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Rev. Al:

Plaxico's Sentence

'Unusually Harsh'

9/23/2009 2:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton is coming out swinging against Plaxico Burress' 2-year prison sentence -- claiming Plax's punishment is "way out of proportion with the crime."

Rev. Al Sharpton -- Plaxico Burress
The Rev just sent us the following statement:

"I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim. He should be punished but his sentence is way out of proportion with the crime.

Celebrities should not be given special treatment but they should not be given exceptional punishments either."

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Everybody take a chill pill. He did go to school to be a Rev. it was years ago in the 70's. Next Rev did not say anything about race. He is talking about celebrities. Now next that was real stupid of that silly a~~ young boy to have a gun, in a public place, & thirdly it was not registered. The law is MANDATORY two yrs. in prison for the (any gun). It does not matter who he shot., including himself. This is a learning lesson for all (white, black, yellow, Arab, oriental, whatever) not to have a gun without it being registered. This is the law in every state, MANDATORY two yrs. And I might add, if he travels from one state to another, he has to register that gun (any gun & every gun)in that state. PEOPLE get a license.

1825 days ago


This is actually not harsh at all. He's not in trouble for shooting himself... he's in trouble for bringing a gun in public. Endangering the public. Why does no one understand that? The fact that he shot himself on accident just goes to show that he had no business even handling a gun, let alone putting everyone else in danger by handling a gun in a crowded place. From what I understand, he's lucky to only get 2 years. The law in NY states he should get 5 years in prison for being caught with a gun. So it seems he got off easy.

1825 days ago


The problem is with the Sullivan Law, which is an unreasonable gun control act in New York City. Even my Nassau County permit said not valid in New York City. Bernard Goetz had to serve two years even though he was found not guilty, the judge set aside the jury verdict. That is why he is going to jail for 2 years. One last thing: Al Sharpton-You are an idiot and moron!

1825 days ago


I totally agree Al!!!! Thanks for speaking up and keeping these dumb, hickbilly, racist whitey's shaking in their boots. They are the only ones that seem to have a problem with the good Reverend. lol

1825 days ago


Al Sharpton is a pile of puppy poo with a teaspoon of oregeno. He is a polyester rayon preacher with hopes of becoming 100% cotton. Albert is two steps from being Jesse Jacksons Pimp. Albert has tricked the Black folks into thinking that he reads and lives by the Holy Bible. When in fact Al Sharpton focuses his entire being into a box of Perm. Albert and Jesse are technically freaks of nature.

1825 days ago


cant escape the hood, gosta keep it reelz

1825 days ago


Hey Al remember Tawana Brawley?You jumped all over that thinking the police and the DA were involved?You are a joke you and Jesse"can I get paid now" jackson Uncle Toms!You line your pockets with the grief of people of color as myself claiming to help us but you rally the cause just to get paid and leave us with nothing.Why?What have you done for us?Just made us look stupid and while you reap the benefits of our suffering.I as a black man think our race should turn our backs on you everytime you try and exploit us,

1825 days ago

los angeles guy    

I thought the manadatory min sentence in new york for that was 3.5 years. Another celebrity gets off easy

1825 days ago


for once I have to agree with Sharpton, should have gotten a year at the most,and alot of community service, they decided to make an example of him.

1825 days ago


Can you say DONTE STALLWORTH? He actually killed a man and only got 24 days in jail. You want to talk about unjust? Thank the almighty god Plaxico only shot himself and not an innocent bystander. These football players seem to think they are untouchable. They need to grow up and the nfl needs to get some badoingas and take a stance against these fellon criminals. They shouldn't be able to play football for the high salaries they are getting, these players are role models and it should be mandatory they hold themselves in that regard. If not, they don't deserve the elite status of nfl.

1825 days ago


I agree with Al this sentence is harsh, but if that is the mandatory sentence in NY then so be it.

By the way this is not the mandatory sentence in all states. I got caught with an unregistered handgun in CA. and I got community service.

1825 days ago


Rev Al..... SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!

today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day and so on and so on...

1825 days ago


And right he is!

1825 days ago


TOO HARSH?!?! People are killed everyday with illegal guns...With him being a "celebrity" he should've had plenty of money to buy a gun leagally and have the proper licenses to carry one...NO Excuses....and maybe just maybe if he was carrying the gun leagally he wouldn't have shot himself in the leg....Celebrity boo hoo...wahwaah..

1825 days ago

Linda Mott    

In California, many of the stars drive drunk. The car could kill someone and could be considered a deadly weapon. Why then recently a celebrety hit someone and didn't go to jail? Plaxico harmed himself and should be fined for carrying a concealed weapon but not two years in prison. Brown and Vicks got off easy for a much more serious crime. I don't agree with TMZ's lawyer. I agree it was wrong and illegal, but this was much to harsh a sentence.

1825 days ago
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