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Arnie Klein Shut Down in Jackson Court

10/5/2009 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Arnie Klein Michael Jackson's good friend and doc Arnie Klein was formally shut down in court Friday, when the judge ruled he has no legal right to raise concerns about the welfare of Jackson's 3 kids.

You'll recall Dr. Klein's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, showed up in probate court early on and said his client had concerns about the kids.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the judge ruled Klein had no legal "standing" because there's a "conclusive presumption" Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents of the two older kids.

The court also found there is "no legal mother" of Prince Michael Jackson, II -- aka Blanket.


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YAAAAAAAY! That's what I'm talking about! Klien, get the hell out of those kids lives! You've caused enough damage! Thank you very much!


1809 days ago


the kids are nobodys business,they are michaels not any body else looking for money or fifteen minutes if fame.. was anybody sending mj child support no...lets move on to another topic like when are we going to get answers about what happened..that mighr actually be of help to his kids and his legacy

1809 days ago


Desperate... His money train left the station.

1809 days ago


1809 days ago


KLEIN, It wasn't enough ruining Michael's life, now the kids lives are going to be ruined. Leave the kids alone

1809 days ago


1809 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Yea, Michael is legally the father of all three, but biologically he is not. What did this azzwipe think? He was going to fight a fight that has no standing? Bet he thought he could get his hands on some of that green sooner or later? Fat Chance! Not now, Not in the future-NEVER! When is the big ship going to start sinking and taking all these pious pizzants with it?

1809 days ago


Could it be that the LAPD is keeping everything under wraps not because they are worried about Conrad taking a hike (he's been under lockdown since June 29th at his home in Las Vegas) but because the suspects that they are really keeping their eyes on think they are going to pull a fast one on the LAPD and the WORLD.

Are they giving the murderers enough rope to hang themselves?

I know that TMZ is having a hard time scraping together tidbits to keep the hits coming and the WHODUNIT creative juices flowing and we thank you for your continued encompassing coverage and support of the all the different aspects that enter into and influence the Michael Jackson saga.

It's just too bad that these forums have been transformed into troll trauma units, culinary arts forums, and gold pants "hot flashes" chatrooms... LOL. :)

But we know TMZ that you'll give us any BIG news when and if it becomes available.


1809 days ago


49. do you think it would do any good to email the lapd and ask what is going on or do you think they wont care because we are not local taxpayers?perhaps mass email to cnn or the la times?i dont want them to rush the investigation .i just dont want them to think no one cares and let it fade offense to tmz because they break alot of stories including mj death but if it came froma so called more respectable paper or something ,do youthink it would help..any thoughts

Posted at 7:23PM on Oct 5th 2009 by nan

I did send an email and of course no response

1809 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Look here you idiots! like it or not this guy was closer to MJ in his last 15 yrs than any family member and he knows a whole lot about MJ! He knows MJ's plans for the kids etc. and he wants what's best for them such as a great education including college. The Jacksons don't value education. Klein Knows everything MJ wanted for those kids; he was a confidante. The Jacksons were alienated from MJ. I bet those 3 kids were probably seeing those cousins etc for the first or second time when they were taken to Encino upon MJ's death. These kids spent more time with Klein than they ever did w child-abusing Joe, Katherine and the other parasites! If MJ knew he was going to die, I am sure he would have put Klein as some kind of surrogate guardian or something! but he would not have left him out of the children's upbringing.

1809 days ago


15. Check out this time-line (link below). Look at how many times MJ went to Klein's office from Feb-June 2009. Klein should be ARRESTED. That said, and I HATE to say this, I've thought all along that the 2 eldest kids look just like him.

Posted at 6:21PM on Oct 5th 2009 by LoveMJ

Read more:

Great Great Link LoveMJ; I think Kline's Nurse Rowe found Mr. Michael Jackson adoptive one time, and Oliver helped later, assumptive.

27. TMZ has done its investigation into Dr Conrad Murray’s storage facility in Houston, Texas.
Dr Conrad Murray’s workers had visited the locker unit on the day Michael Jackson died.
9:22am LA time and {11:22am Houston time} two women employees of

Dr Murray removed files and boxes from Dr Conrad Murray’s storage facility in Houston, Texas.
It was suspected that something had already happened to Jackson when the items were removed.

12:21pm (LA time) Dr Murray called 911. Murray claimed it was only 30 minutes since Jackson was in distress.

A.P.'s Autopsy a fake' and it Quotes the L.A. Coroner, broken bones not reported, nose, 136 pounds and more, Santa Barbabra Arrested Mr. Michael Jackson at 120 pounds healthy.

The Mr. Michael Jackson Will is a fake, signed in California' while Michael was protesting Sony in a New York, New York street rally.
Michaels children are misnamed meaning 1997 Will' becomes' "Last Will and Testament" forcing three separate Attorneys to represent children's best interest.

Kline was letting Michael self Prescribe, Michael's medicine budget {likely including' Katherine and more} was a flat $25,000.00 per. month, paid to Mickey Fine.

Read more:

1809 days ago


20. Don't know about Paris, but Prince looks like Arnold Klein. Klein is definitely breaching his confidentiality contract with Michael with all this hinting that the children are his. Hey Arnold, I got news for you....They are Michael's children...Stop double crossing Michael!!!!!

Posted at 6:27PM on Oct 5th 2009 by Morty M

Both Prince and Paris are the biological children of Kline and Rowe.

Kline is not trying to breach any confidentiality agreements with Michael Jackson he gave MJ his sperm and rights to parentage with his blessings. Kline is genuinely concerned with the welfare of the children under the guardianship of Katherine Jackson. Much brainwashing, manipulation of affections, and isolation tactics are being utilized with the children.

1809 days ago


WTF what concerns,the kids are with their family. what is his problem?

1809 days ago



those beauitful children are in no way kleins! MJ is their bio-dad!

1809 days ago


MJ IS the biological farther MORONS!! Prince has Vitilago the same skin disease as hsi FATHER!! LaToya and others have confirmed it!! And if u look close at pictures u can tell with your own two eyes. So quick being stupid and ignorant. And Klien needs to go somewhere with his humpty dumpty ass and have another piece of pie or something!!!

1809 days ago
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