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Kanye Issues Apology, Swiftly Takes It Down

9/14/2009 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, Kanye West reportedly posted an apology on his blog to Taylor Swift -- but go to the site now, and it's nowhere to be found.

Kanye West
In the apology -- which posted a screen grab of -- West said "I'm in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment ... I will apologize to Taylor 2mrw ... I'm sincerely sorry!!!! Much respect!!!!!"

We're not sure how long the post was up, but it's no longer on the site.

Beyonce, who looked mortified when West rushed the stage to give her props, made good in the show calling Swift back onstage to give her a chance to make a proper acceptance speech.


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My feelings are the same as everyone else's about his low blow last night.... but about this apology.. he says he's a ''fan of real pop culture''? Does Mr. West know what POP stands for?? POPULAR!! and what is Taylor Swift? POPULAR!! Why does it always have to be about hip hop? There's more than 1 kind of music out there. While I'm not huge into country myself, Taylor earned that award and I'm glad to see variety on the VMA's.

1833 days ago


I don't think it's a real post. It reads like what a 13-year-old would say who hacked into his account. If it is a real post, then Kanye needs some help.

1833 days ago


This is not his first outburst by Kayne. I think the dumb-ass no talent to should be banned.

1833 days ago


Kanye just shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and dont speak again. Stop kissing Jay Z and Beyonce a**! Taylor has alot of talent obiously you dont know

1833 days ago


I think Kanye West was hammered and couldn't handle the alcohol. He made himself look like a complete low class fool. Whomever said his apology was as "believeable" as Chris Browns is right. lol Hollywood is turning out DOUCHEBAGS now.

1833 days ago

Heather E.    

Your actions where extremely rude & very disrespectful!!!

1833 days ago

Beth Stannard    

NEWS FLASH: Copernicus called, turns out Kanye West is not the center of the Universe. Imagine that. (VMA salute to MJ good....Kanye....Idiot!)

1833 days ago


Keeping it real? That's what he said...and now, he's not living up to his own words and actions with this apology? That's not keeping it real...That's BACK PEDALING!

1833 days ago

Angela Martinelli    

I cannot help think what the outcome would be if it was Kid Rock making this classless and immature stand. You just know that the Rev Al Sharpton would have been all over the news! And while we're at it can we expect our President to invite Taylor and West to the White House for a beer........

1833 days ago


Anyone remember Dave Chappells skit called 'keepin it real' ? HAAAAAAAAAAAA

1833 days ago


epic failure

1833 days ago


I bet anything Kanye's manager told him to write that, he's so self centered! Yeah Beyonce's video was amazing but comeon now I think Taylor is just as talented as Beyonce and that was really really disrespectful. I lost all respect for him!

1833 days ago

shan hall    

He got up there and did that to her,he would not have got up there and did that to a rapper,they would have kick his ass.

1833 days ago


Sorry azz mother focker and you still suck!

1833 days ago


he is a hot mess, why is he even being invited to live shows; havent the media learned. i love beyonce singles lady video, buts she danced the entire time..taylor is an amazin talent and deserved an award, maybe not in dat category. at the end of the day her music is great, dat was her moment. ive never purchased a kanye album, but do like some of his music. enough is enough kanye, u are commiting career suicide..
in regards to one of the postin by boris comment #12-u are no different from kanye by saying "You can't civilize them people. Not long enough out of the trees". Really Boris...People like u and Kanye make this world F***ed Up.

1833 days ago
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