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Whitney Houston --

Bobby Spit In My Face

9/14/2009 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no secret Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a volatile relationship -- but today on "Oprah," Houston described one particularly vicious instance where he allegedly spit on her, she made him bleed ... and their daughter watched the whole thing.

Whitney Houston: Click to watch


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Whitney, you can't sing anymore.... the only reason your trying to your broke ass crack head self needs money!!!!!

1832 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

In the interview, she described how Bobby spray-painted evil looking eyes all over the walls of the house .... and her description of it even today: "I thought that was a little weird." A LITTLE WEIRD?!?!???

From watching the interview, I still think she has no REAL perspective on how fu@ked up she and her life have been. She described all the insanity in such a casual way ... still referring to horrifying incidents without any show of alarm that she allowed herself to live like that, and without expressing any strong emotion about being determined to never repeat it. She described how they laced their joints with crack in a kind of cutesy way - while Oprah laughed through a lot of it.??? But she did say about a hundred times, in a glowing way, how her marriage was all about passion and devotion. WTF???

I hope she sticks with staying straight and getting a handle on her emotional issues ..... but she has destroyed her voice and does not seem to have quite GOTTEN IT when it comes to how effed up she was and how much help she needs emotionally.

I wish her the best in life - but skip the comeback. The voice is wrecked and I suspect she's not actually healthy enough to handle it.

1832 days ago


I LOVE Oprha's fake "shocked" look. Haha.

1832 days ago


oops, I meant, OPRAH

1832 days ago

Linda Mott    

I watched the show and I think she is madly in love with Bobby. She said he would most likely be mad at her saying he was jealous of her popularity. She had such love in her voice and I think she misses him and loves him still.

1832 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

27. She was talking about what finally drove her to finally leave him.

Posted at 6:57PM on Sep 14th 2009 by gary

She left him when her mother came in with the sheriff and a court injunction and demanded that she go back into rehab and get herself and her daughter out of the situation. Even the spit in the face wasn't enough for her to actually leave the pr!ck. Now that is LOW self-esteem. Rock bottom.

1832 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are bad, women are good

1832 days ago


After watching it for myself. I felt as if it was very "one sided" she never took the blame for anything it was to me all Bobby. I'm sure that's not the case. She looked great but I'm sure if he was on there it would be totally different. She should have interviewed them both if she was only going to ask question basically relating to him. Orphah never said to her what about you? I didn't like that.

1832 days ago

Alan C    

Regardless of your views about people who struggle with addiction, clearly she was taken in by Bobby and exposed to things that maybe if she hadn't been married to him, may or maynot have happened. I commend her for her courage . . . I am sure that the police are going to be monitoring Bobby Brown NOW more than ever before . . . to be musically a superstar, she certainly wasted alot of years smoking snorting and doing drugs . . . but let's hope those days are far behind her. I wonder why she is worried about what Bobby would think if she told the things she was asked early on and then said Bobby would be mad if I said them . . . who cares about that Gutter Rat (thanks Debra Wilson) . . .

1832 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Some of you people need to get glasses. Whitney looks good. She doesn't look old, ugly, etc. Quit hating, you haters! Geez.

1832 days ago


Oprah is such a whore.

BOO whitney.

1832 days ago

dr. drrrrrinks    

bobby brown made her and will always be soooo much more famous that that ho

1832 days ago


It sux that Whitney went the way she went. She is so talented beyond compare. I believe her story about BB being abusive.

1832 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

You f**king lying crackhead, saying you never picked up the pipe. BITCH, PLEASE! And stop with this pathetic martyr act.

You're a washed-up old recovering druggie. No better. Get over yourself, _please_, then stay away!

1832 days ago


No one cares! Such a 'non' story. Talks about wanting to run away and start an 'organic' food stand-cause the world was so mean to her and Bobby was mean to her ---next breath, I cut cocaine into my pot and here's how ya do it Oprey. Plez.

1832 days ago
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