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Stone vs. Chavez

Who'd You Rather?

9/27/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Oliver Stone and Venezuelan dictator president Hugo Chavez got very close at the NYC premiere of Stone's new documentary on Wednesday.

Oliver Stone and Hugo Chavez
Question is ...


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I'd rather piss on both of them. After signing their execution warrants.

1819 days ago


Just because Stone murdered babies and old women in nam doesn't make him a patriot now...he is one of the most commie-americabashing-limosine-liberals out there. Him and the other useful idiot...shawn penn...should get hung like the traitors they are, right alongside their little hitler hero chavez.

1819 days ago


35. ....let's see Bush is gone and Chavez is still talking smack. Chavez said that he likes americans but does not like our government because of Bush.....well guess what, there is no more bush and he is still talking smack.

Stop buying venezuela oil, find the stations that sell it(used to be citgo) and boycott.

We are being stupid americans again, we buy his oil, he keeps the profit and his people suffer. he takes the oil profits, then buys missles weapons and now he want to have nuclear power.....and the kicker, he is using the money and weapons to use against america and americans.

Posted at 12:40PM on Sep 27th 2009 by The Dude

Great point, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have to stop buying his oil. It's no coincidence that he's bfs with Fidel and Ahmadinejad. Birds of a feather flock together.

What is so unbelievably hypocritical about Oliver Stone and all these other dictator loving Hollywood people is, they made their fortune in a country which allows them free of speech and all kinds of other freedoms that Chavez does not embrace or allow his own people. So why is it ok for Chavez to use his power to shut down any kind of media opposition in his country? Why do people like Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and Danny Glover overlook that and remain silent??? Because they hate George Bush so much that their hatred overrides any common sense or sense of compassion for the Venezuelan people?! Really, it amazes me how closed minded these Hollywood people can be, yet they think they are for the people, really, they're not.

1819 days ago


I'd rather ... my dead father than either of those idiots.

1819 days ago


Chavez is a dictator, druglord,communist a@$hole and a killer. So the idiot who says he is just doing the best for Venezuela, should go and live there a couple of months and get a glimpse of the real situation the country is in. Besides he throws money around buying peoples conscience, that's why he has a lot of stupid brainless followers.

1819 days ago


Two basterds they need the rest of them Fidel, Daniel, the monkey in Brazils embassy in Honduras and bring the Iranian dictator. Send them to Los Angeles to go protest. Free Roman Polanski. What a bunch of A.H. Have them go live under Chavez for a year.

1818 days ago


come 2 venezuela and then talk, chavez is DICTATOR 150% if u just don't think like him then u're nobody, u HAVE 2 think, breath, speak n eat just like him so u can be heard in this country, it's sad 4 me i can't go n live free in another country!! so... i HATE chavez!

1818 days ago


Hey!! Since a lot of you think Chavez is so wonderful and doing whats best for Venezuela...I'm sure a bunch of the oppressed Venezuelans under his DICTATORSHIP would be happy to trade places with you and come live in a FREE America. It makes me sick to think a bunch of spoiled brat Americans take for granted what our country stands for and it starts with the glamorous Hollywood!

1818 days ago


Chavez is a dictator, im from venezuela i live en caracas and its a fact that chavez is a dictator. CHAVEZ SUCKS

1818 days ago


Simone?? Chavez is doing his best for Venezuela? none of you have an idea of waht's really going on!.. I just moved to America because I just couldn't live there anymore, things are getting just worse and worse... you people have no idea what you're talking about.. Yes chavez is a dictator!.

1818 days ago



1818 days ago


What is that fat f**k (take your pick which)doing in this country??

1818 days ago

Patricia Griffin    

Since one is dead...

624 days ago
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