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Arnie Klein Shut Down in Jackson Court

10/5/2009 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Arnie Klein Michael Jackson's good friend and doc Arnie Klein was formally shut down in court Friday, when the judge ruled he has no legal right to raise concerns about the welfare of Jackson's 3 kids.

You'll recall Dr. Klein's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, showed up in probate court early on and said his client had concerns about the kids.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the judge ruled Klein had no legal "standing" because there's a "conclusive presumption" Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents of the two older kids.

The court also found there is "no legal mother" of Prince Michael Jackson, II -- aka Blanket.


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Can they lockup that ugly fat pig now?

1843 days ago


1843 days ago


GYPSY - I left you and Astabasta each a note on the last board; I didn't know there was a new one so posted in there. Just wanted to let you know. :)

1843 days ago


69. MJ IS the biological farther MORONS!! Prince has Vitilago the same skin disease as hsi FATHER!! LaToya and others have confirmed it!! And if u look close at pictures u can tell with your own two eyes. So quick being stupid and ignorant. And Klien needs to go somewhere with his humpty dumpty ass and have another piece of pie or something!!!

Posted at 8:31PM on Oct 5th 2009 by dwilson

Thank you! but there are some people who just do not want to see nor seek the truth!

1843 days ago

MJ's KIDS    

It's so funny how MJ really liked this guy and yet you stupid fans attack him!!!! You talk like you know what is good for these kids. How the hell do you all know??? Talk about some jacked up ignorant people..

1843 days ago


justice for mj ..did you email the cops or the newspaper.i thought if enough people emailed the la times they might mae the call to the cops and get a response

1843 days ago


when will klein and murray be arrested?
does anyone know what happened with the grand jury and murrays "stripper"?

1843 days ago


How could any friend of Michaels have any connection with that nasty witch Diane Diamond. Those are Michaels children. Justice for Michael and his children.

1843 days ago


77. justice for mj ..did you email the cops or the newspaper.i thought if enough people emailed the la times they might mae the call to the cops and get a response

Posted at 8:54PM on Oct 5th 2009 by just a thought

i have emailed both..but no response from either one

1843 days ago


Dr. "Crooked Eye" Klein should have been concerned when Jackson was alive and he had him strung out on demerol. That's when he should have stepped up the plate and showed some compassion. Now the kids are safe with their grandmother and adjusting quite well, he's worried.

Klein needs to be in court defending himself for all the bogus prescriptions he's written over the years for Michael Jackson. Jackass!!

1843 days ago


I have emailed LAPD regarding Michael's case no response and i have also emailed and or wrote letters to most media for vindication for Michael with no response. Justice for Michael and his children.

1843 days ago


Exactly "who" CONFIRMED that Prince has Vitilogo? No one has. People are guessing and posting photos on the internet with circles around some shadowed spots.

39. Michael is the bioligcal dad to Prince,Paris,and "Blanket"
Those babies do not look anything like klein! MJ had vitiligo and it has been confirmed Prince has it
(it's inherited) Klein needs to be arrested along with Murray! maybe they will be cellmates!

Posted at 7:03PM on Oct 5th 2009 by MJ fan

Read more:

1843 days ago


how about everyone just respect MJ's wishes....

To his family..stop contesting his will and givien irrational interviews....respect his wishes
Media...stop the stories about the children, they are afterall, only children.
Law Enforcement.....keep doing what you do so that we can find out the truth

just let MJ rest in peace.

1843 days ago


1843 days ago


It is normal to keep autopsy results sealed when a criminal investigation is going on.

LaToya, who is looking for every conspiracy theory in the book, just said they are doing a wonderful job, and there is a lot of information that the public doesn't know, and it will be one to two months.

Would people stop being so impatient. Wouldn't you rather see a thorogh investigation that will lead to results instead of one that is rushed and can get picked apart in court. It took the Anna Nicole case over two years.

61. Could it be that the LAPD is keeping everything under wraps not because they are worried about Conrad taking a hike (he's been under lockdown since June 29th at his home in Las Vegas) but because the suspects that they are really keeping their eyes on think they are going to pull a fast one on the LAPD and the WORLD.

Are they giving the murderers enough rope to hang themselves?

I know that TMZ is having a hard time scraping together tidbits to keep the hits coming and the WHODUNIT creative juices flowing and we thank you for your continued encompassing coverage and support of the all the different aspects that enter into and influence the Michael Jackson saga.

It's just too bad that these forums have been transformed into troll trauma units, culinary arts forums, and gold pants "hot flashes" chatrooms... LOL. :)

But we know TMZ that you'll give us any BIG news when and if it becomes available.


Posted at 8:04PM on Oct 5th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy

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1843 days ago
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