Katherine Jackson Won't Inherit MJ's Estate

10/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT

Katherine Jackson Won't Inherit MJ's Estate

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson intended to provide for his mother during her lifetime, but once she dies her share of the estate will go directly to MJ's three kids.

As we first reported, under the trust, 40% of Michael's estate goes to Katherine. The kids get 40% and the remaining 20% goes to charity. But we've learned ... Katherine Jackson will not get 40% outright.

The trustees -- John Branca and John McClain -- decide what money should go to the beneficiaries. Katherine has no voice in those decisions. Whatever remains in Katherine's trust when she dies goes directly to the children.

Bottom line -- Katherine will get a healthy stipend for the rest of her life ... now she's getting a hefty allowance and when the trust kicks in she'll probably get more. But she will not inherit 40% of her son's estate.