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Nick Struggles to Keep Mariah Upright

9/19/2009 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Instead of Mariah Carey figuratively holding up Nick Cannon, it was Nick literally valiantly holding up Mariah on the set of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" yesterday.

Nice to see Nick doing some of the heavy lifting.


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I watched the show, Oprah asked him to kiss her longer when he came on the stage. Then Nick starting messing around and kissed her on the lips then attempted to to dip her in an effort to kiss her again. He messed up and was sloppy with his dip.

1824 days ago

not a fan    

I can't believe she got the words wrong on the song "I want to know what love is!" Did anyone else catch that? On the line "I better read between the lines in case I need it when I'm older" she sang "in case I need it when I'm colder!!"
HUGE screw up!!

1824 days ago


Mariah is starting to look like a porker! And the dumb bitch still thinks shes a teenager. The more she tries to look younger, tthe worse she looks!

1824 days ago

i pee freely    

to #7 she is fat!!!!!!!!! for a lady in the bis shes fat i bet you r a truck driver your self 1/2 of america is fat

1824 days ago

jealousy is envy    

I worked as a Mariah staff in her home, and honestly, she does drink ALOT, she always sends out one of her "servants" out at 2:00 AM. for fried chicken, a cheeseburger with EXTRA bacon, fried zuccini. and she WILL eat it ALL in one sitting. she puts away a 2 liter in a 1 hour. she even has a shoe box full of ding dongs, candy, twinkies under her bed. she is pretty nice at home, but she tells us employees that we are lucky to be in her presence. she is pretty stuck up, she says she cant stand Beyonce because she is TOO SKINNY and thinks she is too over rated. jealous much Mariah????This woman puts on such a front. I got fired because I asked her about her diet, and she said I was a risk to her image because I knew too much. Not to mention she has nothing to do with her sister who has AIDS. yet when Mariah was trying to be discovered back in the day Her sister who was a prostitute sold her body to buy Mariah clothes, and buy her Limo rides to Record companys to push her demo, just to make her look important. Once she became famous she has nothing to do with her sister because she feels since her sis was a hooker, and has AIDS it will make her look bad. people please dont buy into this good girl image crap, yeas the girl can sing but she is such an evil snake.

1824 days ago


No offense people, but does Oprah ever spotlight any white people? 90% of her shows include african americans, and when the show does not she is always talking OBAMA. I stopped watching her in Feb of this year after she made a statement about the "Obama's bringing back family dinners. She totally dissed every working-stay at home mom that does that everyday. Oprah is so OVER!

1824 days ago


I agree Oprah has to STOP eating. At one time she had a terrific body and dressed great and excellent make-up. Don't lose it "O".

1824 days ago

Kathy B    

TMZ as always your ignorant.To say Mariah is FAT is basically bashing 75%+ of the US female population whos over a size 10. As for Nick, he runs Teen Nick, is producing some shows again for MTV,DJs across the country,has his own label on Motown Records, just finished hosting AGT & has production deals w/ Universal & Viacom. To insinuate that he is lazy just goes into Americas ignorant perceptions of young Black men in America! Instead of talking ish about other people Mr Harvey Levin, maybe you should be figuring out your legal defense when you get prosecuted for ILLEGALLY obtaining those Rhianna pics you bragged about saying that you obtained LEGALLY!

1824 days ago


Some of you sound like Kanye to Beyonce, during Taylor's "moment." "I'll let you finish...don't mean no disrespect..." And it's nice that some people feel so strongly about Mariah & Em. But this is all for publicity. Who cares if they slept together, or about Mariah's video possibly being a JOKE (that means FUNNY, btw) to Eminem. It's all in good fun & should be viewed that way. Worry about paying your bills or brushing your teeth or cleaning up your credit or keeping your job. If anyone's so concerned about Eminem or Mariah's intentions/videos/crappy words, then start a fan club or screen t-shirts with pix of one or both of them on them to wear around the trailer park. Or just STOP with the anger crap. And have a fabulous weekend! ;)

1824 days ago


TO KATHY: Enough with the "RACIAL" crap! The only RACIAL stereotypes left, are the stupid comments being made ALL DAY LONG, by the ignorant people looking for reasons to bi*ch & whine. We have a black President now, and slavery ended a LOOOONG time ago! The day we no longer have the BET channel, or Black History Month, is the day we'll FINALLY progress into the POSITIVE for racial stereotypes! Until then~good job keeping tabs on Nick Cannon's career, but you should really keep your Day Job. I'm sure Harvy Levin's not shaking in his boots over your jabs. TMZ rocks BECAUSE they're one step AHEAD of the rest, and they'll continue to keep their "one-up" not because he's white, or they have black employees....But because they're GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO. Ick, you make me sick! x-)

1824 days ago


And KATHY, one more thing: You must be a porker, since you took offense to the "heavy lifting" comment, and then defended your "75% of the U.S. female population." I'm in the other 25%, so that MUST MEAN I should defend anorexics or crack addicts...huh? Absolutely stupid comments that show me why our country is in such a disasterous state right now...So many voted for the BLACK MAN, to prove a point....And forgot to vote in the RIGHT MAN for the job. Ick! You make me sick!

1824 days ago


TO BILLIE JEAN: Did you use the phrase "More Richer?" Are you kidding me????? MORE RICHER??? No, you're getting MORE DUMBER. And you told everyone not to be a "hater" because Oprah's fat - BECAUSE SHE'S RICH?? WTF does Oprah being rich have to do with people commenting on her huge amount of chunky fat? She's over-weight! It is what it is, and Oprah SHOULD handle her weight issues to protect her health as she ages. That said, instead of "MORE RICHER," how about WEALTHIER?? or just plain "RICH?" And instead of my "MORE DUMBER," I should have just called you STUPID. Ick! You make me sick!

1824 days ago



1824 days ago


Those are some really big, wide, fat dimpled and undesirable looking butts on those women. Time to dress your ages and try to age gracefully Oprah and Mariah. Ah!

1824 days ago

jealousy is envy    

I like to defecate!!! DEFECATION NATION

***I am raising my hand.

1824 days ago
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