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Taylor Gives DJ Swift Kick to the Curb

9/18/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor SwiftNo Kanye needed this time, because during a radio interview yesterday Taylor Swift cut her own self off -- after the DJ repeatedly asked her about the VMA incident against her wishes.

It's all anyone cares about this week, but apparently the West situation wasn't a pre-approved "talking point" for her visit to the MJ Morning Show. After briefly addressing the controversy, Swift was done -- but the DJ wasn't.

The dude kept pressing the issue as Taylor told him three times to stop -- then her handlers stepped in and stopped the interview completely.

This is the same DJ who interviewed Miley Cyrus in June -- with the same result.


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What a jerk of a dj. If this guy was in my area I would never tune into this station again. Hopefully his boss will appoligize to the listeners and an on air sorry to Taylor Swift on his behalf, and make sure no other entertainers are subject to his abuse. Her personal opinion of West is just that... her personal opinion.. and no matter how much this guy berates her she does not have to share it for any radio listeners. He appears to be a bully and after being told no 3 times should have been smart enough to go on to something else and give her the respect she deserves. NO MEANS NO.

1828 days ago


I thought he was being a jerk at first, but when the interview was over, he made some very good points. Bottom line...the only reason she has 12 radio stations lined up behind this one is because of the Kanye thing. Not her albums, not her VMA. Did she actually think that everyone came out of the woodwork to interview her about her music?? I know I sound harsh, but how many other award winners from that night have radio and tv stations banging down their doors? Maybe none? Maybe nobody cares about VMA's? Maybe everyone just wants to hear about the Kanye thing? Props to her for standing behind her exclusive interview on the View, I'm sure she was paid a TON for that to be exclusive. But don't agree to any more interviews because you KNOW all they want to talk about is Kanye.

1828 days ago


that dj is soo obnoxious! i have more respect for Taylor now for handling him soo professionally and keeping her cool.

1828 days ago


Sadly, MJ is a DJ in my listening range & he's a classless jackass. He's in love with the sound of his own voice but doesn't have the gall or looks to make it television. I'm glad Taylor cut him off, I wish more people would.

1828 days ago


I've never heard of this morning show, obviously, I live in L.A. but once again another douche bag can't shut up about it. Taylor's right, she addressed it several times during the week as well w/ this DJ and he cont'd to be rude. So MJ Morning show whoever you guys are....suck a nut!

1828 days ago


And she just went from victim to diva bitch right in front of our eyes.

1828 days ago


Listen Up people TAYLOR IS PRACTICALLY TELLING ALL OF US TO MOVE ON AND DROP THIS KANYE MESS. She's moved on and now she wants us to move on too. TALKING ABOUT KANYE WEST IS ACTUALLY ANNOYING TO HER NOW. She just wants to move on. And yes this dj was a jerk but one thing he showed is that Taylor is basically telling all of us to move on and forget about this kanye crap. Seriously let's all listen to Taylor

1828 days ago


I'm from Florida and I actually have listened to the MJ show because it is broadcast here. I've never really had a problem with him but that took it too far. She did infact address it, and didn't want to go any further with it, and for him to totally disrespect her was just like what Kanye did to her at the VMA's!!! Regardless of what type of situation, disrespect was apparent in both!!

1828 days ago


I am so SICK of this GIRL!! Who ever is pushing her should let up a bit! She is everywhere! ON everything! Even if you liked her songs and her throwing that stupid hair around ya gotta be sick of this!!This is NOT to say West had any right at all to do what he did!! Has nothing to do with that! JUST SICK OF SEEING AND HEARING HER!!

1828 days ago


I just want to say that I am digusted by his interview. Taylor politely asked 3 times to change the subject and he stooped down to kanyes level and stole her spotlight. He should be fired, for real. That was horrible.

1828 days ago


Jackass. Good for you Taylor. You held your ground with grace and poise. Too bad this stupid f***face couldn't do the same.

1828 days ago

Bubba Army    

MJ is a midget trying to anything he can to get out of 8th place in the radio ratings. Because he's getting his ass kicked by the one and only Bubba the Love Sponge across the board. This guy is a clown with pubic hair and sue's anyone becuase is whore of a wife use to work for the DA out of Tampa, FL. MJ is sueing Bubba the Love Sponge over name calling because in the first ratings book MJ went from 1st to 2nd when Bubba returned to regular radio nearly 2 years ago. MJ fired a woman working for him last year because she went who is now a President Obama rally and fired her on air. MJ main goal in life is to be a midget and sue anyone he can for beating him fair and square, there is also a rumor that he threw a fit because he wasn't featured in the Clear Channel APP for the IPhone as well. Also MJ biggest thing is to make the headlines on TMZ so I guess he got his wish there, but in all if you want true radio to listen too tune into the Bubba the Love Sponge Show. It's the best radio on radio. Goto to listen to a true radio DJ not this midget hack with pubic hair MJ.

1828 days ago

A Person    

the guy needs to stfu

1828 days ago


I think that she should have hung up sooner. That was very disrespectful of the DJ to keep going when she asked him (very nicely, I might add) to move on THREE times. And it is NOT his obligation to his listeners (what few he must have) to ask these questions. She has addressed it and wants to get on with her life. People seem to forget that she was doing just fine without the publicity that this has brought. She didn't need the extra recognition at all.

1828 days ago


I live here in St. Pete and trust me, MJ is a complete moron. Bubba the Love Sponge consistently beats him in the ratings. It's not even close.

1828 days ago
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