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Emmy Awards 2009 -- No Effort Required

9/20/2009 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boring tuxedos and simple dresses were abound at the Emmy Awards tonight -- and then there was soap star Victoria Rowell ...



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Why do we care what these people like! Tell them to have another awards show to honor each other!

1857 days ago


President or not. Black or not.

That has got to be the ugliest dress ever made. She looks ridiculous.

1857 days ago

Great-You're an asshole.    

#5) Can't add anything that hasn't really been said, but this is just one more reason why I won't watch soaps. And Jorge, that was really stupid. Let's face it, 95% of African-American voters voted for Barack, even though he is bi-racial. That includes registered Republicans. What do you think their reason was??? Just because someone made that point, doesn't mean they are racist. But, I am wondering about you....

1857 days ago


Well at least we know one person in the country likes Obama.

1857 days ago


It's truly sad that people who disagree with the president's POLICIES are called racists. That is absolutely not true!!! In this case the president and his administration are truly leading this country into the WRONG direction. WAKE UP!!! He's weakening our defenses, taxsing us into the oblivion to pay for things we don't need and bowing down to terrorists. America is the best country in the world it's being torn apart by the democrats and their socialist agenda. It's 40 years in the making, they're salivating at the chance to fundamentally change this country. WAKE UP and stop drinking the kool-aid!

1857 days ago


you can take the girl out of the banana republic but you can't take the banana republic out of the girl!

1857 days ago


The Obama marketing campaign continues---like other products not good for you but they plaster everywhere, over clothing, bill boards, on TV all the time – Joe Camel is all over clothing...Junk food has the same marketing campaign – alcohol uses the same techniques. Sell it to the mindless, make it look cool and “in”.

1857 days ago

Just my opinion    

All I can say is "FUGLY"...the dress...
she is pretty....pretty stupid.........

Obama and his subliminal messages have got to stop.
Be a President.....not a celebrity.....

PS: I notice TMZ is too "skeered" to say anything bad about Obama....

1856 days ago


Stupid and UGLY!!!

Dictator worshipping...very scary!

1856 days ago


I think Kourtney K is glowing and looks great. I really think Kim wanted a classy look but the BIG HOOPED earrings is a tad too much. However, if people like what they are wearing, are comfortable about it then who cares?

1856 days ago

marky spark    

So, you're a democrat, huh? How'd I know? I don't know, just guessed. You know this is the Emmy's, right? It's not a political rally. Oh, you do know that? So why the hell are you wearing that stupid dress? Oh, because it IS the Emmy's. Good point, so I guess you want people to talk about this on the message boards tomorrow. Okay, Olivia, good luck winning an Emmy, were you on American Idol or something? Oh, you werent? Whatever.

1856 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Have you heard the latest? Dictator Obama is going to try to spy on and put down the Internet. He's determined to do away with our Freedom of Speech. How many speech writers does he have? He's on TV every day - FIVE times yesterday. The writers must work 24/7. I'm starting to think that not only is he the most arrogant President we have ever had, he's also the biggest lier. I know many Democrats who worked to get him elected. Now, they are horrified at his behavior but too scared to go against him. I have a feeling that he will be impeached before his term is over. Hope so. I also hope that he won't destroy the Country so much that we can never recover. I don't think he likes the USA.

1856 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Headline from - "Obama to Begin FCC Control of Internet". Guess we won't be able to express our opinions of the Egotistical Nutcase anymore. What's next? Absolutely NO Freedom of Speech. What's he going to do? - come in our house and haul us off to Jail when we disagree with him? The President needs to take his next vacation in a Psycho Ward.

1856 days ago


Aww...did she just get out of the shower and didn't have time to get dressed for the show so she wrapped an obama beach towel around her? aww poor washed up y&r actress. Somebody please get this poor girl a dress!

Also just too let her know just incase she doesn't know but she is half white so that means she is not black, she is mixed just like obama! BTW, if any of you obama supporters need anymore kool-aid, here is the link:


1856 days ago


I thought it was a novelty beach towel. Oh,dear,clowny,clown,clown.

1856 days ago
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