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Judge Checks in on Michael Jackson's Kids

10/2/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A hearing is underway in Michael Jackson's probate case -- the judge wants to know how the three kids are doing. And some family members may try and boot John Branca as executor under the will.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
UPDATE 5:27 PM ET -- All done.

UPDATE 5:25 PM ET -- Billie Jean Jackson objects!!!! To what, we don't know.

UPDATE 5:17 PM ET -- Howard Weitzman, who reps Branca and McClain, asked the judge to extend the co-Special Administrators powers through the end of the year. The judge saw it Weitzman's way, and gave the pair basically the same power as executors of the estate would have, with one string attached -- they have to loop in Katherine Jackson and the Guardian Ad Litem for the kids for any deals they negotiate.

UPDATE 5:05 PM ET -- Katherine Jackson's attorney, Burt Levitch, just told the judge the family would rather see a member of the family be the administrator of Jackson's estate.

-- A motion to seal several business agreements was granted.

UPDATE 4:41 PM ET -- The judge has received a report from the court investigator that says kids are doing well. The judge called it "an excellent report."

UPDATE 4:37 PM ET -- The judge has taken the bench.

UPDATE 4:31 PM ET -- But fear not ... Billie Jean Jackson is in the house!!!

UPDATE 4:28 PM ET -- We originally thought Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and the guardian of his three kids, would be at the hearing -- but now we've learned she will not be. We're told she was all set to come, but then backed out when she heard Joe Jackson would be there.

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I am not understanding at this point why anyone bothers with making up their wills if people (family) don't bother honouring it. I thought the “will” stated that anyone contesting what he wanted will get exempt from any inheritance. So why is Michael's mother contesting it and she is not losing her 40%? SMH

And not showing up to court because Joe showed up? Please...get his ass booted to the curb where he belongs!

1824 days ago


I don't think it will happen. Only Katherine and the children are mentioned in the will, nobody else in the family has any reason to be mentioned administrator of the estate. And there is no legal room for Katherine either, as far as I can see. Even if there was, the judge would be out of his mind to grant her that, regarding her age and the family around her.

1824 days ago


That family is disgusting and $ is what created all their disgust! Get those kids away from then and let them be free to live their lives away from that evil family!!! They are smart and capable---MJ made sure of that. BLOOD SUCKERS!!!

1824 days ago


I think if the JACKSON'S get there way the WILL has been broken there for MICHAEL'S mother should be out of the WILL too. I don't like to say that but i think the JACKSON'S want to change what MICHAEL wanted. The JACKSON#S want to be incontrol and have their own Lawyers. THAT IS NOT WHAT MICHAEL WANTED

1824 days ago


why is joe jackson there..he wasnt even in the will..keep branca these people are thieves

1824 days ago



Wouldn't it be great if Michael enters and shouts "I object, that will is fake, I didn't sign it, I want my mom to be the sole executor" :)

1824 days ago


Will there be a TMZ Live today?

1824 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

The estate doesn't need to run forever.

Give Katherine her 40%. Give the kids' trusts 40%. Give charity 20%.

Then close the estate and watch the fun.

1824 days ago


The judge said the will, will stay the same with the administraters.

1824 days ago



I think there should be transparency, and I also think the estate is accountable to the judge for every move they make. But to give Katherine control could mean disaster. She doesn't know the first thing about running it, but - unfortunately - probably Jermaine thinks he does.

Remember the fiasco in Vienna, and that should be a piece of cake compared to looking after this huge estate. Remember the family couldn't even get to the funeral in time. They are not qualified.

1824 days ago


Isn't this the cutest?

I'm sending this to all my MJ fans!

1824 days ago


51---Fun indeed!!!!!!!!!!

1824 days ago


Good! The family should have no control over the estate. Everything should go straight to Prince, Paris and Blanket. It's awful that they live in a flop house and their estate allowance is supporting Jermaine and she 7 kids. It's sad!

1824 days ago


I know TMZ is good but posting 3 hours before time is pretty good.

1824 days ago


DAMN! I was really hoping they kick Branca out!

Now Branca will really get hostile with Katherine
Of course her soul won't even feel it because she is NOT given access to the estate!!! THIS IS BS! I HONESTLY DON'T THINK MICHAEL REHIRED BRANCA! WILL IS FAKE, JUNE 17 LETTER IS FAKE! BRANCA IS FAKE! I wish they can hire a PI and prove this will to be a FAKE! DAMN IT, frustrated! Jacksons are too sheepish, if it was me, I wouldn't sleep a wink until I find my son's killer and until I have total control of his estate! That will is fake, get a hand writing analyzer, get a PI, STOP BEING SHEEP JACKSONS!

1824 days ago
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