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L.A. to Kanye

We Forgive You!!!

9/27/2009 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be a social pariah everywhere else -- but when Kanye West made a surprise appearance at Common's benefit concert last night in Hollywood, he got a hero's welcome.

The crowd at the show -- which featured Common, Nas, Ludacris, De La Soul, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and more -- just exploded when Kanye rushed out on stage. He stayed for a few songs -- including "Good Life" and "Run This Town" -- and had the crowd going nuts the whole time.

Kanye was able to perform without interruption.


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the doctor    

back off, TMZ: don't speak for all of L.A...there's a lot of us who still think kaney is a punkbitch and can't wait for South Park to put his balls on Cartman's keychain...

1789 days ago


I hate rap and hip hop and C&W all the same,but I'm glad Kanye is forgiven by "his" fans. I thought he was rude but at least he didn't Slaughter 300+ dogs just for fun. M. Vick said yesterday that he thought he was going to come back as a "starter" and he just can't understand why he isn't starting.

1789 days ago


Look at the line up of err umm artists? And then look at the crowd…….nuff said he can do no wrong in their eyes.

1789 days ago


He probably got a welcome because Common's music was so awful. The only reason Kanye is so popular is because rap music in general is so crappy sounding. A person who puts even a mediocre effort in making it rises to the top.

1789 days ago


Forgiveness is important after he accepts responsibility for his actions and takes steps to improve his behavior in the future. This man keeps saying and doing things that prove he has no manners and rude beyond belief...I find it shameful that he has made such racist remarks since he is a rolemodel to so many young people. The double standard for acceptable behavior between blacks and whites in America is ridiculous. We would never accept this kind of behavior from a white artist yet Kanye gets applauded. This country is really messed up right now.

BTW, Does anyone know if he has actually even apologized to Taylor Swift directly? Last I had heard he had made several "public" proclaimations but had never actually even picked up the phone and talked with her.

1789 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

@doty, u sound ignorant. After how many appolgies will u let it go? What about that idiot who disrepected POTUS? What if I said hard core white ppl that hate black want to see him lynched. Will I be ok to say somethign so stupid. U are probably a bitter fat funky lazy hateful azz woman who has no life. To you and the rest of the racist, F*ck off and get a life. Racist!!

1789 days ago


I'm not a fan of neither Taylor or Kanye but it's all over the news that she already accepted his apology weeks ago so it's about time you people move on.

1789 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

Kanye was not being a racist. Beyonce's video was better and you know it. Everything he said was true. He was wrong about the way he did it but it was true. Liars..... her 15min are up. Now what?

1789 days ago


He peformed on Jay Leno, so this is not his first performance since the VMAs. DTAB!

1789 days ago


Speaking of Hanging an African American.....On September 26, 2009 their was a Group of Individuals with White Sheets and American Flags allowed to conduct a full scale Rally on the steps of the St. Clair County Courthouse property. They were protesting a simple fight that broke out on a little yellow school bus in Belleville, Illinois. They have escalated a simple fight among kids into a full scale Race Revolution. The white kid lost and the black kid won the fight. But a black kid broke the fight up. Now the whole town is enraged. LISTEN TO THIS KANYE WEST.....BECAUSE THE Black Community and a Lawyer did not back the black kid, the black kid has been suspended permanently from all schools in the entire County forever. Now, unless that black kids Family can afford Home Tutoring, the black kids education and immediate future is completely destroyed. And now because nobody supported the black kid the lousey racist Courthouse (I can prove it) is coming after this black kid on criminal felony charges. There was no bloodshed, no broken bones, and neither student was put off the bus. Both students attended school that day. I was shocked that I was among a very few that had my signs and went to the rally protesting in every way I could. I did not even see enough African Americans to start a baseball team. SO KANYE WEST....We are in a different time now. We live in the days of JIM CROW 2009, and you better believe the stupid sh...t that you pulled on that young lady was unnecessary and when the white folks are ready to tax your asssss, they are going to burn you. Unfortunately with my Blessings...........

1789 days ago


Of course, LA forgives him. Look at the people who welcomed him back. All black rap crap singers. Speaking of racism.............................

1789 days ago


I thought he was going away from the spotlight for a while to think about all that happened. Looks like he is out soliciting praise!

1789 days ago


Two words...douche bag!

1789 days ago


Comment #9 is the very reason that Kanye should be condemned--especially by the Black Community. I don't necessarily believe that his interruption and disrespect of Taylor Swift was racist, but it appeared to be and it serves as ammunition by real racists--white conservatives who are angry that "their country" is slipping away from them.

Kanye West is a drunken egotist whose actions would be career buster if he were white. Having a black audience cheer him reinforces the view that Black People are "all the same" and by extension, the President.

Just sayin...

1789 days ago


doty's fat ass- It's sort of hard to prove your point that someone else is racist when your spewing such hatred yourself. KimK, Kanye did call Taylor to apologize AFTER she stated in an interview that he had not called her to apology. Diedre, you may believe that Beyonce had the best video, but the VMA's and I believe like 90% of TMZ's readers, disagreed.

Okay, I agree we need to move, however, we should not FORGIVE Kanye. This is not the first time he has behaved innappropriately and it started long before his Mother passed. Each time he acts out and is not penalized, his actions get worse. It's not a black or white issue, this man hates anyone different than him and thinks he's above the law.

1789 days ago
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