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Burress vs. Brown

Who's the Man?

9/22/2009 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Plaxico Burress just got locked away for two years for criminal possession of a weapon, while Chris Brown has started his 180 days of court-order hard labor.

Plaxico and Chris
Question is ...


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Lillian Jones    

leave chris brown alone and don't judge him. the more you all put him down the more he will rise up to the top. I LOVE CHRIS BROWN so much!!!! all you haters need to get some business and a life.

1837 days ago


I think Plaxico is better because he did not really hurt anybody. Chris, on the other side hurt Rihanna really bad. But I still listen to your songs Chris. Even though you made a bad mistake. I love the new TRANSFORM YA song by Chris Brown. But I still voted for Plaxico.

1833 days ago


Are You Kidding Me?
He Gets 2 Years For Shooting Himself.....
But Chris Gets 180 Days Of Moving A Stick Into
A Garbage Can & Waving At Fans? Pathetic...

1858 days ago


YUCK! Neither.

1858 days ago


Can we have a third choice?

1858 days ago

grape soda    


1858 days ago


Who would we rather what?

1858 days ago


I am not surprised at all. We all know that the justice system is a joke in Los Angeles County and CA. in general. Chris Brown should be in jail for assault. Plaxico made a mistake but in NYC were I live we have very strict gun laws with maximim minimum sentances. He was lucky he was the only one injured. I do feel very sorry for his pregnant wife and 3 year old son. He is a wealthy man if he felt in danger he could easily have hired private security. HE CHOOSE NOT TO.... I can not believe Harvey Levin (who I respect) just said on-air he can not believe he got 2 years in prison. That is wht NYC has ranked lowest for 4 consecutive years as the safest big city in America and LA is always near the bottom.Your're a lawyer Harvey you should know better!!!!!!

1858 days ago

Disgusted by the Ignorant    

It is ridiculous to compare Chris Brown to Plaxico Burress. Brown was a domestic issue. Burress took a gun into a night club - do we recall Diddy and JLo? However in this case, no one died and the only one who was hurt was Burress himself. The better comparison is Plaxico and Denis Farina. The fact that Farina tried to board a plane with a loaded gun should have resulted in Federal felony charges. Instead the charge against Farina was not followed up by the DA. Funny, I'm pretty sure that if Burress had tried to take a loaded gun onto a plane he would be looking a lot more than two years in prison. I believe that Burress took a plea at the urging of his attorney who probably pointed out that Michael Vick went to prison and was able to make a comeback. I think it was a mistake. He should have gone to trial, he would probably have gotten a better chance with a jury if he had a good attorney. Look at Jason Williams. He killed a man and conspired with others to cover it up. If they had called and ambulance instead of trying to cover up the shooting, that man may have had a chance. He was not convicted for that murder. Maybe Burress should have called Williams' attorney.

1858 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    


1858 days ago


Burress' sentence is appropriate. Brown's is grossly inadequate. Brown should be in jail right now.

As for who I'd rather do, definitely Burress. I'd rather be with a guy who wants to carry a gun for protection than a woman beater !

1858 days ago


are you kidding me? chris brown should me in jail. not waving at fans and posing without a shirt.

1858 days ago


ok haters, Jesus is in control of Chris life thats why, he ask for forgiveness and Jesus forgave him so get off his back, worry about all the hideous crimes your folks have committed, they should be under the jail, Harvey have soo much hate for Chris, all of Chris fans touch and agree no weapon that is form against him shall prosper, I see right now every crime that comes up his name pops up, unbelievable.

1858 days ago

Robert Zajkowski    

About this Burress thing. There is a manditory one year sentence for possession of a gun. Plus the fact of discharging it then witness tampering, making false police report and lying under oath. I think he got lucky.

1858 days ago
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