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"Courtship of Eddie's Father" Kid:'Memba Him?!

9/20/2009 6:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon Cruz is best know for playing little Eddie, opposite the late Bill Bixby, in the '70s TV series "Courtship of Eddie's Father." Guess what he looks like now!



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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Missing his daddy, Bruce Banner!

1823 days ago


I believe that Jello Biafra was the lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. Please check your source on that one. Thanks.

1823 days ago

Jennifer Hirsch    

Don't tell a media outlet to check its sources...Jello Biafra was only lead singer till '86. Brandon Cruz took over from '01-'03.

1823 days ago


Toms older bro?

1823 days ago


Awwwwwwwwwww! This was such a great show. I remember every episode. Another series with no mom around.

1823 days ago

brandon cruz    

well, thanks for the publicity, TMZ. pretty funny stuff in these comments. i will address some of the more ridiculous ones.
i started singing for dr. know in 1981. i am still doing so. the band broke up in 1991 and reformed in 1998.
i was asked to sing for dead kennedys in 2001, and i toured with them until 2003. i quit after many long trips and some disagreements about being in that band. i was never trying to replace biafra, who is actually a friend of mine, but i was out there to give old and new fans a chance to see and hear the music. punk rock was never about rock stars, and i think that the punkest thing dead kennedys did was to replace the iconic singer with someone else. it goes against everything that most people thought should have been done, and that is the essence of punk, and the message of dead kennedys, which is "think for yourself."
i had fun singing songs with such an amazing band. when it wasn't fun anymore, i moved on. there have been two other people who have sung with them since 2001, but i still seem to be the guy everyone refers to. i was just a lucky fan who knew the band and got to tour the world and see amazing places, and to sing to crowds who never had the chance to see or hear dk live. true, it wasn't dead kennedys with biafra, but many bands have had different singers. a band is all of the members, not just the most outspoken flamboyant one. a band is a living thing, and living things grow and change. biafra was found guilty of fraud against the other members. that truth should be known to every 12 year old fan out there, but ignorance has sheltered many from knowing what really went on. biafra never sued dk because the version with me wasn't real. another myth. check your facts. that's enough about that.
thanks TMZ for the hype. i was just hanging out lately, working in the film business, playing gigs with dr. know, surfing, and being with my family.
harvey, you owe me. ha ha ha, where did that picture come from anyway?

1822 days ago


Hi Brandon- So nice to see you clear up some of the comments here@! I actually saw both versions of DK's. Jello at Cal State Northridge , back in 19 ninety blah blah blah-nevermind. and with you fronting in LA-which BTW was fun and WE ALL had a great time, punk rockerz AND Hardcore DK fans-thanks for that friend! I also used to see you at the Somis Market getting Mexican Food-I could be wrong, BUT it looked like you. You were really nice to me and some dorky Moorpark College fans. Thanks bra!

1821 days ago

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