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Jon Gosselin -- I'm No Thief

10/6/2009 9:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Call off the lawyers -- Jon Gosselin claims he never took any money from the bank account he shares with Kate.

Jon Gosselin -- I'm No Thief
We just talked to Jon at LAX, where he straight up denied jacking the $230,000 Kate claims is missing from their joint account by saying, "I never took any money."

A judge is still mulling over whether or not Jon violated a court order in his divorce by allegedly making the massive withdrawals without getting Kate's consent first. We expect a decision tomorrow, after a court hearing.

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No one cares.

1842 days ago


I am SO GLAD Nancy Grace put him in his place!!!! Someone needed to call him on the carpet! He had nothing to say when she said, 'Why is this about you when you were asked about your children?' Crickets. I'm so sick of seeing his face everywhere complaining about fame yet acting like a selfish, greedy, erratic douche in front of the cameras all the time! Clearly, there are no winners in this ugly fight between him and his ex. Both made mistakes. At least she is *trying* to take a higher road but that is hard when you got your ex dragging your name in the mud.

1842 days ago


I cannot believe any one is taking Kate's side! She was a horrible wife and and even worse parent!!! I hope Jon gets the kids and the money!!!!!!!!

1842 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

1842 days ago


Lies, lies, lies. I don't believe anything that comes out of this goofy man's mouth. How are you going to support your eight kids now that you don't have a job, Jon???? How are you going to pay $5,000 a month for an apartment in New York? Why don't you move closer to your kids? Nancy Grace said it best when she asked "why is everything all about you" and Jon had no answer. Duh.

1842 days ago


Enough already, who really gives a cr@p what they did with the money.

Hey Jon, instead of running away from your problems, why not try to take care of your children. Your children need you more than you realize and you are off whoring around doing your own thing.

Grow the hell up and I repeat that for Kate a.k.a. drama queen #2 as well.

Kate quit running to every TV show and sobbing away because it's all Jon's fault right? You are the helpless victim in all this.
Forget the TV, forget your stupid book signings, go home and be with your children.

My goodness, your children are being raised by the nanny instead of their parents!

1842 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Nancy Grace should just shut the hell up! she's no better than Gloria Alred

1842 days ago


jon looks a little like jeremy piven with those glasses on, especially in the other video

1842 days ago


Jon - pick a story and stick with it.....first you took 23K, then you took what you deserved, now you took nothing. You are incapable of telling the truth. From a man that calls his mommy 4-5 times a day (see youtube interview), it is a no wonder that he needed Kate to tell him what to do. Could you imagine the household if it were left up to this momma's boy!?

1842 days ago

Boss Hawg    

Jon is an AssClown Attention Whore and is acting like a 3 year old spoild brat!.

He needs to GRow the F-up and realize he has EIGHT CHildren to take care of and stop thinking with his Penis!.

Hey Jon, you are a chubby balding aging guy who has NOTHING going for him but an annoying EX-T.V. program. Those Ho's that are hanging on you "Think" you have something to offer...$$$$...Ha, the joke is on them!.

I feel sorry for your Attention Whore wife and your innocent children.

You are a sorry excuse for a man!!!

1842 days ago



Now whenever I see Ed Hardy wear, I think of douche gear now! GROSS! Ed Hardy did no favors to his brand by associating himself with this confused person!

1842 days ago


#4/If Kate wasn't so stupid, she would give Jon the kids. His money and honey would disapear so fast he wouldn't believe it. He never wanted the kids. He as much as said that. It worked for me in my divorce. They put up or shut up. My ex, shut up and everyone saw the real "man". Hailey wants the kids? Right

1842 days ago


Both of these parents need to get out from in front of the camera. They BOTH need to get jobs. Kate claims she needs to be in front of a camera in order to support her kids....excuse me but how were you going to support them when you had them??? Get off your deadbeat butts and get jobs and quit your sobbing in front of a camera Kate, your not a good actress! I should sue TLC for wasting my time. Makes about as much sense as what the two of them do!

1842 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Just yesterday this douchebag says he only took $117,000 (or something like that) then today he says he never took any money?!?!I get more disgusted with this whole soap opera every day but i just can't seem to not read all the crap written about them - its like seeing an accident in slow motion - i want to look away but can't.

1842 days ago


Didn't he just issue a statement through his lawyer that said that he took $175,000, not $230,000, as his "salary"? No wait - then he just told another interviewer that he only took $22,000? In the end, the only court that will matter is not the court of public opinion but the court of law! And he has some real 'splaining to do.

I wouldn't believe anything that he says about anything. All that I see is one lie or half-truth after another. He took that money because he felt entitled to it and needs money desperately since he is spending it like there is no tomorrow.

1842 days ago
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