. I'm a 56 year-old white broad with two college degrees and I can't even find a job. I'm living in my son's basement and Oprah can stick it where the sun don't shine.

1876 days ago

M.E. Rhytes    

He is right, she is not a politician but he couldn't be more wrong in that Oprah cannot aid in ridding poverty. WRONG WRONG WRONG - anyone can inspire people to make a difference and she has proven that she has inspired millions. Fall Back - before u perish u could only wish u had as many positive, change-making accomplishments.

From politics to relationships: covering it all, follow me on Where talk is realistic – say what u will.

1876 days ago


This is addressed to "justthetruth". I'm really sorry for yor plight, but as an African American or black as I personally prefer to be called, many of "us" are mixed with Native American blood as well as caucasian blood, so.....your point is?!!!!!!!

1875 days ago


Btw, before some a$$wipe decides to make a smart remark or comment as to why some blacks prefer to be called this or that or how the term AA came about, I haven't a clue; nor, does anyone that I personally know. Personally, I think that it's all political just like that "suppossed" Rev Sharpton. Oh, and for some of you ignorant white fools, I don't personally know of any black people who like or support Sharpton or the other liar. So, stop your damn stereotyping!!!

1875 days ago

Left broken wing    

And we care what this nut job,

hater of America and all white people thinks why????

This man spreads hatred everywhere he goes and to ALL that attend his hatred factory, facade of a church.

1875 days ago


Nothing is more tiresome than a
superannuated pedagogue.

1875 days ago


Not only can Oprah inspire others to help the poor, but so can many other public figures we respect; Bill Gates for one.

What was the point of Rev. Wright's statement or did he just pull it ouf of his left a*s cheek just to get attention?

This guy is bad news. Every time he comes around, negativity and controversy flows in spades.

1875 days ago


I think Rev Wright has an insight on Oprah many others don't. How? Well she went to his church a couple of times. Wanna bet she didn't give one red cent when the offering passed her on the pew?

1873 days ago


No. 9
".the people she works for pick most of her charitable ideas...."

Are you kidding me? Oprah runs her show you can count on that. AND the reason she doesn't help in the inner cities is because she knows how tough it would be and she is not willing to put her face on anything that might fail! Our kids are not good enough for her to invest in, only children in other countries are. Our kids are greedy little brats (as Oprah sees them!). Shame on her! The mother and fathers of those so called brats are what made her so popular.

She makes me sick pretending to care and that people actually believe she does.

1873 days ago
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