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Jenner's Nobel Attack -- Obama's 'Done Nothing'

10/12/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win isn't just being criticized by the political community -- now, Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out Bruce Jenner is weighing in ... claiming Obama did "absolutely nothing" to deserve the award.

Bruce Jenner: Click to watch
Brody's dad ripped into the President at a gas station in Calabasas this weekend, slamming the Nobel people for picking Barack.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters.


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Just sayin'    

bama won cause he trash talked his own country and that in turn made everyone "love us". yay! *jumps up and down* here's your award bama old boy!

hmmm..... but if everyone loves us now, how come the Olympics are being held in Brazil?.............

Oh well! Our president is black and he talks nice and wears a suit so well! And he makes people FEEL good! yay for feeling good! That's all that really matters!

1835 days ago


what confused me is that I recently heard that the nominations had to be in by Feb last year- 2 weeks after Obama was sworn in

who nominated him and exactly what did they think that he had accomplished at that time-or what did they think he would accomplish by the time that the winner was announced?

not that he isn't a good man-but he didn't do anything to deserve this-not yet-maybe someday so he should be really embarrassed with having won when he also knows it wasn't earned or deserved in any way

has it turned into a popularity contest-like a People magazine poll?

I'd rather have seen it go to someone like Craig Keilburger who founded FREE THE CHILDREN (google it) at the age of 12 in 1996 and is still going stong with his mission of kids helping kids to build schools and educate impoverished areas

The organization has to date built over 500 schools and implemented projects in 45 developing countries. On average, 65 per cent of organization’s annual funding comes from funds raised by young people.

now that deserves Global recognition and a Nobel Peace prize! he was nominated once I think

and there are other deserving citizens around the world that you have also never heard of who have done equally remarkable things and they have been overlooked too-quite sad and insulting to them

1835 days ago

lets be real    

well hell if you have to look so hard to find what it is that Obama did to deserve this award, then hands down Michael Jackson truly deserved it, because everyone and their mama knows his humanitarian works for decads, and it was not for the pressess it came from his heart.NO WAY DOES OBAMA DESERVE IT.

1835 days ago

Just sayin'    

Hey, he PROMISED if we passed this bail out that employment wouldn't dip below 8.5%....... What is the current unemployment?

just sayin'...... :O

1835 days ago


Ummmm...even Obama said he didn't deserve it, so what's the point of this poll? It's a bit premature. Still glad I voted for him though.

1835 days ago

lets be real    

well hell if you have to look so hard to find what it is that Obama did to deserve this award, then hands down Michael Jackson truly deserved it because everyone and their mama knows his humanitarian works for decads, and it was not for the pressess it came from his heart.NO WAY DOES OBAMA DESERVE IT.

Read more:

1835 days ago

Just sayin'    


I remember the past 8 years. And things were a hell of a lot better than they are now!
Four years from now it won't be any better than what it is today. Wait and see.

1835 days ago


92. #81. You seem to think you know it all. Why didn't you run for President? Do you think you can do a better job? Would the country be better off if you were our President? After the past 8 years, we would be in the same position were are in today no matter who won the Presidency. This will not be fixed overnight, because it wasn't created overnight.

Posted at 4:28PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Kimi

I was explaining how Obama looks to the rest of the world, for instance Norway, were the committee for the Peace Prize is located, and how America looked to us under Bush. I didn't say I would make a good president - I wouldn't. And besides, I'm not American!

1835 days ago


Jenner = big mouth

1835 days ago

She is hot    

Hey Kimi:

Will anything that goes wrong because of Obama be put on his shoulders according to you? No.

Blame Bush, Blame Racists, Blame Right Wing Extremist, Blame Bush, Blame Bush. Kimi- Obama is a big boy, let him stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his actions and policies! The Unemployment Rate is 9.8% and rising and will only get worse with Obama's policies but it will still be BLAME BUSH! BLAME BUSH!!

1835 days ago


What the heck is Bruce Jenner's opinion worth? Nothing. He has a right to it but it doesn't mean beans.

1835 days ago

Just sayin'    


1835 days ago


I TRY TO KEEP ABREAST OF CURRENT AFFAIRS but, I do not recall President Obama being involved in the Turkish-Armenian Peace Agreement. Does anyone know where to find the articles? I had not even heard of it on the evening news, nationally. I guess I just missed it. Sounds interesting.

1835 days ago


I am an Obama supporter but he does deserve this. What has he done?..Maybe 10 years down the road with a great body of work and resume to match he would deserve it, but this was too premature..

1835 days ago


How are things better than they were 8 years ago #104??

There is one of the highest job loss rates we've had in 20 years, There is a larger deficit than we had Under Bush thanks to this Trillion dollar stimulus that DID NOTHING

The nation is divided WORSE in less than ONE YEAR of Obama than it ever was in EIGHT YEARS of Bush.

We couldn't even get the freakin olympics.

So how are things better?


one more point about why he didn't deserve the Nobel...

The dude couldn't even bring together two adult men (one being a close friend)... and get them to shake hands and be friends.

they left the way they came to the "beer summit"... One thinking he was doing things by the book, and the other thinking he was the victim of racism.

if he can't even tell his close friend to play nice just for appearance... HOW did he deserve a PEACE prize???

1835 days ago
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