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TMZ Live -- Plax's Prison Sentence, Too Much?

9/22/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike had all the answers today -- on everything from Plaxico Burress' two-year prison sentence to Khloe Kardashian's wedding. Plus -- the Fantastic Sam's haircut debate was solved!


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Harvey looks very handsome again tonight. He looks great in dark colors.

1827 days ago


i am so glad you have these available online to watch if i miss the live show! i did not know this and now i don't have to worry about missing any! thank you!! i will watch everyday as long as there is something about michael jackson... hee hee i am glad tmz mike was able to come back and talk some more. you both are funny together! and p.s. harvey you looked really cute in those tight jeans. nice legs!!

1827 days ago


i forgot one thing! glad you all solved the mystery of the more expensive haircut. even though they charge $2 more for a haircut, i still think LA is a fun place and would love to live there!


1827 days ago

Christopher Campbell    

Ok, i forget which episode it was, but it was when he was talking about Spincer and Heidi's strange behavior with using the crystal. The guy that uses "whooty" had said (if I remember correctly) strange-ish or weird-ish. Well, He did actually use "ish" correctly, because when used as an adverb, it can be used to describe "approximately", "somewhat", and "reasonably/fairly". An example would be saying the time was noon-ish. So, therefore he didn't make up the word "ish" or adding it to the end of a word. Plus, haven't any of you guys there (those that are on or not shown on the tv show part) used "ish" at the end of a word, like when saying approximately the time without knowing the exact time.

1827 days ago


Harvey, are really a lawyer? supposedly entertainment law but still does common sense not come in to play in entertainment law? never mind that last question just watching the events out of not only hollywood but the state of california is answer enough.
did Plax get a raw deal? well one thing we all agree with is that he is a moron, but did he receive an unfair amount of prison time?
1. illegally possessed handgun.
2. illegally carried handgun into bar (different charge than above)
3. shot himself
4. when the gun discharged it almost hit another person (some reports say within an inch and this is why the D.A. was so adamant about jail time in any plea)
5. various ways in which he tried to cover it up.

all of these bring charges and in some cases multiple charges. this equals 2 years. one more thing; i'm assuming you're actually a human and have a family - if your relatives were there and he put there lives in danger, which he did to every single person at that club (and he could have been charged for reckless endangerment for every single person there) would you still think it is excessive.
the Chris Brown comparison is non sequitur. just because Brown got off easy doesn't mean Plax doesn't deserve every single second. please don't misplace your anger for Brown actions and subsequent light treatment for Plax being unfairly persecuted. putting the life and health of 300+ people in major jeopardy is an action that merits the response.

1827 days ago


I can't wait to see the photos of Harvey and his boyfriend at poolside. That will be so funny, and it explains why Harvey has turned TMZ into a homosexual clearing house.

1827 days ago


They should lock up all these rappin retards.

1826 days ago

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