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Larry & Dannielynn Patch Things Up

10/12/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn and baby daddy Larry Birkhead got into the Halloween spirit this weekend -- and hit up the pumpkin patch for some face painting and pumpkin picking.

Larry Birkhead: Click to watch
With the drug case against Howard K. Stern and Anna's docs heading to court this week, it's good to see these two can still carve out time together as a normal family.


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wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Does he ever let that kid walk?? I've never seen her on her own two feet - he's always carrying her!

1808 days ago


Dannielynn looks just like her mother in the video where she was pregnant, high and made up like a psycho clown.

1808 days ago


Why is he always carrying her? To the idiot yelling "Hey Larry, you're father of the year, man"! UH, why? Because he took the child to a pumpkin patch? Hellooooo! It takes more than that to become father of the year! Anyway, she is cute. She looks like Anna did, in that video where Howard recorded her, when she was high as a kite and had her clown face on.

1808 days ago


Called the paps so he can get another month or quarter's living stipend until the riches come through from the long and hot pursuit of the Marshall Estate. They stole the house in the Bahamas and they continue to pursue another family's estate to which she should never have been given any consideration by the Courts. As regards being carried all the time, they do that in Hollywood due safety from the paps and, of course, that is how he makes a living. Interesting how the paps just happen to show up when a non-newsworthy person and child goes out for a pumpkin, eh? Also, it still remains a shrouded mystery as to whether or not all the drugs taken by and fed to her mother during pregnancy had a negative physical affect on her. It feels as though there is something non-stable about her walking and the primary reason he might carry her though she does look older than her age.

1808 days ago


Jon Gosselin are you seeing this? This is what a real man does Jon. This is what being a father is. When you are a real man and a good father, you put your children ahead of yourself. You don't move 3 or 4 hours away from them and spend all your time dating younger women. What if there were an emergency concerning one of your many children Jon Gosselin? By the time you got to them it could be too late. My Grandson and his Father went to North Carolina in February 2007 for an exteded visit with family. My daughter and Grand Daughter decided to stay home in Indiana so she could work. Donovan Lee july 4th 2004- march 1st 2007 God rest his soul. She was only 25 years old. She never saw her son alive again and has learned a very hard lesson about what is important in life Jon and Kate, it doesn't matter who is right or wrong..... money doesn't mateer. Please think of yopur children.

1808 days ago



1808 days ago


Nice to see a happy story on TMZ...
There's nothing wrong with a father carrying his child - what's the big deal people??! Wouldn't you want to protect your baby-girl from the media and crazed pap.s?

1808 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Hmmm I thought this was about Larry & Dannielynn, not psycho Jon Gosselin.

1808 days ago


#10 here we go again.... sorry, I am frustrated by that idiot and I couldn't help myself. Again... I am sorry for my rant.

1808 days ago


It is kind of weird to see Anna's daughter, you can really see Anna in her, it's like we are going to be watching The Anna Nicole Smith show all over again. Poor Dannielynn.

1808 days ago


Morbidly, I agree with Jenny from comment #2. The gape-mouthed, vapid expression of the dependent child in garish, badly-applied clown make-up instantly brought to mind the video of her drugged-out pregnant mother taken by Stern. The child has benefit of physically beautiful genes (aside from wherever she got that wandering eye), but Birkhead needs to be extra vigilant to see that this little girl doesn't stumble down the family path of self-indulgent, attention-seeking fame whore. Her appearance at this outing was likely an inadvertent coincidence, as (since Birkheads's media blitz of paid tabloid coverage for virtually every event of significance greater than a bowel movement that the tot made) dad seems to be caught now with her only in normal family situations, so I hope he continues to take the great care that a father needs in raising a daughter alone.

1808 days ago


Another 'daddy' who exploits his baby and makes millions doing there a difference on HOW you exploit a child? Really? Larry is just as guilty, and continues to be just as guilty, of selling out his kid as anybody else who does it. He doesn't have a REAL job...he doesn't need one. He makes enough selling pictures, parties, stories, etc., of his daugther. The best love to show your kids is unconditional...unconditional love is not exploiting them.

Way to go, Birkhead! Glad to see you still have it in you...

1808 days ago

hellooo people    

obviously some people don't watch the video cause you would see in it that he lets her walk around while they find a pumpkin, get ur facts straight before complaining about people

1808 days ago


I am just glad to see him carrying her on his hip. That irritated the heck out of me when he carried her face forward. I don't think he is an attention grabber anymore. You never see them in the tabloids.

1808 days ago


I really don't see him trying to make money off her at all. He seems like he is trying hard to keep her out of the spotlight.

1808 days ago
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