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The Jackson Kids Return to Grace

10/1/2009 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking happy and healthy, Michael Jackson's three kids -- Paris, Prince Michael and "Blanket" -- spent the day with their longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba in L.A. on Wednesday.

In Grace's high school yearbook, she said she wanted to have her "own generation of Jackson 5" ... looks like she got pretty close.


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good thing shes back ......hope to hear more good news on them and pics.

1847 days ago


What many don't know is when the children were with Michael, they were able to go out in public because no one ever saw their faces. So, they went out in public without mask when they weren't with Michael.

For the person saying Michael was on drugs, I guess you didn't see the AP report of the Autopsy. No pills, no alcohol, no illegal drugs. Michael was virtually clean if it wasn't for the Killer doctor injecting him with propofol which I believe he killed him on purpose. You can't make that kind of mistake as a doctor. I can see if it was a friend or nanny doing it. That doctor murdered him on purpose. Then the media lied and turned Michael into a "drug addict" including Diane Dimond who should be fired for claiming Michael was on "heroin." Stupid!

1847 days ago


The oldest son really looks like Corey Feldman!!!

1845 days ago


aw arent they the cutest :)
theyre so sweet

1845 days ago


happy to see them looking comfortable and the little guy is smiling. It is good for the heart to know they are with Grace even if only some of the time. She was there for them most of their lives and Im sure it brings them comfort and security to have her near.
RIP Michael

1842 days ago


Any fan that obsessed with a star like this, not just a fan from afar but to make her fantasy a reality...thats kinda scary. MJ probably thought it was sweet of her to be a fan of his, but also overlooking the obvious. I think shes back cuz she been the mother figure since the kids were born and you really cant take that away from them. We all know their real mother doesn't want them. Not sure if she is the one home schooling them as well. The Jackson family probably feels that shes the only one who was close to the kids besides MJ and felt that she should be in their lives. In some ways, I would have to agree. Im sure they got a professional opinion as to how to handle the situation. Don't worry, if she gives Paris any crap as they get older, she will tell Grace where to go. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't tell Debbie off either.

1842 days ago


It is a video on you tube.They went back to the supposed to be last rehearsals of Michael and i listen to it .It was really weird if Michael was rehearsing on the 23rd of June,why was it that the man said on the 24th at the end of rehearsals to the dancers somebody wants to finally meet you.I have seen footage showing Michael sitting out in staple center watching the dancers.So all that time from April when rehearsals started to June 24th he never meet the dancers.But AEG showing all this footage suppose to be of him at rehearsals, how do you have over 100 hours of footage they were saying he was missing so many rehearsals.I really believe that THIS IS IT !will prove to be more old footage than new, yes i will admit that the clip from human nature is possible new,but not sure, have to actually see THIS IT IT!To 100% sure.But you guys are not keeping it real! you stories are so full of holes it is not even funny.

1842 days ago




1833 days ago


134 You'll get all your answer on the testimony page at


The pictures may break your heart, but a time line is laid out and your suspicions about rehearsal footage can be confirmed by witnesses.

1833 days ago


Blanket looks very feminine like his dad...... He looks a lot like MJ. They may be related by blood...

1811 days ago


Good. Someone they all know. Now go to the store and buy them decent close with all that money they are racking in. how bout that...

1850 days ago


Beautiful children. But what's the story with Grace? One minute she's fired, then she's back, then she's gone again, and back???
I dearly hope she's a "true" friend; Michael seemed to have so very few. They look healthy, happy and confident - I wish nothing but love, happiness and success in their lives. Their father certainly gave them an excellent and loving start and I'm sure they carry him in their hearts and souls.

1850 days ago



1850 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

MEDIA BLITZ:Look at me

1850 days ago


Blanket is finally smiling! And the other kids look happy. It's great they got to spend the day with their former nanny.

1850 days ago
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