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Former WWE Champ

Busted for Steroids, Pills

9/11/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff HardyJeff Hardy -- one half of the WWE tag team duo The Hardy Boyz -- was busted today after cops found a boatload of pills and steroids inside his home.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at Hardy's home in Cameron, NC today -- where they found 262 Vicodin pills, 180 Soma pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids and a residual amount of powder cocaine. Cops say the estimated street value of the drugs: $2,500.

Hardy was arrested on charges of "trafficking in controlled prescription pills" and possession of anabolic steroids.

Chief Deputy Neil Godfrey told us Jeff's brother posted bail, which was set at $125,000.

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I was a pro wrestler. The average Joe has no idea what that life is really like. I was constantly asked, "is it all fake"? My standard reply was, "let me sidewalk slam you just one time and then you tell me how fake it was". These guys are performing on the road 4 days out of 7. If you don't make the next show you don't get paid. It's nothing like the NFL or other pro sport where you have world class doctors and you get still get paid while you sit. The medical is all on you.
Unless you've seen a live show up close you cant appreciate what a beating most guys take to "make it look good for you". Its super common after a show for 2 or 3 wrestlers to take a handful of something, down a few shots of their fav booze and hit Denny's to get something to eat before going back to a hotel room or the the airport. I don't know Hardy but I promise you the amounts of pain killers and muscle relaxers he had wasn't for distribution. Thats a month or so supply for him and possibly to share with the other guys he travels with all the time. Wrestlers are an odd family. Sharing drugs is just normal. Since you cant just walk into any store and but them at will you get what you can when you can. Its the same story with juice. You buy whats available. You cant always be picky.
If you want to be shocked at just how fast self medicating can lead to deathread the story of Davey Smith

1782 days ago


Until you know what it is like to do live TV shows, house shows and PPV's, none-stop, for years constantly. You cannot judge him until you've done it.

Vicodin and Soma only help relieve pain.

If Jeff reads this, just know, your true fans are behind you.

Enigma until I die.

1782 days ago


He looks loaded on that mug shot. Sad news. I thought Jeff had finally cleaned his act up. Damn!

1781 days ago


jeff hardy is the best, no matter what happen he always have the support of his true fans

1828 days ago


I still think that Jeff is a cool guy. And I won't let my son know what is going on because it would break his little heart. Everyone is human and they screw up sometimes. You don't know what he was going through and what he had to put up with in his life. So you can't say that he is a bad guy. I hope that you can get things straight, Jeff, cuz my son is looking forward to your return!

1819 days ago

Levi helgerson    

Most of the people who write negative posts about Jeff have no clue what its like to live in his shoes. You cant judge anyone because you people are no better then anyone else. Jeff hardy has been around in wrestling for years but whose to say that no one doesn't have problems like him. For you negative nancy's out there i hope someone loses faith in you some day and treats you the same way, no matter what ill always stand beside jeff and his decisions because no matter what he entertains people of all ages for one reason. He loves it. its never been about the money or the fame. All it ever was and is was to be a great entertainer. Drugs can be an amazing thing some times. besides the "residual" amount of cocaine the "supposedly" found. i find that to be a lie. every wrestler takes steroids at some point in there career and they cant really use it to their advantage when everything the wrestlers do is scripted!! as for the Soma's they are a muscle relaxer. take a look for yourselves. most seizure patients take them so their muscles don't tense up over night. The vicodin is used for pain and as for the trafficking whose to say that the people he sold to didn't need them for their own personal use? And opium is a way to also numb the pain that any wrestler may have. Why dont you all try these and see for yourselves i know i would because they dont kill you unless you abuse them.

1807 days ago

danikay and her k9 crew    

I know a lot of ppl are pissed at or very disappointed at/in Jeff but PLEASE let's NOT judge we do NOT know all the details and from what I've read and heard this sounds a little to "hinky" to me.. To perfect so to speak, he takes a leave from the WWE, moves into his new home (after the other burned to the ground killing his beloved dog Jack) has a party and poof he gets raided on a anonomys tip all in a matter of a week??? Sounds "Hinky".... As someone who has a loved one that was in teh same boat Jeff finds himself in now due to letting the wrong ppl in his life and paying the price for it (never take in a old classmate bc u feel sry for them, they just might bring something in ur home and leave it there and when they get in trouble they'll do anything to divert attention, we know) ...

What happened to "Innocent until proven Guilty" ??? There is more to this story and it will come out sooner or later until then let's not be judge and jury until we hear all the evidence... Also pray for Jeff's family this is a lot to deal with, as someone that has been through this I can tell you first hand it'll bring your family to it's knees...IF Jeff has a "problem" it's a private matter between him and his family and when he is ready to make a statement he'll make one until then for those that are TRUE BLUE Hardy fans support and pray for him, Matt, Their Dad Gil, and Jeff's "wife" Beth.....Jeff hang in there, this TRUE BLUE fan will be here when your ready to tell the truth and I have your back no matter what, you're human and make mistakes, learn from them and move on...

1847 days ago

Chad Mosher    

This isn't the first time for him and it won't be the last time. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not.

1867 days ago


Sucks to suck ... CM Punk was right about him

1867 days ago

amie Class of 98 at North High    

He's one of my fav wrestlers,well i hope he gets help and get better and come back and kick cm punks ass!!!

1867 days ago

Balloon Dude    

With all the crazy stunts he pulls off, i am not surprised he has so many Vicodin pills laying around.

1867 days ago



1867 days ago


Now for the other 475 wrestlers on steroids.

1867 days ago


Well, great Jeff my 12 year old son looks up to you. You dumbazz! I hope you do get the help you need to clean your life up not only for the kids that look up to you,but for yourself and your family. Last thing we need is another Chris Benoit situation. Yeah that was a fun one to explain to my son sfter he heard about it in school. I hate wrestling and can't stand that my son loves it.

1867 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Great Showman, But so is {busted for Steroid's last week} Kurt Angle' none learned from the death of the greatest Wrestling showman ever Chris Benoit' who used the same Los Vegas mail-order Steroid Pharmacy and get your Propofol here Pharmacy that killed Mr. Michael Jackson, why tell' is the Pharmacy remaining open after mail-order killing Chris Benoit with Steroids' in 2007 and selling dr. Murray Michael Jackson killing Propofol.
Please people outside the United States of America, complain to our Statesmen because we here cannot fix our problems.

1867 days ago
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