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Burress vs. Brown

Who's the Man?

9/22/2009 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Plaxico Burress just got locked away for two years for criminal possession of a weapon, while Chris Brown has started his 180 days of court-order hard labor.

Plaxico and Chris
Question is ...


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1835 days ago


The justice system needs a revamping. Getting two years for carrying an unlawful weapon is a little steep!
What happened to the second amendment????

1835 days ago


"HURRAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"...on both parts. Two less Dip***ts to worry about!

1835 days ago


Neither one is a man, they are both thugs. But, more immportantly why promote them, it's like you are saying who is the tougher one as if that is any kind of thing to be proud of. Enough with the violence and bad behavior, don't promote them, TMZ!!!

1835 days ago


Who the F*** would post such a demented question? Stupid!

1835 days ago

Steve E.    

Watching your telecast last night, Harvey said he thought that Plaxico's sentence was too extreme. Think about this. The gun was not registered and he crossed state lines with it, twice, and conspired to cover up the crimes, including discharging a firearm. NYC and NJ have just about the toughest gun laws in the country (going beyond un-Constitutional) and frankly, Plaxico is lucky to have gotten ONLY 2 years.

1835 days ago


Why is "neither" never an option?

1835 days ago


A Well Regulated Millitia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. The Second Ammendment Of The Constitution. Why Does Amoral Thinking Strike Big Cities?

1835 days ago


I've come to realize Americans are jut stupid and don't know their law system or any else.

Here's a tip.

1)DV cases hardly and I mean hardly get the full the sentence in 80% of the cases it's a slap on the wrist. 2)Chris Brown is a FIRST TIME OFFENDER, in any cases 1st time offenders get lower sentence or a misterminer. 3)The charges and sentences added up to the damages done on the victim. 4)Gun possession w/o a license it's mandatory 2 year in prison in NYC, it's state law. 5)most of all are just plain stupid comparing the two cases that have different sentences given.

1835 days ago


WHERE is neither????

1835 days ago



Wow, our society is completely backwards in it's thinking. Brown is a stupid little boy for laying his hands on a woman. Rhianna is a stupid little girl for not clocking his a**. Burress is a stupid big boy for taking a loaded weapon into a public facility and shooting himself with it. Two years is plenty, if enough, for his sentencing. Brown got off easy and should have served time. Do we recall a certain Micheal Vick who served 22 months in prison for abusing animals? WOW. Vick hurts some animals and is treated like the devil himself upon getting out of prison and especially upon arriving in Philadelphia. GIVE HIM A BREAK!!!! If society would be a bit more concerned about other people and not so much about come and go pets we would all be better off. The way people think today never fails to amaze me.

1835 days ago


Lmao @ Yall Sayin Plaixico Is More Famous...
I Never Heard Of Him!!!!
And I'm Not A Chris Brown Fan But He's Doing His Time Just Like Everyone Else So Cant Yall Give Him A Break??
Seriously Now, If He Had Beaten On Sum Other Chicks Ass No1 Wuld Care. Just Coz Its Rihanna Everyone Suddenly Gives A Shizzle About It.

1834 days ago


I think jail time is right in this situation. but 2years is to much. if im not mistaken he is a first time offender but we all know that carrying a iilegal gun is a felony that the law takes very serious. I can see 6months but 2 years the judge made a example out of a black celeb. denis farnia tried to board a plan with a gun and he gets no jail time and he was white come on lets be serious race is a major factor in jail time. chris brown was wrong but im pretty sure the female judge who heard his case based her decision on his age and being a first time offender and rihannas part in the whole situation. she is not innocent at all. chris brown was wrong but she hit him also. and the fact that he was 19 and burress is over 25 is a big difference when it comes to the degree of mistakes. you get older and wiser. he knew better he could of had body guards carry a weapon.

1834 days ago


Why are you comparing these two.. Chris Brown hit a women and the other was busting guns.. where is the comparison.. is it because they are both Black? if that is the case u should add Micheal Vick.. if not maybe you should compare Micheal Jackson Doc to Howard Stern.. What exactly are u trying to do here?

Lastly, Chris Brown isnt posing.. he is doing his time and you are happly stalking him for rating and hits.. stop hating when u love it..

1834 days ago


Vick got two years which was also excessive. He could have been put on probation and ordered to work at an animal shelter or something like that. If these guys were white, they'd get off easier I'm sure. Chris Brown is a half-breed white, so he was given a light sentence (like his skin color). haha

1834 days ago
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