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TMZ Live -- Can You Hear Us Now?

10/13/2009 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey, Mike and Evan answered your questions today -- from Maria Shriver's abuse of the hands-free law to the court battles of Jon & Kate and Anna Nicole Smith's docs.


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hey i have that lrg shirt too!

1834 days ago


except i think it looks better on me..

1834 days ago

Mary G.    

When you post your "who'd you rather?" could you add a third choice for "none of the above???"

1834 days ago

Scott Sherman    

What effect will the new Paparazzi law that is going into effect in January, have on TMZ?

1834 days ago


thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u~~~~ now i can watch it from the beginning! we

1834 days ago


*we love you TMZ

1834 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Comments on the LIVE feed today:

1. This is it song is NOT going to be a single. PLEASE Correct
2. SONY rep got fired? So it was Sony's fault?
3. Mike-- please post update on Scooby-Roo and amount being raised by MJ's fans. Based on the comments elsewhere, money should be flowing in.
4. John McClain has been reported as producing This is It song (sourced elsewhere --too tired to look)

AMA nominations for MJ- PLEASE VOTE

1834 days ago

Cassie :)    

Todays chat was funny! Harvey you are so funny and i love your enthusiasm :) Can you PLEASE post mondays live chat?? I missed it!! please post it.
keep up the good work!

1834 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

hey tmz i'm having my dinner that 70's show is on i'm not watching it it's a rerun on family channel i'm eating a spring egg roll vegetable fez can't get a date i been sleep half the day i watched jonas this morning they have all the fans in the world bye

1834 days ago

its me    

pleaseeeeeeeee get rid of that pic of Megen Fox sucking on her finger . Jon isent gonna be getting the girls anymore because they want him for attention and for money. hes done!!!! hahahaha do you think Lorenzo Lamas X wife is telling the truth? its kind of funny that this comes out when the show does. they need some drama on the show so they do this?? if father/son were gonna talk it should be behind the cameras because this is way to personal. such idiots! YES WE CAN HEAR YOU...WELL I CAN ANYWAYS AND YOU ARE ONE GOOD LOOKING Man HARVEY

Arnolds is trying to make this funny but its not . this just goes to show everyone if you have power then you think you can break the law!

1834 days ago


Stop kissing Kate Gosselin's ass, TMZ. Kate's a bitch and an abuser. Jon was the ONLY one who gave the kids genuine affection.

1834 days ago


10. Todays chat was funny! Harvey you are so funny and i love your enthusiasm :) Can you PLEASE post mondays live chat?? I missed it!! please post it.
keep up the good work!

Posted at 10:11PM on Oct 13th 2009 by Anna

i agree with anna! harvey, you are so cute and so much fun to watch! mike is great too, love it when you both try to talk at the same time.. LOL i missed monday's live chat too. did they even have one i wonder? it was a holiday

1834 days ago


Harvey looked mad when Mike dropped a paper on him, and then looked as if he tried to cover up his annoyance. Too funny. I love the raw drama of this live feed thanks so much for posting it so we can see it whenever. Love yall. TMZ Rocks. No doubt about it.

1834 days ago


Can you pleeeeease stop posting stupid "news" about MJ? Like that crazy woman sueing the estate or any of the siblings saying something totally irrelevant to anything?Pleeease? I loooove MJ,would buy his glove if I could afford it,and would kiss it everyday and sleep with it under my pillow everyday;I have his albuns and books, but I can't stand the mediocre news.If you don't have anything of substance to report,like why isn't any pap following dr death or where he is right now,or when he is going to jail,please abstain!!! Thanks a lot.

1834 days ago


While I'm an AVID TMZ reader, I've NEVER seen this Live Video thing before. I'm THRILLED!! Harvey your awesome and SO funny. I'm going to tell all of my entertainment friends about it. Truly, the web video is MUCH better than the show. Much less structured, a little craziness, people randomly talking to you. It's like we're in your office. Both yourself (in particular) and your staff are hysterical. Keep the videos comin'! Harvey, ever though about writing a book yourself? Your very interesting..I like your little tidbits. Would you put some thought into that booklist? I've already looked up the "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls"!

1834 days ago
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