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Councilman Backtracks Over TMZ's Brown Story

9/11/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownThere is a controversy regarding the story we ran about Chris Brown's hard labor duties in Virginia -- the City Councilman who gave us the information claims we got our facts wrong, even though we called him and got his approval on the story before we published it.

During that call, Councilman Doug Conner -- of the South Central 9th District, Richmond City Council -- had us make one correction regarding his responsibilities with the hard labor program.

Now, he's released a statement attacking the information in our article. We have tried to contact him about his accusations, but he has yet to respond.

Here is his press release:

"The statements and information ascribed to me yesterday in the article on the celebrity news website TMZ regarding singer Chris Brown are inaccurate and untrue.

I have no personal knowledge of, or information regarding, the singer Chris Brown. In speaking to a TMZ reporter, I simply related my experience with my own individual monthly District Cleanup Project in which I utilize the services of a community service program administered by the Richmond Sheriff's Office.

Some points I want to make very clear are:
I have no knowledge of any legal arrangements regarding Chris Brown.

Richmond, Virginia does not have a 'hard labor program.'

Virginia Commonwealth University does not have gang graffiti.

I have no knowledge of any clothing attire regarding the singer Chris Brown.

I have no knowledge of any times or schedules regarding anything to do with the singer Chris Brown.

I have no knowledge of any purported duties regarding the singer Chris Brown.

I have no knowledge of any purported management or supervision regarding the singer Chris Brown.

Richmond does not have a 'Department of Corrections.'

I am unaware of any purported transportation arrangements regarding Chris Brown."

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Some Faustkateer    

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Someone must have hollered at him. Poor baby.

Krazy Kooky Klown: You are krazy kooky. Toot!

1871 days ago


This is BS , Chris Brown , should not be given any favors and he is very lucky his ass is not in jail, he should have his ass right here in LA where he comitted the crime and should like anyone else that would have done what he did, be doing time for domestic violence, it's pretty sad that celebrities have the advantages over us.

1871 days ago


I don't understand why everyone hates on this kid so much...I guess all you can do is smile and just say Hi TO THE HATERS!

1871 days ago

dish rags    


1871 days ago

TMZ, this is bogus, man!

1871 days ago


Chris Brown beat a womans face in. Not beat her up her face was smashed. Now all we get are these whiny ass stories about him and I think we all are sick of him. I think that the tabloids should cover every little aspect of him and not let his public image change. He does not seem sorry for what he has done. Rhianna has a right to her privacy but she really should come out on a panel against domestic abuse. Chris you want to do one thing right 50 thousand to a shelter for domestic abuse victims. You want to do something right then do it until then quit surfing the web looking for your name and wanting to fight against all those who are supposedly wronging you. Grow up little boy

1871 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

Not surprising....I live in Richmond and grew up here. Richmond is like the DC of the south. I tell people to call city hall 3 times if they are looking for an answer to something. 3 times until they get the answer they were looking for....It's the most inefficient waste of taxpayers money.. It's rampant with Fraud and dumbasses.

1871 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

I see Chris browns Blue Lambo at the Mcdonalds out on Staples Mill road quite a bit.... He lives right up the road practically from where I live.... I think he's an "OVER PRIVILEGED CHILD" and I think that's why people love to hate him sooo much.. Plus if he beats a woman at 19 years old what's to come down the pike when he's older ..

1871 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

Chris told me this joke the other day.. he said "What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes..?? I said what....He said NOTHING YOU ALREADY HAVE TOLD HER TWICE.......LOL

1871 days ago

mrez golucky    


1871 days ago

sick of Rihanna    

This is ridiculous. Rihanna is just as guilty. Abuse is never good and she started the abuse cycle with him. i hope he learned a valuable lesson- next time don't stay around- LEAVE

In the end they are both losers. I am tired of seeing Rihanna portrayed as the victim. She bitched slapped him and revoked his "man card" long before he snapped. Rihanna could use domestic abuse classes as well.

1871 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

I hope this savage screws up and gets his no-good immature ass thrown in jail, like he DESERVES! Maybe doing without and being caged like the animal he is will make him turn his life around.

1871 days ago


You should have paid him more money TMZ and did your own research! lol

1871 days ago


TMZ - I am surprised that you do not record all phone conversations with sources or other quotable people, given the general disdain with which the MSM and people who fancy themselves "real reporters" see you with.

You mean to tell me that you taped the conversation with Megan FameWhore Hauserman who would love to see her own name in print even if it were being dismembered (oops, poor word choice) but you don't tape conversations with elected/appointed officials who are, you know, not supposed to end up on, like ever?

1871 days ago


Spoken like a true politician...Deny everything and blame everyone else...LAME

1870 days ago
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