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Katherine Jackson -- Save The Wrong Date

9/10/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says she's going to the MJ tribute concert in Vienna on the 29th -- only problem, the show's on the 26th.

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, the family isn't happy about the show and nobody except Jermaine was planning on attending -- but now it looks like Katherine drank the Kool-Aid and will go, granted someone tells her the correct date.

We'll see if she actually makes it ...


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Mary J. Blige 'Really, Really Sorry' She Can't Participate In Michael Jackson Tribute

'There's a lot going on at the time,' singer says of scheduling conflicts keeping her from Jermaine Jackson's planned tribute concert.

Mary J. Blige confirmed on Thursday (September 10) that she will not be participating in Jermaine Jackson's overseas tribute to Michael Jackson.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul said she was crushed she couldn't participate; however, a contractual obligation in Milan will prevent her from making the trip to Austria, where the tribute show is scheduled to take place. Chris Brown and Akon are also slated to appear, although Brown has yet to confirm. Jermaine Jackson, Natalie Cole and Sister Sledge will perform, it was previously announced.

"There's a lot going on at the time — I'm really, really sorry that I'm not gonna be able to be there," Blige told MTV News. " 'Cause why wouldn't I want to do a tribute to Michael Jackson?"

The singer said MJ's music meant so much to her growing up, saying the Gloved One was the reason she pursued a musical career. She even recalled one of the first times she saw his "Thriller" video.

"When we didn't have anything and we were in our neighborhood, we were running home cutting school to watch the 'Thriller' video on MTV," she said. "He broke barriers that day and every day since then."

Blige said she's looking forward to Janet Jackson's tribute to her late brother this Sunday at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. There are a number of songs Janet could perform, but any selection will do for Blige — she's rooting for Jackson.

"I'm hoping Janet shuts the whole place down," she said.

1839 days ago


i really feel sorry for mrs jackson.she has s o nuch pain to bear and to care for the kids and now she has to clean up the mess jermaine made by getting on board,it is a strage video.she looks very uncomfortable.some one said she waas thinking of mj birthday..heartbreak....i bet jermaine puts the arm an kate to bring the kids with her..he is so transparent.he better not start dragging those kids around the world promoting himself.makes me wonder if he even liked mj.anyway she has enough to deal with..jermaine should grow up.she is old .hes probably late 50' a man

1839 days ago

MJ's PYT    

janet will shut the house down. I will be right there to witness
it.I'm excited..No tribute will be more discussed.
I'm sure she'll choose the songs best suited for her.

1839 days ago


I will continue to speak my mind.
If you don't like it or disagree with it, skip me over, ignore me, slap me trash or attempt to discredit me.

1839 days ago

danger baby    

The Insider just showed NEVER BEFORE SEEN clips of Michael, under oath, being asked, and answering, questions about prescription drug use. They say it will air starting Monday. He looked amazing. I'm going off to scroll the news to see if I can find clips on that and anything else interesting online. Will post back here.

1839 days ago



1839 days ago

danger baby    

Transcript of his testimony last summer is here. Still looking for the video.,2933,304977,00.html#1

1839 days ago



Please forgive those whom are ignorant and wish to say evil and nasty things. I apologize for them. Not everyone is as bitter and cruel as I have seen as posted tonight.

I usually just read the posts, hardly commenting. I have been reading all of your comments for a very long time most of which I connected with and enjoy reading. I feel like you are family and feel consumed with emotion of the news that you have shared tonight. "I am sorry".

Please do not despair at the rate the world is going we will all be by your and Michaels side soon enough. I have an incredible story to tell you... one of inspiration, I am sure it will touch your soul... perhaps one day soon we can talk. May god bless you, May he comfort you, May he lovingly take you by the hand and show you the real Paradise and once you are finsished with your grand tour, you will know that you are the one who is truly blessed as we here on Earth still must endure hurt, pain, sorrow, hunger, fear, and suffering.

Do not fear.... fly as far away from this place as you can. You are the lucky one.


1839 days ago


Genes have little to do with it.
It took the help of Steven Hoefflin, and alot of MJs $$$$$$.

Posted at 6:44PM on Sep 10th 2009 by alot of cosmetic surgery does wonders for some woman

Sorry to burst your bubble, but people of color don't age as quickly as others because the color in their skin protects them more from the sun than lighter skinned people. The darker the skin, the less you age. It's a known fact. I know lots of people in Katherine's age group that looks good like her. And it's not plastic surgery. It is the genes. Have you ever heard of the saying "Black don't Crack"?

1839 days ago


I can't believe all the racist and negative comments about Katherine. If anything the negative comments should be towards Jermaine since he is still trying to make money off his dead brother. Like alot of people were saying, it looked like Katherine was coached to do that video. She looked very sad and really not into it. Come on guys, give this woman a chance. She just lost her baby and is still in mourning. Pleae leave this poor woman alone. Also keep in mind that these negative comments also hurts Michael because this is his mom who he loved unconditionally. At least try to show some respect. I think Katherine is holding up pretty good. And I think she looks good for her age. So leave her alone already. I'd like to see how you guys will look at this age.

1839 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Thanks for responding tellit. Sorry if the question was crass, but on these forums you don't know who is who and what is what.

Peace be with you and yours. May you have a blessed passage.

1839 days ago


199.Posted at 12:20AM on Sep 11th 2009 by sexy one

Do some reading honey. Steve Hoefflin has been the personal cosmetic surgeon to the Jackson family for over 20 years and a close family friend and "mouthpiece" until about 7 weeks ago when his mouth evidently got him into some hot water with the family. Making remarks on air which the family claimed he wasn't authorized to say. So much for friendships.

Doc Hoefflin has taken the blade to quite a few in the family. Michael and LaToya wanted him to take it too far. Others were more prudent and will probably never tell. Maybe Steve didn't hand the scalpel over to an assistant after they were "under" like he's been said to do in various publications. Reported by his staff even.

Believe what you like. Kates face cost MJ plenty $$$.

1839 days ago


188. 182. I'm trying to catch up here. Is it true you are dying,

Posted at 9:57PM on Sep 10th 2009 by MJ Fanatic

Yep, I'm OK with everything.
Post # 183, #185 not mine. Don't they play ugly games?

I will not longer acknowledge them.

Go play away youngsters/oldsters are evil and ugly.
and evidently proud of it.

The real tellitlikeitis.
Posted at 10:17PM on Sep 10th 2009 by tellitlikeitis

193. 186....CORRECTION:
I will continue to speak my mind.
If you don't like it or disagree with it, skip me over, ignore me,
slap me trash or attempt to discredit me.

Posted at 10:51PM on Sep 10th 2009 by tellitlikeitis

200. Thanks for responding tellit. Sorry if the question was crass,
but on these forums you don't know who is who and what is what.

Peace be with you and yours. May you have a blessed passage.

Posted at 12:55AM on Sep 11th 2009 by MJ Fan

Actually #183 & #185 are NOW mine. TMZ monitors did some cutting. LOL

MJ Fan, thanks for your response.
I'm not ready to kick the bucket quite yet!

But when it happens it happens. They'll be no coming back.

It's a slow miserable way to go, cor pulmonale, not nice. Turns you
into a 60 year old 90 year old in no time. Turns you purple and blows you up like a balloon full of fluid. Till your skins so tight it starts splitting on you, at that point they start shooting you full of morphine. Or so the jackass sitting next to me in the lab one day informed me. His brother bought it the same way. My docs of course were more fragile 6 years ago and promised me they wouldn't prolong or try to save me. I opted not to go for the heart/lung transplant back then. OR the morphine. I don't believe in that kind of unnatural stuff. I was born with this heart and set of lungs and I'm sure as heaven or hell gonna die with them. ROFL.

The first and only time in the hospital 6 years ago they took 59lbs
of fluid off me in 8 days. I argued like crazy with them when they
gave me the verdict and slapped the O in my nose.

Haven't been back since. Refuse to. Have a great team of Docs we joke alot. I keep my treatment to a minimum. Oxygen and constantly keeping the fluid off. Careful no sodium diet. I don't believe in suicide. A cowards way for handling problems. But I can understand and sympathize with people who do for all kinds of dumb reasons. But evidently they weren't so dumb to them.

Enough now.

Thanks Neverland Triangle Virginia. Bless you, would love to hear
your story, but never will no place here for sure. And no personal
links transmitted.

Nobody feel bad for me I have all my bases covered and I've had a
really really good life. Blessed with many good people and abunch of bad ones also. That's what life's all about. Good/bad ugly/beautiful right/wrong.

Now in the future we won't mention or discuss this topic. And ruin stuff. Period.

I am in fact still a pretty active person considering, it's the German,American Indian,Spanish,Jewish,and African American blood in my veins. A real die hard. LOL.

Well now about business at hand!

Later you guys.



1839 days ago


Hi all,

came across this on the opus site and thought many of you would love to contribute to the final opus of Michael Jackson..Now here's our chance to be able to do something for MJ,our tributes..all the best to all who try..

Be a part of the Opus
Here's your chance to be part of the Official Michael Jackson Opus.
Simply send in your favourite artwork, poem, photograph or written tribute to Michael and we will choose the best examples to be included in the Opus - giving you the opportunity to go down in history as a contributor to the Official Michael Jackson Opus.

Enter by September 30th
All entries to contribute to the Opus must be made by September 30th 2009, although the Flickr group will continue for longer

BTW @tellitlikeitis,

I'm sorry to hear your news,it saddens me..I'm not sure what i've missed on but got a shock to see some of the posts,that you don't have much time here with us..I certainly enjoy reading your posts and points of views..I'll be keeping you in my prayers..may you be showered with blessings..

God Bless,

hugs from Australia..

R.I.P Michael Jackson,if only you knew how much many more people love you world wide,when you were here with us..I know you loved and appreciated man kind,but at the same time at times you didn't feel good enough and not apprecited...In your death many have come to love and appreciate you so much more,I'm only sorry you idn't see this love and appreciation much more when you were alive..I know you will be smiling down MJ..God bles your soul..Better on the other side..

Praying for your kids and family..praying for VICTORY in your name..heavy hearted love from Australia

1839 days ago


Thank you lankandiva I'll keep you in mine as well.
You contribute alot this boards.



1839 days ago
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