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Payment Plan in Travolta Extortion Case

10/1/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta's lawyer just testified the alleged extortionists were willing to get paid in installments over four years.

Michael McDermott testified that after a number of phone calls, Pleasant Bridgewater dropped the asking price for the alleged extortion document from $25 million to $15 mil ... but the Travoltas ended up agreeing to $10 million. McDermott testified he would be paid $2.5 million a year for four years.

McDermott said this was all a setup, because he gave police permission to tap his cell phone and set up a sting operation at a hotel room.

McDermott said after he met with both Pleasant and Tarino Lightbourne at the bugged hotel room, he got an email from Pleasant saying, "Please see wire instructions as requested."


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! More MJ!

1847 days ago


Wonder how much corruption was involved in the Bahamas regarding the death case of the 20-year-old son of ANS?

1847 days ago


why are these people even trying to defend?

1847 days ago


John Travolta should have ignored the crooks. I saw nothing worth any amount of money. So they would have sold a crazy story to the tabloids. Yes they should goto jail, but why did Travolta not tell them to hit the road?

1847 days ago


How does offering Travolta a bid on something of value--that TMZ, or other news agencies would bid on, or did bid on--amount to extortion?

1847 days ago


Methinks these people should go to jail.

1847 days ago


Wow, that is just f'ed up. I'm so glad John decided to prosecute this BS. Hope they hang 'em high.

* hugs to John *

1847 days ago


What sick puppies!

1847 days ago

The Truth    

sick monk s

1847 days ago

These extortionist are morons. Like David Letterman, never give in to extortion, or others will come.

1847 days ago


Ha, ha, ha, extortion on the installment plan, LOL.

1847 days ago

I am    

From the 'Gang That Couldn't Extort Straight'--we'll work with you. We offer:

Discounted Extortion Rates
Blue Light Special Extortion Rates
Layaway Extortion Rates

I wonder what law school Unpleasant Swampwater matriculated from.

1847 days ago


Great!! Dumb & Dumber cook up a ridiculous plan to extort money from a grieving John Travolta!!! It's un-freaking believable!! That's about the lowest sh*t I've read in years.

John Travolta is an internationally loved star and an intelligent business man and he's not about to get hustled by two desperate losers. The judge should order a public whipping and televise it before he carts them off to prison. Some people just make me sick to my stomach.

1847 days ago


"McDermott testified he would be paid $2.5 million a year for four years."

Ummm, not true. McDermott will get 2.5 million dry f**s up his a** from prison mates for forty years. He'll be sold for a pack of cigarettes on a weekly basis. And when he's not bending over, he'll be on his knees praying for a stray bullet to put him out of his misery. That's more accurate.

1847 days ago

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