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Travolta Still Tight With Scientology

10/5/2009 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta has not broken from Scientology, contrary to recent reports ... this according to sources connected to John.

Travolta testified in the Bahamian extortion case that his late son, Jett, was autistic. Until his testimony, Travolta never publicly acknowledged Jett's illness.

Travolta's silence on autism in years past was consistent with Scientology's unofficial position on the subject.

We're told some Scientology bigwigs are unhappy with John's recognition of Jett's condition, but Travolta remains "firmly committed" to the Church. In fact, we're told, he has used Scientology as "therapy" in trying to cope with Jett's death.

John, we're told, has never had his faith in Scientology shaken in the months following his son's death.


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The fact of the matter is he lost his son and no matter what religion you believe in he is hurting and will never be the same. John and Kelly need our prayers not our opinions on what they believe in. They have handled this in their own way in privacy and then you get these people from the bahamas and they have to relive their tragedy all over again. It's inhumane. Oviously whatever they are doing works for them and has for a long time. I for one believe that Jett received the best care money can buy. You can lok at any picture of him and his family and know how much they loved him and how good they took care of them. You know in this day and age it is truly amazing that the media never caught wind of his illness. I give a big shout out to the Travoltas for keeping it out of the public eye, they don't owe us any explanations whatsoever. God Bless the Travolta family, you are always in my prayers.

1822 days ago


Funny that this comes out on the very day that new studys show that the rate of autism is now beleived to be 1 in 91. But I wanna stick with the church of scientology because they are so smart. Screw them! Now that's a story I'd like TMZ to run.

Read more:

1822 days ago


Fuzzynormal~ I've studied many religions and I will say that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints should in no way be compared to the wackiness/cult of Scientology. Scientology was "created" by L. Ron Hubbard because he was poor and needed money, and there's nothing about the Savior or atonement in their "religion". It's all alien b.s. structured to get money. Mormons (a nickname because of the Book of Mormon) claim divine Priesthood authority, passed down directly from the Lord and his ancient Prophets and they claim their Church has a living Prophet and 12 apostles. The Book of Mormon teaches to believe in Christ. Not some Alien. They believe in the principal of tithing, just like in the Lord's ancient Church, but it's completely voluntary.

1822 days ago


I completely agree with Comment #32 by Autism Sucks.

The word "autistic" is offensive. It's like saying someone who has cancer is "cancerous".

My prayers go out to the Travolta family - my disgust to Scientology!

1822 days ago


John Travolta basically put his cult before his child, and in doing
so is 100% responsible for his son's death. He should be brought up on Manslaughter charges/ and child neglect. John and his wife knew that this day would come , yet did zero to try and prevent it.
He's no better than Charles Manson. Charlie never killed anyone with his own hands but has spent over 30 yrs in a cage because he had knowledge of the events that were going to happen and did nothing to stop it, therefore just as guilty as the ones who did the murders.

only difference is the fact that John Travolta is wealthy and
"acts" sane.

He and his cult are responsible for the death of his own child.

What a pathetic excuse of a Parent. Poor Jet.

1822 days ago


The rise in autism is likely to relate the the shortened duration of babies in utero that are "saved." Prematurely is the greatest risk factor regarding autism.

1822 days ago


Not all seizures can be controlled with medication. If seizures are not controlled with medications, there is no reason to continue using medication. Travolta did use medication for Jett and when it did not work, they discontinued medication therapy as would any logical person, especially at the suggestion of the neurologist. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and placing judgment without full knowledge just twists the knife already placed by the situation.

1822 days ago


Scientology, LDS, Catholic, Protestant: All a crock of sh**. All cults.

1822 days ago

Phishsteak you beleive in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

1822 days ago


People shoould get the facts before passing judgement. I am a Scientologist. My son is austic. Scientology sees autism as a medical condition and does not interfer with any recommended treatment. The only discussions I have had at the CoS re: autism have been in regards to how I am coping.

There are no pills for autism (unless you want to sedate your child) Some parents opt for behavior modification programs but many parents opt out, and just accept their children as they are and do the best they can to care for them. I tried BM but found my son would become very agitated when it was time to go so I stopped it.

If you want the truth go to the sourceinstead of believing rumors on the internet.

1822 days ago


My son was full term and was progressing along fine, reaching all the normal milestones. Within days of getting his 15 month shot, he lost all the words he had and began "stemming"...standing on tip toes and flapping his hands.....there's much more evidence that mercury poisioning causes autism than does premature birth......I encourage my friends and acquaintences that have young children to get the 15 month shot broken up in a series instead of all at once.

1822 days ago


Ol scientology is a 'made' up cult.

1822 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Good Lord!!!! Hisson passed away.Autism is a condition,not a disease.
His son perhaps could have lived if hewere getting treatment,medical treatment with medicine for his illness,whatever it was.Autism does not kill someone.

John still believing in this Occult of Sciencefictiontology is beyond me. It is like soempeople believing the Republicans no matter they see and feel the opposite right in their own lives. It is like some belieiving in the Democrats no mater what.

1822 days ago


The MMR autism connecting has been repeatedly disproven. More likely, something in the brain triggers at that timeframe. Schizophrenia (between usually between 17 - 21) and muscular dystrophy (early childhood to adulthood) are the same way. You can have a perfectly healthy child that changes. More likely it seems prematurity is the greatest risk factor.

1822 days ago


#43, Jennifer. I thought I made it quite plain that I believe all "religions" are basically cults. Jesus may well have existed as a man, but do I believe he is the son of God, performed miracles, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven? Obviously, I don't believe in God or gods. I do believe in the Golden Rule as a creed to live by, for the most part, and the 10 commandments are reasonable as well. But I don't believe God had a thing to do with anything. May as well dance around a fire saying "whoo, whoo, whoo" as believe in the invisible guy in the sky.

1822 days ago
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