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Michael Jackson -- Tales from the Crypt

9/8/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's body is already causing a market shift in the cemetery world -- the price of graves near his tomb are already sky-rocketing.

TMZ spoke with a sales rep at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale who told us plots surrounding Jackson have already gone up $2,000-$3,000 each since MJ joined the neighborhood.

FLM was selling pre-Jacko units in the mausoleum for $7,000 a pop -- now they're up to $9,900.

The cemetery rep tells us, "When a high-profile person comes in, it can affect the prices of the surrounding plots."

Some people who own private units near MJ's crypt are looking for a bigger payday -- one person is asking $34,000 for a double unit inside Jackson's mausoleum.

We spoke with owner of the double unit who told us, "We've had a tremendous response ... we're weighing all of our options."


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1871 days ago

mrez golucky    


1871 days ago


I hope whatever sleezebag on your staff that wrote that discusting headline has to endure their family being treated to the same disrespect when they die. I pray that you reap what you sow and that your family has to endure the pain that you have cause Michael and his loved ones. A simple respectful caption would have been enough. YOU AND YOUR STAFF ARE ALL TRASH.

1871 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

I am so glad I am enCRYPTED. I look forward to new neighbors soon.

1871 days ago


I agree with "overit". Is it too much to show some respect for Michael's family and fans. Seriously, would it pain you to call him by his given name, Michael Jackson. It's so not necessary to call him "Jacko", never was... or anything in that regard. Find another way to make headlines,please. It would be nice if someone unit in journalism would step out of the box for once. Something along the line of honest, sensitive, heart felt, tabloid free reporting would be nice. There's enough trash to read...why would you want to add yours to the collection?

1871 days ago


ok here we go with the worthless disrespect. Do you really find this to be great journalism writing about a final resting place and the market value of crypts around Michael Jackson. Now thats some snap journalism.

1871 days ago

MJ is creating a burial bubble!! Yikes!

1871 days ago

just sayen    

Cory Rooney & Chris Apostle intervew on Michael Jackson LONG but so worth it

1871 days ago


TMZ, the photo of MJ sucks as usual, and it's disgustingly juvenile of you to call him "Jacko." When was the last time 5000 women fainted at your feet every night when you performed? They did it for Michael Jackson all the time, and with good reason.

1871 days ago

Face Recognition System    

being a fan of MJ, it hurts a lot listening news tht he is know meanwhile i think media should not pass fake information and rumors for MJ news to just get popularity..

1871 days ago

get a life    

When was the last time 5000 women fainted at your feet every night when you performed


I'm pretty sure women fainted over Liberace and Rock Hudson too...just sayin...

1871 days ago


I only want to know when Dr. Murrary will be arrested ???????

1871 days ago

They were in it for the money    

What a deal and a half depending where exactly these crypts for sale are located. Got to remember here too, the higher up on the wall you are, the cheaper the price is. Eye level is considered the primo spot. Sounds like they are talking plain crypts and not something as ornate as what Jackson has...Oh Well, guess I'll pass. It's one thing to be buried close as you can to him, but I am waiting to see him on the streets of gold.

1871 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Yea, I agree, the headline here should be changed, too tacky, come on TMZ, a little class and less azz, ok?

1871 days ago


I genuinely feel sorry for Michael Jackson ’s family. The decision to bury, cremate or recycle cannot be an easy choice to make

mutilated His Nose.....Bleached his Skin......Grabs his Croch.....Sleeps With Little Boys....Yep He Was A Wacko!

What's the difference between a Wacko Jacko fan and a brick? You get more sense from a brick.

1871 days ago
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