Khloe's Wedding Hair -- $4,500 For Nothin'

9/29/2009 9:40 AM PDT

Khloe's Wedding Hair -- $4,500 For Nothin'

So it's Khloe's wedding day and she wants a straightforward 'do -- some curls, a few extensions, a little added volume -- no problem. That will be $4,500 please ... not including tip ... for a wedding that isn't even real.

According to her stylist Roy Arbib at Shampoo in LA, Khloe wanted to "keep it simple" ... so it's only natural that her wedding hair cost more than a used Honda -- or $4,500 to be exact. And that didn't include the $500 tip she left on her way out.

The swanky salon -- usually closed on Sundays -- opened up just for the bride-to-be and her three friends, who were styled for $1,000.

Good thing she kept things simple.