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AnnaLynne McCord Puckers Up

9/22/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evidently, "90210" star AnnaLynne McCord likes to blow on camera.

AnnaLynne McCord

Since March, it seems the 22-year-old has been giving photographers the ultimate kiss-off, striking the same exact "spontaneous" pose time after time ... after time.

Stars who don't keep things fresh often lose their appeal...


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what a straight up hoe> based on her fug look! yikes!

1825 days ago


Ughh, So Ugly! I Can't Friggin' Stand This Broad.

1825 days ago

Rap sucks    

Hate her but l loved this bitch in Nip/Tuck.

1825 days ago


say what? she is not 22 years old! she looks mid 30's, im sorry but true blonde/blue eyed women age terribly>>>bahahahahaand if ya want to personify that it adds another 10 years
but in our opinion fake blonde(with dark roots?fake orange tan/ fake blue eyes......girl be yourself! look middle aged!!

1825 days ago


Marilyn Monroe did that back in her day, but she had what it took hundredfold. Anna Nicole did it too and she got away with it. This girl ain't no Anna Nicole and she most definitely ain't no Marilyn Monroe by a long shot, so give it up!! Imitation is not flattering at all.

1825 days ago


I think it's brilliant! If more celebs started doing this, the value of paparazzi pics would drop in value so fast it would make the stock market crash last year look like slow motion! The pics would be so devalued, no magazine would buy them, leading the paparazzos to either hound the few celebs that like to be followed (Lindsay, Britney, et al) or actually change careers and get real jobs, thus leading to the end of the paparazzi as we know it.

1825 days ago


hey everybody, BALLS and CHEF KOOKY, formerly, Kooky Klown, are one and the same person, and may be TMZ staff. I broke this exclusive and hope someone will get these guys off here.
C'mon, the recipe was hilarious, but now its old. Does sound good, though, i must admit ! How come TMZ isnt yankin you guys off here, your lame comments are getting old and are not relevant to this blog entry.
Now,Back to this woman ....This woman is disgusting. How bout some decent entertainment stories. No follow up to the good stuff.
Tmz can do better than this.
thanks for listening,

1825 days ago


What the f*ck is up with her lips?!!??? Look at the pics from 9-20 and 8-24 especially. You can tell they don't even conform to her face anymore. Whoever thinks injecting that sh!t into skinny white girl lips and transforming them to look like Jay Z's flappers are out of their friggin' mind! I can't understand how chicks actually think that makes them look good/better. It's grotesque! Hear me Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Any porn actress working today, Octomom? Dag nasty.....

1824 days ago


She'll have a ring of wrinkles around those bloated a-hole lips.

1824 days ago


She obviously thinks the pose looks good. It looks pitiful actually. Not as bad as her starved for attention beach volleyball game or walking around getting it on with a sucker/lollipop in her bikini. This girl has the maturity level of a tween.

1824 days ago


8. This is the hottest chick ever....anyone who puts her down is either gay or a jealous chick. Skinny + Blonde + Beautiful = HOT

Posted at 3:13AM on Sep 22nd 2009 by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You sir need to get out more. "Hottest chick ever"...BWAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

And no, I'm not gay. And no, she's not blonde. See them roots? See them oven-inflated DSL's?? Anti-hot.....

1824 days ago


DSL = Richard sucking lips, btw.....

1824 days ago


I am so glad you are making fun of this ridiculous pose. I have multiple friends on my facebook who do it in every picture and call it their "signature pose". I can't help but laugh how blowing a kiss is "signature"....and that it's signature to so many damn, conceited people!

1824 days ago


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1824 days ago


She's not blowing a kiss.
She's showing you how she cups the balls while blowing something else!

1824 days ago
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