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Brown's Hard Labor Program -- Brush League

9/10/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know what hard labor tasks Chris Brown will be forced to perform in Richmond, Virginia -- and part of it involves one trendy, reflective orange vest and a whole lot of brush clearing.

Chris Brown's Hard Labor

Richmond City Councilman Doug Conner -- who works with the city's hard labor program -- tells us Brown will begin his 8-hour work day at 8:00 AM when a Department of Corrections bus picks him up, along with 30-40 other offenders.

Conner says Brown will wear a reflective orange vest and pick up trash and litter along highways and roads. He'll also have to trim brush along medians, remove gang graffiti from the VCU campus, and wash the inside and outside of law enforcement vehicles.

Conner says Brown will be kept "under the watchful eye of a supervisor" to make sure he doesn't cut any corners.


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not simone

1867 days ago


Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha. Well done!!!!! This guy, Chris Brown, has to pay for his crimes. It is a good mesure. Maybe, after this he will learn something and not do stupidities again.

1867 days ago

He should be in a chain gang!!

1867 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

He said he is willing to do what he was ordered to do and willingly as well. So what if he picks up trash and trims the brush if the highway or paints over graffiti... he is doing his pennence if you will and then he can move on. he cam from a background where he had towork hard as a young man before his career took off. He used to to work in his dads gas station. So he is no stranger to chores and hard work! He has learned allot and is willing to grow nad learn what to never ever do again! I believe in him and his second chance.. haterz... move on!!

1867 days ago


If he wasn't rich he would be in prison pos

1867 days ago


Ha Ha!!!

I hope someone bites his ear off...

1867 days ago


Removing gang graffiti? Won't that get him in trouble with his own gang that he is in?

1867 days ago


Photoshop much, TMZ?

1867 days ago

who dat    

The picture is a lame photoshop. Get a real picture

1867 days ago


yeah mointoring by real high ups that drive you around to all these isolated parks. everyone sleeps and lays around on picnic tables til the short bus picks all of you up for an hour or two of walking down a road with sack. That was a joke, oh and lots of time to bring any form of anything I wanted to ingest.

1867 days ago

Chocolate Chip    

LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!!! He's made peace with Rihanna, she seems to be ok, the court gave him what they thought was suitable and he has forgiven himself. Let him serve his time, do whatever the court requires and get back to his life. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES ALL THE TIME!! CB didn't just start the cycle. It's been going on FOREVER. Who are wee to judge??? Chris, still got love for you baby! Anxiously awaiting your next single/album.

1867 days ago


He's lucky to get off with community service. He's a thug.

1867 days ago


the court should throw the book at you jusy like any other man.what makes you special? NOTHING!not a damn thing.i've seen the "house".thats one hell of a work from 8 to 5 then what? a lambo,a viper and a charger in the garage.fresh outfits,hats and shoes.can i be "locked up"in there? you should have to wear a big sign saying,I'M CHRIS BROWN AND I HIT WOMEN!

1867 days ago


He's getting off too easy.

1867 days ago

The Truth    

It's sad when a guy feels hitting a girl makes him a man..It's just as stupid when a guy gets on the Murray show and says it can't be my baby..I only had sex with her one time..Oh I forgot it takes four times before the baby comes lmao

1867 days ago
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