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GLAAD: Mickey Rourke Is 'Painfully Ignorant'

10/9/2009 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey RourkeThe president of The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) just personally issued the following statement, condemning Mickey Rourke for defending the use of the homophobic f-word:

"This is a slur that, regardless of what Mickey Rourke has convinced himself that it means, is often the last word that gay people, and gay youth in particular, hear before they're bullied, harassed or assaulted.

Rourke is showing himself to be painfully ignorant of how this vulgar, abusive slur feeds a climate of anti-gay hatred, intolerance and violence.

Rourke either needs to figure this out, or media needs to stop giving him a platform for promoting these kinds of slurs.

-Jarrett Barrios -


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I'm hungry    

waaaa ... waaaaaaa ... Mickey Rourke called me a bad name ..waaaaa

1802 days ago

Chuck D    

GLADD needs to lighten up. It's very hard to stay politically correst these days as it changes every five seconds. Give Mickey a break..he's paid his dues. Words are just words you moron. GLADD needs to learn how to put a positive message forward without so much anger.

1802 days ago



1802 days ago


Oh gimme a friggin' break! These words ain't ever going away, people! Y'all just need to chill the f*** out & deal...c'mon all make not so nice jokes & say some hateful sh** at other folks who aren't "family"...stop bein' a bunch a whiny' ain't helpin' can take some jokes & stuff, can't ya? If you can take a d*** in the a**, you damn sure better be able to take a joke & deal with the occasional hater, right?

1802 days ago


Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals

1 Corinthian 6-9

1802 days ago


For a group called GLAAD they are always pissed off. The word GAY means happy, so act like it sometimes. So annoying!

1802 days ago


Thank God I'm a breeder. I'd hate to rely on someone I call bigot, hater, etc. to be responsible for giving me a child.

1802 days ago

Sweet P    

OMG here we go again. I dont know about you, but I am tired of hearing and reading about someone making a F**kin comment and GLAAD or any other group making a huge deal. What happened to FREE SPEECH!! Im offended by alot of what I am subjected to on tv, movies, daily life. I dont support the lifestyle at all, but guess what I have to deal with it. So get the f**k over it and move on. Glaad needs to focus on real issues that we are dealing with right now. Not on comments people make.

1802 days ago


Why do Faaggs always play the victim?!

1802 days ago

South Bay Native    

I think this is all ridiculous. I have met him and his assistant and his assistant is clearly gay. I really don;t think Mickey Rourke is a homophobe

1802 days ago


Can we all stop jumping to the words racist and homophobic when someone says something stupid?

People throw these two words around with the dumbest things like this. This culture is has been whoosified (i know it is not a real word)and can't put the dumb things people say into perspective. Also, some people think if a group might be offended by something someone said then its RACIST or HOMOPHOBIC....GIVE IT A BREAK PEOPLE!!!!

1802 days ago


Mickey Rourke is painfully ignorant along with being drunk and crass. Just because we have the right to use words that are derivsive doesn't mean that we should exercise that right. Hopefully we are better than that.

1802 days ago

Just sayin'    

Go to hell GLAAD.

1802 days ago


Can you imagine if he had used the N word in the same manner?

1802 days ago


It means what it means, if Glaad or what ever has a problem with it, it's their problem. Being offended has become a fakin industry in this country.

1802 days ago
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