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Katherine Jackson Won't Inherit MJ's Estate

10/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson intended to provide for his mother during her lifetime, but once she dies her share of the estate will go directly to MJ's three kids.

Katherine Jackson Michael Jackson

As we first reported, under the trust, 40% of Michael's estate goes to Katherine. The kids get 40% and the remaining 20% goes to charity. But we've learned ... Katherine Jackson will not get 40% outright.

The trustees -- John Branca and John McClain -- decide what money should go to the beneficiaries. Katherine has no voice in those decisions. Whatever remains in Katherine's trust when she dies goes directly to the children.

Bottom line -- Katherine will get a healthy stipend for the rest of her life ... now she's getting a hefty allowance and when the trust kicks in she'll probably get more. But she will not inherit 40% of her son's estate.


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This was obvious. Michael was smart...his brothers and father leeched off him enough while he was alive. Well played MJ.

1781 days ago


Good for Michael,he was no dumby. He knew there were hanger ons' in his family.Why doesn't Joe support his wife,she is his wife!!!

1781 days ago


Well done...
They must been mayor pissed off.......
Maybe they gonna talk a little bit more now, they have nothing to lose.
Still like to see pics of his resting place.
Miss you Mike

1781 days ago


Yes that right, her share should go to his children. It shouldnt be left to the family, they leached off Michael all his life.. They will use Katherine as a cash cow now, and when she dies, I HOPE TO GOD THEY DONT USE THOSE CHILDREN AS THE CASH COWS.


1781 days ago

Joe Jackson    

Michael, you bastard! I should've beaten you to a pulp when I had the chance! I've got to get Katherine to contest the God damned will!

1781 days ago


17. Michael was very smart about this. He knew his siblings and his father would go after that 40% of his estate nad he wants them to get none. They've been riding his money train for far too long. His mother is well taken care of so @Michelle (#10) doesn't know what she's talking about. That house does not have expenses of more then $26,000/mo. Hell, that includes spending thousands on clothes and hair care for his mother each month. No one needs that much each month, but he's taking care of his mother and children properly. If his family rebels about this then we know they don't care about his kids, just his money.

Posted at 1:09AM on Oct 12th 2009 by Rowan

I agree Katherine was always there to support him and he loved her and his children very much! He made sure the four of them were well taken care of and wouldn't/shouldn't have to worry about anything! Also i believe we shouldn't judge because i'm sure there is alot more that isn't being said or made public,somethings should remain private!

TMZ where is murray?
are the cops watching him to make sure he don't leave?
is an arrest coming this week?
come on tmz you guys dig up all kinds of crap all the time,where is the scoop on murray,klein,and tohme?

1781 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Mom will live along time now lol, Joe or the siblings can't touch the money....rotflmao....excellebt plan for Moms well being.....I LOVE IT,,,REST OF THE SIBLINGS NEED TO GO TO WORK NOW.....The Gravy Train has finally come to a stop YESSSSSSSSS

1781 days ago


Hey Moonwalker yes I did and I asked harvey about it sevral times but he skiped over it many times and I saw his face when he read it.. I also asked why people still refer to Michael as a child molester when u have people like roman polanski who really is a child Molester and half of hollywood wants him free what they hell is it just Me Michael was only accused and aquited and he was ran out of the country and his house what.. American of the free My ass and they can't sit here and say well polanski has money maybe so but not anything compared to Michael...yet It has been proven Michael really was telling the truth the whole time and I know I did my research..took me a while but I know Michael would never do what they said he did..and they wanna free was cleared by Legal tearms but not by society,.. and it's not fair..All the people who wanna free polanski should be in jail along with him cuz that tell me they are just as sick if not sicker than he is...OMg but poor Michael in death can' t catch a break Justic for Michael.. and a nother thing why is a junkie who has been using for what almost 20 yrs have a healthy heart and all organs are good with no damage how is that possible? Hummm maybe Latoya Aint so crazy.... but Poor Richards kids how is it that they didnt know? how come there mother didn't say anything? that makes no sense either..

1781 days ago


So through the mother, the siblings will be supported - until she dies.

I can hear it now:

Jermaine: Mama, did you take your medicine this morning? Now come on, don't forget to take your medicine.

Randy: Mama! What do you mean you feel tired today. Somebody call 911! Mama don't feel good.

Latoya: Mama, did you need me to take you to the doctor? Now don't miss your doctor's appointment. You CAN't miss your doctor's appointment, Mama.

Jermain, Latoya and Randy: NO!! NO!! You simply cannot take her off that machine!!!!

1781 days ago


Well at least we know Janet has money.

I wonder what are the rest of them going to do?
I wonder who will inherit Havenhurst.

1781 days ago


MJ was a lot smarter than the world gave him credit for. Good for you, Michael. Rest in Peace because we all know you Lived in Turmoil.

1781 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Posted at 1:25AM on Oct 12th 2009 by BNS

I agree totally. lmao.You hit the nail right on the head.

1781 days ago


Hey 24 maybe u should do some research public record..umm Tmz dose not always tell the truth and if u say the live shot they did they said there was a lot more that didn't make it on to the sheet... and since u think $26,000 is enought to take care of every thing that runs at the house u didn' t include the imporvent that had to be made to the house ofr Michael kids some of which has not been started yet.. they had to build a class room make more room for them to play and add on more rooms to the house since almost evey room was taken.. the housr is big but there are a lot of people living there and yes I agree joe and the borthers should not have a dime..that 60 that kids gets is nothing to what Michael would have spent remeber keeping up the same lifestly or better and when u have 24.7 gaurd and nannys and a cook and just there life style alone thats not enought but im sure they make due..because they haft too...but there is much more money thats need to run that house...

1781 days ago


im glad to hear that :), well done mike

1781 days ago


If Katherine intends to have custody of the children (as opposed to possession of three tickets on the gravy train), then she should kick out all of the extraneous hangers-on and make room for the children and their space and staffing needs.

Now I better understand why Katherine et. al. are trying to do everything they can to oust Branca & Co. so Joe and the other vultures can get hold of the maximum goodies while Katherine lives and the kids are still minors.

The attorney representing the childrens' interests was a great idea. I hope this person has a forensic accountant on staff and combs those books constantly.

Do you really think that Michael's money isn't already paying the upkeep on the house, or won't lay out even more once the trust payments get going?

Just watch the old lady continually petition to get money disguised as needs of the children but really earmarked for Joe and others.

1781 days ago
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