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Eddie Cibrian & Wife


... Just for Kicks

9/28/2009 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With LeAnn Rimes nowhere in sight, Eddie Cibrian and his estranged wife Brandi remained civil while at their son's soccer match in L.A. this weekend.


Refs made sure no one cheated ... on the field.


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Leann is a ho and Eddie isnt much farther behind her. (No pun intended)
The two of them should be damned ashamed of themselves.
Wait- I thought Leann was supposed to be this big Christian girl with wholesome values? Yeah- right. The girl will su*k a...well, never mind.
As for Eddie- well- he IS pretty and all- but Leann- his LOVE?... yeah, right.
Leann- don't fall in Love to much...because Karma is a bitch.
Eddie will fall for ANOTHER skank- and he'll kick you to the curb too.

Now- poor Dean (Leann's gay---err--soon to be ex-husband)... Come on back to THE clubs here in Nashville honey- we'll welcome you back to our side. You cutey- you! :-)

1851 days ago

Lisa Boyte    

OMG, she looks like she just rolled out of bed. Dress a little more like a mom and less like someone trying to get their x back!!

1851 days ago

penny green    

he's a horndog,she's a skank. Brandi is much prettier and she's probably better off without that loser.

1851 days ago


He should have gone to the eye doctor. His wife is so much better looking than LeAnn. He is so much older than LeAnn also. He is STUPID

1851 days ago


What a piece of sh!t father he is. NOW he is the spectator parent!

He had zero issues with worring about how this would affect his kids. These types never do. The ulitimate in selfish parents. He could care less about what they will be able to find out about daddy and his affair from the internet.

What happened to dignity in this country?

Beisdes, men can be so stupid. Like the grass is greener on the other side? Please, we gals all have our pain in the ass issues. All this fool is doing is starting out with a new one, who will have issues too.

And man, it seems Leann has issues. Good luck Eddie, I suspect you'll need it now.

I have a guy friend who has a wife that literally stalks him. Its comedy to us, but, to him he is in Hell. And they have been married 10 years and she still has this behavior.
Calls ALL DAY, he isn't ALLOWED to speak to his female neighbors unless she is standing there. He can't take a day off unless she has the day off too. If one of us ladies is standing there, and she calls, he tells us to be quiet in case she hears, she may think we want him.

One may ask why he puts up with it?

Because he says there is Hell to pay if he doesn't. Tsk, tsk.

So.......this maybe your future Eddie.

You would deserve it.

1850 days ago


What a cheating SOB...he's the reason I won't be watching CSI Miami, can't stand to look at him or LeAnn Rhimes.

1850 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

F-ing letch. Where's that psychbitch stalker LeAnn at? Lurking in the bushes, no doubt. Crazy-ass bitch. They *deserve* each other!

But I wish them both well. :-D

1851 days ago


it would be all I could do not to kick him

1851 days ago


Hey TMZ that other kid in the picture is my son. Take down this post or block out his face immediately unless you want to be sued.

1851 days ago



1851 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

Pat's a liar. Do believe her. Because that's MY son in that picture and I'm cool with TMZ showing him. I want to get him into acting and this is _just_ the exposure he needs. Pat, go get your own children, because this one is mine. Love you, kiddo! :-D

1851 days ago


5. Hey TMZ that other kid in the picture is my son. Take down this post or block out his face immediately unless you want to be sued.

Posted at 1:33PM on Sep 28th 2009 by Pat

Read more:


1851 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Another great recipe Chef Kooky!!!

1851 days ago

doc murry    

im going to count to 10 and then laugh..ummm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 haahaha that was soo funny i couldnt wait dumbbbbb..
leann is a nice girl in a bad situation,,it wasnt her fault,,she didnt know he was she is hot and why would he fool around when he has a piece of ass that looks that good,,hell i would do her on the soccer feild hmm after the kids left,, but any other women could jump in if they wanted too

1851 days ago


You are both liars. That's my son. How's my little kooky wooky doing? Pull my finger. T O O T !!!.....T O O T !!!

1851 days ago
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