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Lamar Odom's Kids -- No Shows at Wedding

9/27/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom's baby mama tells TMZ the two kids she shares with L.O. won't be at his wedding to Khloe Kardashian.

Liza Morales

Liza Morales also tells us she did not have a meltdown, contrary to some reports, but admits, "Yes, the circumstances over the last few weeks have been upsetting but none of my actions publicly or from the privacy of my home could be classified as a meltdown. I have maintained a brave face for my children who are my main concern and I remain strong for them."

She went on to say she has "the support of my family and friends and Lamar's family have been nothing but supportive of me and the kids during this difficult time. I wish Lamar nothing but happiness we all deserve to be happy."

Taking the high road -- never a bad thing .... but the kids still ain't going to the wedding.


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ron: I can back my question up with census percentages: from 1950-2000 black women getting married dropped from 67% to 36%. No ignorance in my question as to whether black women don't marry by choice or not. Yes, most black men WHO GET MARRIED marry black women. But most black men don't get married. I wondered if black women had given up on marriage and just became mothers. Not an ignorant question, not a mean question, just a question. I can't imagine not wanting to have gotten married. That's all. My question was prompted by someone making a remark about Lamar being willing to marry a white woman and not a black one.

1852 days ago


"the support of my family and friends and Lamar's family have been nothing but supportive of me and the kids during this difficult time"......Ok...according to a statement I read Liza said Lamar has not seen his kids in a long time so it seems he hardly has any contact with her or the the kids.

I understand she was shocked when she read about Khloe and Lamar but why would this be a difficult time for her?

If she is jealous because he is not marrying her, even though she did say he proposed to her 8 years ago, all she has to do is wait a couple of months and he will be single again.

1852 days ago


Are you sure this is the same woman that is shown in another picture posted last night? What happened to her neck? Which one is the most current?
I think she is making a smart move in not letting the children go to this fiasco. Khloe will not be a good step-mom, or a good mom.
Look at her background. Liza, be patient, he'll be single soon enough and maybe he be responsible enough to take better care of his kids. If he stays with Khloe, kiss those kids bye-bye, she'll make sure of that.

1852 days ago


randi: What are you basing this on? I don't know a thing about him, but is he not a good father?

1852 days ago


Getting a girlfriend AFTER you're already involved with someone, marriage or no marriage, is having a mistress. Just because you think that it's alright for a man to have multiple girlfriends at the same time is okay doesn't mean that it really IS okay. Funny how you men call women wh0res, but you're the biggest wh0res out there. You just like to divert attention from your own promiscuity by accusing other people of it.

1852 days ago


I believe the first photo posted yesterday of her is the most current. I believe it was taken by Splash News yesterday, who tracked her down. She gained a lot of weight since the pictures posted abouve were taken.

1852 days ago


Regarding commment 68 Posted at 8:26PM on Sep 26th 2009 by Leigh
and post 67 :

To Leigh...Obviously you are not Black or anywhere near the Black community.
Before you make statements that are not accurate...
read Black books (non-fiction), read REPUTABLE black magazines, talk to Blacks to see what is REALLY going on in our community.
Do not rely on most the mainstream media as your only source because you will get a negative and often inaccurate spin.

1852 days ago

laker girl    

Liza, maybe you were the lucky one, anyway good luck raising those great kids, kudos to you, the kids dont need to see a reality wedding, it probably a fake, and the kids could feel rejection . the kids dont need that...........laker girl.......

1852 days ago


Technically, Gia, a mistress is a relationship outside of a marriage. Being a girlfriend is not anywhere near being a wife. I am not a whore. No promiscuity either. I've been very happily married for over 15 years. I'm sorry you're so bitter. I don't know if you're disappointed over things in your life, but I've done nothing to you, certainly nothing to warrant this over the top reaction.

1852 days ago


Leigh, you said " someone making a remark about Lamar being willing to marry a white woman and not a black one. "

Lamar is ignorant and brainwashed.
How do you marry a gold digger you hardly know??????

Many of the white women will ONLY marry these guys because they have money. The guys are so stupid and brainwashed, that they fall right into the trap. Years later when the wife cheats,takes half his money and gives it all to her new man and family, he sits there scratching his an IDIOT !!!!

It happens countless times.

1852 days ago


After reading this I guess I have to take back what I said on a prior post about Lamar not seeing Liza or his kids in a long time, if it's true.

1852 days ago


I'd keep them home, too. Why allow them to invest any emotion in what will no doubt be a 10 minute marriage. Really irritating when 'celebs' make a farce out of something as important as marriage. Hope their million dollar payout fills the gaping hole where their souls should be.

1852 days ago


I posed a question regarding why 2/3 of black women never marry - have they given up or is it that black men don't ask them. Not one person had the courage to give me an honest answer. I've been called a whore by a jealous, bitter, black woman and ignorant by a sniveling politically correct white man. ron, I could read Jet and Ebony for the next decade, and that won't change the statistics in the black community. No fathers, low education, single mothers, crime. It's the truth, and it's rampant. My question was a fair question. Too bad no one had the guts to answer it. Good night.

1852 days ago


Ryan Seacreat is laughing all way to the bank, He's making a sh*t load of money off these airhead. They will do anything for publicity. Go Ryan

1852 days ago


Why would his kids want to go to watch him marry someone other than their Mom!

~ I guess Mrs. Kardassian needs this for ratings for her kids show. Apparently she'll throw anyone under the bus for money, her kids, other people's kids, Bruce, etc.

1852 days ago
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