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Khloe & Lamar Piggyback Ride Off Into the Sunset

9/28/2009 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While texting and flashing her new rock, Khloe Kardashian Odom mounted her new husband of a few hours, Lamar Odom, outside a hotel in L.A. last night.


It's really wonderful that some couples in longtime committed relationships are allowed to legally marry in the United States.


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Khloe looks like a monkey on a bigger monkey's back. She looks so ridiculous with her dirty bare feet hanging down. I am so sick of this whole family.

1833 days ago

Ms M    

I knew there was a catch to this hurry up wedding. She just wants his money. Why did he leave the woman that has his kids????? and I hope that he is looking out for his kids. He really needs a slap upside his head.

1829 days ago


Leave Khloe alone let her be happy and stop picking on her shes not fat, I am 5"9 and weigh 160 when your tall the weight does not look bad she looks good, and she looks healthy I think there are to many people out there that have envey issues, you go Khloe and the hell with what other people think.

1817 days ago

Andrea wynn    

I like the kardashians it's great for khloe girl be happy for today because tommorrow ain't promised you guys will be married to the end congrats.I'll be ready for the new reality serious.

1808 days ago


25. I think they are precious together~~I have always said Khloe is the cutest one!! I hope they will be happy and their marriage last forever!!! I love, love the ring too!! Kourtney should wake up and not marry that man she is going with. He looks so unhappy all the time!!! Kris do something....

Posted at 10:28AM on Sep 28th 2009 by Dianne

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Oh Kris has already done PLENTY!! She created the most narcissistic, self-involved, spotlight-grubbing, materialistic, talentless, superficial, unimaginative, shallow, greedy, scheming, morally-challenged, brainless, lazy, catty, little money-making media-whores in Hollywood history! They had an excellent role model in their "Daddy" before God took him off this planet for standing by(and probably covering up for)a known "butcher"while all the while "knowing" he was guilty as SIN!! But hey, what are friends for?? Maybe one of the Kardashian daughters would like to date O.J. when he gets out of the "karma-slammer" he's setting
in at the moment?? Really, John, if he's such a neat-o guy, let one of your daughters live with him for 3 months?? Their father was morally & ethically BANKRUPT & their mother is a money-grubbing whore! Their 15 minutes surely to God is over isn't it?? What the hell kind of country are we living in that has become so f'kn shallow that this 'tripe' is the best tv has to offer us??! Oh yeah, that's right, we WANT TO SEE THIS SH..?!! How about a reality show with every one of these "twaddle-sisters" working in Mother Theresa's mission in India?? They could see an exotic land while they film. They can "see it" from the tiny grime crusted window's of the abandoned baby's ward.(NOT because their "baby-mama" didn't WANT them or got herself "knocked-up" by some a..hole b-ball player but because she couldn't f'kn FEED them & sits outside the mission late at night crying up at the windows where th
eir baby's are sleepingThese sad excuses for human beings wouldn't even be worthy of changing their little sh.. diapers & I'd make sure I told them so right before I gave 'em a bucket of dirty mop water & a hand rag & made 'em scrub the floor on their GD knees!MY LORD!ITS NO WONDER WHY OTHER COUNTRIES THINK THE WAY THEY DO ABOUT US. When I travelled to Europe several years ago, it was astonishing what other countries(almost ALL other)think of America & it's citizens.Europeans especially think we are commercial, fake, class-less, unoriginal, live-for-the-moment, & most of all, TACKY. THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF WHY:( France has the 'Louvre' & we have the f'kn 'Kardashians'. THAT IS WHAT THEY THINK WE ARE ALL LIKE & I'M NOT EXAGGERATING EITHER. ALL THEY ARE GOOD AT IS CREATING "DRAMA", NOT CREATING ANYTHING USEFUL LIKE OH...PERHAPS ,ART MAYBE?? PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE A F'KN EMBARASSMENT TO THIS COUNTRY & TO US ALL.

1852 days ago


I just saw that sorry-ass excuse for a "mother's" name & lost it. To even call her that is a disgrace to every working mother in this country who kills herself at a "PAYING" job all day & then comes home & tries to raise HER daughters up to be the best human beings possible despite a lack of money, the finest cloths,& no GD Mercedes or BMW to ride around in & wreck. I'm fed up with this shallow family & every pathetic thing they represent & we(like fools)continue to WORSHIP; & that the media continue's to write about, photograph, video, film & fawn over. Enough already with these meaningless people. Can my daughter have a REAL ROLE MODEL TO LOOK UP TO ON T.V. OR IS THIS IT?? KEEP FILMING & POSTING ON THEM TMZ, WE WANT TO HEAR & SMELL EVERY SINGLE FART, OKAY?? DAMN!

1852 days ago



1852 days ago


Now Kimmie and Reggie are back together.........UGH this sh*t is lame!

1852 days ago


Here's hoping they ride off in the Sunset, in fact, here's hoping they ride off anywhere! She is so damn homely, I have heard of putting lipstick on a pit bull dog, but, I have seen her, she looks like a drag queen, an ugly one at that! What a beast! She must be knocked up, but, if, I was L.O. I would have a blood test, she is too much of a whore, just like the rest of the Kardashians. What ahistory, their father helped O.J. Simpons get away with murder, their mohter married Bruce Jenner, who looks like a woman, with so much plastic surgery, what a family! Real pure breds, as in DOGS! My cousin knew their father and said what a nice man he was, I disagree with her, he knew O.J. did it (behaded NIcole and cut Ron Goldman to bits, like a damn butcher, but, still helped O.J., any decent man, would have turned that suitcase with the bloody cloths into the police) and helped him get away with murder, with taking those bloody cloths away, when, the cops really had Simpson, then, died with brain cancer, plus, old Johnny Cochran died with Brain Cancer too, poetic justice? And L.O. had better have a pre-nup, with a stang ho like her. But, he is no dream boat, as far as looks go, just a big, stupid, rich, athletic, black man, guess what she fell in love with? I imagine Khloe got a lot of wedding presents, probably a mask, with a big hole for a mouth in it and knee pads?

1852 days ago



He who makes love in grass, gets piece on earth.

B O I N G !!!

B O I N G !!!

Posted at 3:50AM on Sep 29th 2009 by FORTUNE KOOKY
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I think I'm in love with you Kooky! What's for breakfast?

1852 days ago


I wish them nothing but the best. So sad that most of the comments here are negative. Who are we to judge someone else's happiness, or the genuine love they may feel for each other ? Although I can't stand the valley girl attitudes of all the sisters, I do think they are all very pretty ladies and Khole is the most real, she tells it like it is. Go Khole !!!!! Go Lamar !!

1851 days ago

Bang Bang    

How many newly wed's actually go out on their wedding night after the reception, as opposed to staying in their hotel, either loving it up, or totally exhausted from the day?

You have to ask the question why they chose to go out, rather than spend time together privately reflecting on what should have been a very emotional experience.. especially when they've only been together a month and should still be in the blissfull "can't keep our hands off each other" phase..

1851 days ago


Ryan Seacrest is laughing all way to the bank. These 4 airheads(mother included) will do anything for publicity.What the next stunt Rob coming out the closet,or Kris&Bruce divorcing, either way Ryan is going to be a walking Bank. Go Ryan get paid off these skanks.

1851 days ago


She has cute feet, that all I can

1851 days ago


How com gay people in California can't get married but these douchebags can?!

1850 days ago
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