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Brit Gives Lance a Lap Dance? Not So Much

9/30/2009 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Video of Britney Spears' so-called on stage lap dance for Lance Bass has finally surfaced -- and let's just say if it happened at a strip club ... dude would definitely get his money back.

It all went down -- or didn't -- at Brit's concert in Las Vegas this weekend. Instead of actually dancing in Lance's lap -- hence the term "lap dance" -- Brit Brit just sort of shimmies in the ex-NSYNCer's vicinity in next-to-nothing for a 'lil bit.


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I care more about Dennis Hopper who was rushed to the hospital apparently. E! has the story up at their site.

1848 days ago


She was trying to sratch her scabs and the gay boy was trying not to puke. Lance loves the taste of man ass and loves to be covered in HOMOCOLOGNE-MANFARTS!

1848 days ago


I agree with you Kooky haters......that desperado needs to go away already. Hey KOOKOO--you're not funny or entertaining, just an annoying space taker-upper and a bit desperate for attention it seems. I'd just about bet you've got a felony record for some sick schitt. I can tell by your posts. Next!

1848 days ago


SPREAD THE WORD ON OTHER WEBSITES YOU GO ON TO PLEASE BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT - Boycott any movie actor or movie studio that sides with the child rapist POLANSKI. Whoopi lost my respect yesterday when she sided with this child rapist. Any actor that sides with this monster will not get a dime from me. FYI, a 13 year old can not give consent to a grown man to have sex with them. FYI, a 7 year old can not give consent for a grown man to have sex with them. Anyone who sides with this man is a child molestor or rapist. What would you say if this was your child. I don't care if it happened 100 years ago.

1848 days ago


She is a Madonna wannabe. Very sad, and tasteless - but I didn't expect much.

1848 days ago

ho hater    

Polanski isn't a child molester/rapist, just gross for having sex with a 13yr old. Some 13yr olds know exactly what they're doing...they're called sluts and the world happens to be crawling with them. It's sad, yes but unfortunately it happens. I do think Polanski could've used better judgement but he's not a rapist......nor am I.

1848 days ago


Girl (not woman) needs to lay off the fatty stuff like candy, cakes, chips & deep fried whatever. Sheesh get to the gym or bring the gym to you (she can work off that babymaking FAT, but she'll likely pop out another with her great choices of guys with no future). NO chance I would EVER throw $$ her way. She should just stop TRYING to perform or get it together to present something worth watching. No shame on her part it appears. She is in the toilet going farther down. WHAT SHE GONNA DO when she is FLAT BROKE, roll the fat on the stage? Ah, shoulda thought about that little girl. She is a joke!

1848 days ago

ho hater    

I can't see the video, there's nothing there, just a blank white screen. No fair. I wanna judge too :)

1848 days ago


Although I don't think she is fat. I think she is too heavy for the costume she is squeezing into and falling out of. Not sexy.

1848 days ago


What da hell was that?!? I had better at Scores and Spearmint Rhino (oh yeah!).

1848 days ago


This is exactly what she did at the Tulsa, Oklahoma show... Except at Tulsa, it was a random guy.

1848 days ago

London not England    

#21 - Brandon

I agree with you to a point.....

YES, Polanski is a rapist, and anyone else would be on the child molestation list....but IF the girl/woman doesn't wish to pursue the case, then that will be taken into consideration. He pleaded "guilty", and then fled before the Po Po could catch up with him. But is this anything new for Hollywood????
Woody Allen is still VERY well respected in the Hollyweird establishment, and committed what was basically "INCEST" with a child that he and his wife adopted as a little girl...then LEFT HIS WIFE FOR HER....did anyone make a stink(other than rosie O'Donnell) about that?!?!?!?
Hollywood is SO liberal it is a bit sickening...but C'est la Vie.

1848 days ago


at around 1:04 it looks like the guys give Lance a kiss

1848 days ago


It'd take alot more than Britney Spears to un-gay Lance Bass :p if that were even possible.....

1848 days ago

doc murry    

bring back kookie's recipes..we love kooky and my god brittney is the total bomb..i love her ..she is soo much more talented than wacko jacko and looks much better to,,my god she is the perfect woman..

1848 days ago
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