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Gerard Butler Scores a Man Date

10/11/2009 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler says guys never hit on him. So maybe it was his inexperience --or maybe our photog is just that good -- but whatever the reason, our guy scored a hot date with King Leonidas himself.

Gerard Butler

Like shooting fish in a bucket.


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alan brickman    

Once again GB proves he's laid back, super cool and super hawt!!!

1846 days ago


He's a blabbering, smirking moron, who is completely full of himself and hot air. I cant stand that jackass.

1846 days ago


Guys don't hit on him? So does that mean he hit or use to hit on guys. Before GB became this male sex symbol(TMZ loves to talk about) he gave an interview and said he was a bisexual. TMZ are you covering for GB or slacking in your research.

1845 days ago


Jeez TMZ teach your guys how to use a camera. What's with all the zooming in and out and out of focus shots. Too annoying to watch.

1845 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I don't understand why people think this tool is hot! He is not even that good looking, he has weird eyes... his pupils are like little pin dots. Must be the drugs.

1845 days ago


I think this proves what a sweet guy he is. He is nice to everyone until they are a jerk to him.

1794 days ago


First of all, GB has a Scottish brogue, not a speech impedement, you moron! You have a speech impediment and don't know how to write.

Second, he has the right to downdress when he's off and that doesn't mean he's dirty.

Third of all, now we know who is Charles! lol!

1844 days ago


He's exquisite. Dirty? I don't think so. Met him at the LA premiere of Law Abiding Citizen - he was gracious enough to stop and chat, also took pictures with us, and allowed a kiss on the cheek. I got that close and all I could smell was soap and shampoo - totally sexy, totally masculine and I don't give a sh-- what anyone says - Gerard Butler is the total package. I just need some of his DNA to clone one of him for me. LOL

1841 days ago

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