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Love's Lawyer -- Kurt Would Never Sing Bon Jovi

9/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Team Courtney Love is finally expanding on why she's so pissed off at the makers of Guitar Hero -- and it seems her beef is over the songs that the digital version of her husband is forced to sing in the game.

Courtney Love and Bon Jovi

TMZ spoke with Love's attorney who told us Cobain's widow did give permission for the game makers to use Kurt's name and likeness -- but she never, ever signed off on a deal that would allow them to make Kurt sing Bon Jovi tunes in the game.

Love's lawyer told us, "Activision is exploiting Kurt's image in a manner anathema to the very essence of his music, spirit and essence.

I along with Ms. Cobain hope those who love Kurt's music strongly voice their sentiments to Activision and demand his image not be debased by singing the songs of Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi gave Love a bad name? How ironic.


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Suicide was a good career move for him. Had he not killed himself he would be playing at the Orleans in Vegas this weekend in the Has Beens of Rock tour 2009.

Someone should ask Love why she allowed his image to be used at all if his memory is so important to her.

1834 days ago


Meh..most of his songs were non-sensical gibberish that they Flannel wearing wannabe hippie douchebags thought was hip. They acted as though you had to reach a certain level of enlightenment in order to understand him, maaaaaaa'n.

1834 days ago

The Seer    

Bon Jovi is cheesy, granted. But they know it and really don't try to lie about selling out to make commercial music. It's why they're so rich today.

Nirvana had issues with commercializing their music. But they did sell out to a degree. It's part of why Cobain claimed he was depressed.

Have to agree that Cobain singing Bon Jovi is kind of disrespectful and perverse. But as perverse as Love's exploiting her husband's image? Remember when she published his diaries?

Newsflash, Courtney. If you're going to license your dead husband's music and image, you need to educate yourself on the details of the contract you're getting into. Your lawyers should have done that for you. Crying "foul" and "boo hoo I didn't know" after the fact won't win your case in court.

Unless you can prove the makers of Guitar Hero stipulated in writing that Kurt would only be singing his own songs? You do that.

1834 days ago

Interracial facial    

So true. The Nirvana druggie front man was prone to sing psychotic, depressing grunge songs that may have foreshadowed his alleged suicide. Happy ear candy was not his forte. He wouldn't be caught dead singing a civilized rock 'n roll tune. He was the sound of insanity.

1834 days ago


Break it down - Isn't selling out - when you sign a record deal - or when you start playing clubs and start playing arenas - ok - so isn't selling out when you play for 3 people in your front yard - its the same thing - your dancing like a monkey to one - gain selfworth or 2 to expose your artistic view on those participating.Either way its selling out.So to not sell out is not show human behavor of any sort of emotion or artictis viewpoint.

stay shut up - and you are stone cold hard core rebellious !

1834 days ago


She signed off on them using his name and likeness, so they have every right to do this. If they want to put him in the game wearing a pink frilly tutu and a tiara on his head, they can.

1834 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Kurt would never sing BON JOVI??

Well Ms. Love, BON JOVI would never blow his face off with a shotgun.

Get real - Bi-atch

1834 days ago


Courtney is a little out there, however I agree that Curt would never sing Bon Jovi. What self respecting rocker would?

1834 days ago


Kurt who?

1834 days ago


Let's see...Bon Jovi has been a successful singer/songwriter for a couple of decades now - he has been married to the same woman and been a devoted father for all that time - he has *somehow* managed to stay away from jail, rehab, and the wrong end of a shotgun. It would make more sense for Bon Jovi to be suing for having Cobain associated with his music. But of course that wouldn't happen, because Jon Bon Jovi seems like a rational, healthy human being who understands that video games are basically inconsequential to anything important in life. Unlike Courtney Love, whose existence seems to revolve around squeezing every dime out of her dead husband's "legacy."

1834 days ago


Yeah, Bon Jovi should be pissed that that dead-beat junkie is singing his songs. She's such a waste of space.

1834 days ago

Silly Fat People    

I love how people here are so musically challenged. Of course it ruins Cobain's image. He revolutionized music by not going with the mainstream and actually made REAL MUSIC. He hated how everyone sold out and never wanted to be in the mainstream, that's what grunge was all about. If he was still alive I bet he would have never agreed to be in anything like Guitar Hero with freaking losers thinking they know about rock because the play plastic guitars. I can't believe I'm saying this but I completely agree with Courtney Love.

1834 days ago


yeah,like selling off your dead husbands personal journals insn't explotation.let's face it, you have been surviving off blood money since 1994.

1834 days ago


The only one that Courtney Love has to blame is herself if she really understood Cobain and what he stood for she would have never sold him out. But she doesn't care about anything other than money.

1834 days ago


Courtney should be proud that at least in a video game Kurt can sing a Bon Jovi song, 'cause Nirvana is a great band but BON JOVI are the greatest....are the best band in the whole world so instead of sue she should thank them for give her "cartoon hubby" the honor to sing in a Bon Jovi song.... I hate CL!

1834 days ago
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