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Joe Jackson Wants to 'Blackball' Kanye

9/14/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson quickly traded Kanye West's community bottle of Hennessy for a jug of K.W. Haterade -- saying the egomaniacal crusher of dreams should be blackballed from show business.

Here's Joe's anti-Kanye statement in full:

"I don't know what he was doing, he jumped up on stage and snatched that microphone out of that poor girl's hand. They should blackball him out of show business for that. He just leapt up there, that was bad.

I had just gotten through speaking to him, he was introducing me to his girlfriend, and then three minutes later he jumped up on stage. And people booed Kanye all night


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As much as I despise Joe Jackson I must say that I do agree with him.

1865 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Looking at the information the media has given’ logically, “MR. Michael Jackson” was supposedly addicted to all’ these’ prescription drugs (pain killers were stated’ at one point) yet none’ of the drugs he was supposedly addicted to' were reported found in his blood. The only drugs reported found in his bloodstream, were those administered by dr. Murray’ by his own admission. If MR Michael Jackson was addicted’ to any of the drugs’ he received the day of his death, then’ why did dr. Murray administer them’ willingly? Since’ dr. Murray, believed’ that MR. Michael Jackson was becoming addicted’ to Propofol. How did this addiction occur? Perhaps the fact’ that dr. Murray himself had been giving “MR Michael Jackson” Propofol every night for six week’s may have had something to do with it? Was dr. Murray even board certified’ in cardiology, reason’ makes you suspiciously wonder, why a "Specialist" didn't pass the boards. Also’ were dr. Murray’s credentials and license current, proper and up-to date for practicing medicine in the state of California, No. The fact’ remains, that dr. Murray is not a trained anesthesiologist’ was not performing surgery’ did not have the proper lifesaving’ equipment’ and was inducing coma’ without back-up’ personnel, dr Murray is culpable, for knowingly’ administering’ Propofol’ causing’ a Man’s death’ and he deserves punishment, plus’ he had no business giving Propofol to begin with! He was treating MR Michael Jackson for insomnia, not performing surgery. Doctors are supposed to treat a symptom’ of an illness’ with appropriate medications, Propofol’ is not an appropriate medication’ for insomnia. If you go into surgery' does your anesthesiologist leave you completely unprotected’ unattended’ in induced coma’ to go to the restroom’ or to make personal phone calls’ while your unconscious’ under anesthesia?

This dr. Murray is guilty’ of more that just gross negligence and malpractice, what about the fact that he transported (or had transported) these medications across state lines? What about the fact’ that he had his assistants’ in Houston destroy possible evidence, hindering an investigation? No doctor hires a lawyer immediately after a patient’s death, unless’ they know for a fact’ that they did something wrong! MR. Michael Jackson did not kill himself’ instead he trusted a doctor to take care of him’ who failed to do the job’ he was paid’ and entrusted to do! Since dr. Murray reports to suddenly notice’ MR. Michael Jackson not breathing, then’ logically dr Murray did not witness’ the onset of distress, and if’ dr. Murray detected a slight or weak pulse, the Patient was breathing {Resuscitating} on his own, so why then’ why would CPR even be administered? Why was the upstairs heat maximized? Why was he attempting CPR on the bed, instead’ of the hard surface of the floor’ in the stifling heat, no less? Why would dr. Murray stop “CPR” to run to the kitchen, to tell the chef’ to send up a child’ for witnessing CPR administration’ to body, that’ was later pronounced by paramedics to evidence {blood gravitation} Lividity?

Why’ does dr. Murray not call 911 immediately, because he claims’ he doesn’t know the address’ to the house’ he has been driving to’ every evening’ for two Months? This’ dr. Murray does not have any phone’ or access to any household phone’ available to call 911’ immediately ‘at first sign of distress, Yet’ has a phone’ available to make other’ phone calls? Then’ dr. Murray insisted’ paramedics continue CPR even after Lividity was noticed (Lividity is blood gravitation’ said to only’ “set in” several hours after death) dr. Murray insisted’ MR. Michael Jackson not be declared dead at his home (home death=immediate autopsy) dr. Murray insisted’ oxygen to be administered in Ambulance {home death= immediate autopsy} dr. Murray refused’ to sign’ the death certificate (avoiding liability) dr. Murray avoids’ police questions, for several day’s’ following MR. Michael Jackson's death, thus’ allowing day’s of Crime Scene contamination with all homes content’s removal, plus’ real possibility of evidence destruction, allowing time to contact office assistant Stacey Howe’ to possibly interfere’ with evidence’ at his Los Vegas properties, assuming he failed to personally’ travel to Los Vegas in those two day’s!

It’s reported that it takes at least 40 mg. of Propofol’ to even put something to sleep, larger’ than a cat,

1865 days ago


One d-bag speaking on another. At least Joe is finally speaking on a subject he has some real knowledge on.

1865 days ago


TMZ WHY!? why do you insist on giving Joe Jackson any attention whatsoever?! I want to boycott his bastard ass.

1865 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

I'm male 54’ loved Michael Jackson and remember Joe talking about not having Michael's teenage voice change, also’ remember Emmanuel Lewis claiming Michael rarely slept' compared to the way normal people sleep {understand that the ultimate insult' is exactly what I'm claiming, Michael endured persistent insomnia throughout his lifetime, because’ he was neutered, like the Mormon Church Choir, Vienna boys Choir {halted practice in 1970’s} and my Catholic Church Choir {halted practice in 1900’s} Joe's crime to young Michael’ scarred their entire family with keeping the secret {likely doctor nipped connectors, around 10 years old’ later to shrivel-up} leaving the Jackson family to ‘dread the day’ pretending normalcy, completely screwed-up, while being disgusted by Michaels mannerisms, confirmed by Michael’s Book’s claim, that’ his reproduction ability was disrupted by Joe's kicking of his preteen privates, and later claim of chemical castration {both covert admittance’s of being made a eunuch} likely plastic was at sometime implanted for bulge appearance {reasoning his odd grab’ that wasn't repositioning or scratching} what Joe never allowed the World to hear' was Michael's singing of the Impossible Dream or performing with a "Jim Neighbor" like voice, the “what if’s” must include the genius of Michael {“Dancing the Dream” his book’s title} singing in deep voice, escorting female’s and having offspring, even altered he managed to marry Lisa Presley and marry again only’ to have children, he loved to hug {Read’ Rolling Stone’s Biography’ it state’s he lived a clean life {early Never-land} never drinking, smoking or taking drugs and rarely seen in the company of a woman} Michael was given the nickname stinky’ because he always said stinky’ when working “never wanting to use swear word’s when discussing dislike for work’s in progress, this compilation is not new news, only’ knowledge suppressed during Michael’s lifetime, because’ our hearts and respect belonged to Michael’ without prejudice, today’s worry’s concern his children’s wellbeing, Michael was about to buy Motown’s library and day’s away from heading to Europe for an extended concert tour, having just’ attended his parents anniversary party, Also’ Michael’s nose reconstruction’ caved in’ just day’s before he suspended blanket’ from balcony, often’ dancers/workers use upper’s to maintain pace then sleep becomes problematic.

1865 days ago


Please don't boycott Jay Leno, why make him suffer, this was a prescheduled visit to a brand new show!??! I think he will be the perfect person to interview Kanye, there is no way he won't put him on the spot (a la Hugh Grant)! Let's hear what the idiot has to say and watch him try to get his way out of this mess...a public apology to Taylor, Beyonce, MTV and the fans is in order! Believe me, this appearance will not help him out that much, but I hate to Jay's new show start off with such controversey!

1865 days ago

Draven Michaels    

And Joe Jackson is one to talk. Talk about a person who likes to grab the media attention for himself or even look up the term and you'll find Joe's face in the dictionary right next to it. I don't agree with what Kanye did but I can't stand to see such self righteous people go on and on when there is more than enough crap in their own lives. Kanye, you were wrong. It's ok to have an opinion BUT that was not the time or place for it. I think the poor guy has gotten even worse since the death of his mom and I think that he hasn't had a chance to grieve and is about to totally break down. I also have to say that while most of those persons were booing him up there, I bet many of them kinda felt the same way about Beyonce not winning the award.

1865 days ago

Jennifer Williams    

Joe Jackson....Blackball? Give me a break! HE NEEDS TO BE BLACKBALLED!!! From everyone and everything! If he speaks against something, do not.... I REPEAT...DO NOT TRUST IT!!! Yes, Kanye was wrong. Beyonce' made it right by letting her make her acceptance speech. What a class act! Kanye' apologized. AND he was drinking Hennessey. Now...let's talk about Jack Black....joining hands and praying to Satan! Now that's where the uproar should really be!

1865 days ago


Where was security? First Kanye jumps on stage steal the little girls big moment, then little mama jumps on stage with Jay-Z.
Joe needs to mind his own house and ask Jermaine how he got Micheals clothes. Kanye recently said that he thought that he should be the new King of Pop. The difference is:

Micheal was genius and worked since he was 5 years old and earned his title from fans.

Kanye acts little a 5 year with his temper tantrums.

1865 days ago


Are you fricken kidding me? For one brief moment the world had forgotten about what a douche Joe is to concentrate on the douchiness of the's like their competing for the title of King of Douche.....

1865 days ago


The Jacksons brought up their children to be humble, polite, respectful people. Aside from the abuse allegations, Joe & Katherine Jackson raised their children right and a lot of parents today could take note from them. If you notice, all of the Jacksons are respectful to other artists and know when to speak and when to shut their mouths.

1865 days ago

Deborah Baker    

Yeah!! You go Joe. And people said Michael did strange things. Michael would have never done anything like this. He was a true gentleman not to mention a REAL MAN. God I still cannot believe he is gone. Kanye should never be able to attend the MTV Awards again. He is a disgrace to what the awards stand for.

1865 days ago


This is the first thing to come out of Joe Jackson's mouth that I totally agree with. I have a son her age and I felt so bad for this poor girl. Kanye is not a gentleman.

1865 days ago



1865 days ago


Aw Lawd, Kanye West has just pissed off I B PIMPIN' JOE (THE DEVIL) JACKSON, Needless to say he won't be preforming with the Jackson Camp...Joe jackson ,can and will,shut this BOY DOWN,,,,ADIOS WEST,,YA FOOL YOU

1865 days ago
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