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Hard Labor Day

9/7/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bernie & Chris

mug shots


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Hamptonhausen Secret Operations Führer Reichsmarschall Bernie Madoff! Zu Befehl! Chail Chitler!

1839 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Oberbefehlsfüher Spielberg meldet sich zum Dienst!! Chail Führer!! Kommado Kontrolle Ausführung in Bereitstellung! Sodaten zum Dienst!! Siech Heil!!

1839 days ago


HeH# 12, thats a lie from the pits of hell, of course you racist folks would think that, what you need to do is worry about your own folks, killing their whole family, killing their spouses, molesting their children, kidnapping children and the list goes on check the news its so horrible, your folks is off the hook , Chris did not beat Rihanna that bad, in two weeks from the incident she look like nonething ever happen, you sure not fooling me, You can not compare this other crazy mess with Chris, I know Harvey hates Chris and in love with Rihanna,he have to go through JayZ and leave Chris alone, God forgave Chris and thats all that matters, Jesus encamp your angels around Chris for the next five yrs, don't let no hurt harm or danger come near him, so many people want him to fail but you say not so, Chris will rise to the top again, Hold your head up Chris, when satan try to tempt you plea the blood of Jesus and he will flee remember to put Jesus first , he will walk with you.

1839 days ago


Chris Brown just hit a lady one time and you guys are calling him a Monster this and that!!! have you ever got hit by your husband or b/F? Why you guys make such a big deal out of Chris Brown. Samething like Joe Francis punshed female dog b/c she poured drink on him. In those cases make him a monster too... Maddoff ripped of billions dollars of peopple saving account, why don't your smart ass amerians not saying anything. Hang Maddoff, Go Chris Brown beat the hell out of all female dogs who doesn't know how to respect men.

1839 days ago


I cannot believe you are saying Chris Brown beat her to a bloody pulp. He had no right to touch her, nor did she have a right to touch him. His was a mistake done in the heat of an argument, not premeditated. Madoff did his crime for a long time and it was very well planned. He has destroyed so many peoples lives and they are still hurting and devastated while Rihanna moved on what seemed like the very next day. Give me a break!!!

1839 days ago


I agree with you 100% # 41, i just don't know what the F**k most of Americans in here are thinking man....they are dumb as a rock!!! most of the female dogs in here got rape their own parents, even worst. Stopped the racism and bang with dogs!!! That's how you guys roll rite ***female dogs***

1839 days ago
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