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Michael Jackson -- Healthy Drug Addict

10/1/2009 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was reportedly in good health at the time of his death ... other than the fact that his body was riddled with injection sites and had arthritis and lung damage.

It sounds preposterous, but a new report claims the autopsy findings conclude Jackson was a fairly healthy 50-year-old and none of his health issues were life-threatening.

What doesn't make sense: Jackson was taking multiple powerful medicines -- sometimes in dangerous combination -- and the needle marks on his body underscore his addiction to anesthetics and other drugs. So how does that make him "fairly healthy?"

According to the report, Jackson -- who was 5'9" -- weighed 136 pounds at the time of his death.

Here's the underlying point -- the conclusion that Jackson was "fairly healthy" gives prosecutors ammo to prove Dr. Murray's dose of Propofol did Jackson in. But here's the problem -- when the jury hears about the injection sites and other drug and health problems, it could cast doubt on the Coroner's findings.


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There is no such thing s a healthy drug addict. I think the media needs to give up this drug addict angle. They kept saying painkillers and that turned out to be false, none in the system, none in the home. Now even though anetheasiologists and other doctors have said you can not be addicted to Propofol they keep saying it.

Yes, Michael chose an unconventional method to treat his insomnia but if you read medical guides it says that Propofol can be used to treat insomnia, albeit in a hospital setting.

The bottom line is Murray killed him and you need to start chasing that story instead of continuing to create stories about Michael. It's as if TMZ and other tabloid media are using a dead Michael as a meal ticket like so many of the people that hung around him in life.

1812 days ago


This new autopsy about Michael Jackson's health is totally contradicting what the other reports were saying about all the drugs in his system. The other report said that he had like seven drugs in his system and that his body was emaciated. The previous report also said that he had collapsed veins in his arms, puncture wounds and he was frail like an old man. I also heard that one side of his face was collapsed also. They also said that part of his nose was missing. Now this new report is saying that he had no pills in his stomach and that he was at a healthy weight with a strong heart and good organs. It also says that he just had some scarring and tattoos on his face. This makes no sense to me. It sounds like these autopsy reports have been made up. Something doesn't seem right to me. It's just too weird. It sounds like the person there talking about now is a totally different person than before.
I think someone is trying to protect AEG. Arrrgg!

1812 days ago


The only people who believe that Michael was healthy is AEG. Gee I wonder why.

1812 days ago


No, if the needle marks were made after death that would be apparent to the corener..........I am a ER nurse for over 20 yrs....Unfortunately for those of you who see him as an unfortunate,,,,,,,,he was a drug abuser,,he was an addict.................get over it. yes his MD was at fault,,,,,,,he should never have put this particular drug in his his system, we only use these drugs with a person on life support, i.e. ventilator...........MJ was a great singer, I still have many of his albums, etc.........but he was a has-been,,,,,,,,,,only from the 1980's...........................get over that too......If he truly loved, life, kids, etc......he would have never used these powerful drugs............never, ever.....................Please understand, I believe he was a homicide from the reports to date,,,there was a coverup,,,,,,,,no argument there,,,,,,,,but he was a drug addict.........a prescription drug addict,,,,,,,,he used whaterever means he needed to get the drugs.....I pray he rest in piece

1811 days ago


We told you Michael Jackson was not a drug addict by any means the way you wanted to report it.

rip michael jackson

1811 days ago


Maybe the needles marks that were found on his body were old.It has not been proven that he was still addicted to pain medications. The last we heard it was 2003 that he was still using them.If he was still addicted why was it not found in his system,the only medication that was found in system was those that were given before he died.So who is lying the doctors or is this yet another cover-up.

1811 days ago


Miss you so much

1810 days ago


I hope that they nail this doctor and who ever else is responsible in Michael's death. I don't believe that he was a drug addict. If he was don't you think that his organs would show that? Also there was a comment stating that the coroner might have been paid to say he wasn't. Remember the Jackson family had there own autopsy done as well. I feel that the media owes Michael, the Jacksons and his children an apolgy for claiming that he was an addict. Just because they found the drugs in his home doesn't mean anything. I have medicine in my cabinet that doctors have given me but don't take does that make me and addict. Leave Michael alone let him rest in peace. He tried to tell people about his skin problem and how that he wouldn't hurt a hair on a child well the Rabbi has proved that with the tapes that he has played for the public. It is sad that it is to late now for everyone to say they are sorry for what they did to Michael there is know wonder he was a very lonely man. I am still very sad over his death and always will be. But aleast this angel that was on earth will now be with angels in heaven. Remeber one thing never judge its book by its cover. Rest in peace Michael you are missed very much and always will be. Myra

1810 days ago


The report alluded to the fact that needle marks on Michael was due to the many attempts to save his life! Why was Michael's room torn apart? Was he fighting off an attack? Was the temperature raised in his room to make sure the actual time of death could not be determined? Why would a heart doctor wait from 1 to 3 hours to call 911 when help was less than ten minutes away? Anyone can put needle marks in a dead body! Michael was a neat person and wouldn't have subjected his children to a hot house! Why would you heat a house/room when Oxygen tanks were being used. Also, oxygen can inflame the lungs!
People need to get a clue. Rest in peace Michael. This man gave more to charity than any entertainer, to help. starving, sick and dying children. Taking his life was just wrong!

1809 days ago

Kathy M    

#209,he was a has-been,,,only from the 1980's???
Um what about his sold out shows in London (ALL 50 SHOWS WERE SOLD OUT)for his upcoming (This is it) 02 Arena shows

There's no doubt in my mind he loved his children and life itself

Unfortunately the doctor who was being paid thousand's a month to look over him ended up killing him

All he wanted was some sleep,not to be put under for good.


1809 days ago


A HEALTHY MESS???? you guys just dont give up, do you? you keep smearing a man that you hunted down time and time again, for the reason of making money...he is dead now...but you still keep on badmouthing him, and making your filthy money off of him...that makes you worse than vultures! Are you even human?? Michael Jackson was healthier than you have ever been! Talk about messed up peoples....If Michael Jackson had to rely on medicines to exist..antianxiety pills, medicines to help him sleep, aso, it was beacuse you lot chased the life out of him! wake up and smell the coffee, tabloid press and paparazzis, time to pay the bill!

1808 days ago


MJs lungs would have been inflammed due to his fighting for breath in the throes of dying. However he was given so many doses of different drugs in less that seven hours it would have rendered him unconcious before the propofol was administered. Propofol should only be given in an aneasthetic room of a hospital as the moment it is administered the patient stops breathing and oxygen must be at hand to resucitate. Conrad, if a a bone fida doctor would not have left him at all and certainly would not have been on a mobile phone to three different people in 48 minutes of that last hour. MJ was not an addict and anyone with half a brain cell who has seen 'This is it' would know that it would have been inpossible to have rehersed in that way if on any drugs at all. And I should know as for four and a half years I was prescribed lorazapam and diazapam and spent most of that time in a fog from which I could not function on a daily basis never mind dance and sing. As for needle marks in his arms that would have been from the resucitation attempt for the adreneline to be given including the ones around the heart muscle. unfortunately you only get one shot at the adreneline and it must be direct into the heart muscle to work and given asap. Unless you know the facts then one should not speculate/opinionate. It's time to leave michael and his family in peace now and show respect for his children who have to live with speculation from the world over. I know what it's like to loose a father who was very much loved and it hurts when shadows are cast over memories for those left behind. Time for kindness now, and remember the pleasure he gave in his entertaining abilities. Think on; those who cast doubt, you have families and one day you will leave this planet; lets hope you won't get slated as 'what goes around; comes around' and I would not like your families to have to go through what his children are suffering now. Remember love and compassion? well now is the time for it, otherwise he taught us nothing. For those who loved him; continue, he was our rare and precious gift who we should treasure and defend for as long as we need to. I will love this man to my last breath and be grateful for his existence although short lived. Thanks Mike.

1756 days ago


prescriptied medication for pains and diseases.
You make it sound like he was a drug addict; like Lohan, Spears and Winehouse ..

1803 days ago


no1 shud say anything they donot know about mykl. he once said that the press are just trying to make their money thats y al these things happen.

1790 days ago


Leave the man alone!

1815 days ago
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